2023 Rethinking Sexual and Gender Harassment Practice

January 2023 

Rethinking Sexual and Gender Harassment Practice 

January 23-26, 2023

3.5 hours California MCLE credit per day, including one hour ethics credit on Tuesday

8:30 am – 12:45 pm each day

$125*/$150 per day; $375*/$450 for entire four day program

(*Early Bird/Partner Rate. Contact Charlotte O’Keefe Stralka charlotte.okeefe@berkeley.edu for the discount code.)

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Join us for a series of virtual webinars:


Monday, 1/23: Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice

Legal remedies for sexual and gender harassment may provide
survivors with financial compensation but do little to heal the
psychological damage to them or to their workplace. Taking lessons
from conflict resolution and restorative justice models developed in
other countries such as South Africa and utilized in student conflicts,
this webinar will discuss these techniques from multiple perspectives:
plaintiff, defense, a specialized restorative justice consultant, and
California’s Civil Rights Department conflict resolution and dispute
resolution units.

Highlights include:

  • Survivor-centered ways to resolve allegations of harassment short of litigation.  
  • When is it appropriate to utilize restorative justice?
  • Techniques for successful conflict resolution.

MCLE Materials Day 1: HERE

Day 1: Speakers

  • Ann Noel, Headshot

    Ann Noel

    • Moderator: Co-Director, BCCE Gender-Based Harassment and Violence Working Group Former General Counsel, Fair Employment and Housing Commission (ret.)


  • Kelly Dermody Headshot

    Kelly Dermody

    • Managing Partner at Leiff Cabraser San Francisco Office 


Community Conflict Resolution Unit

  • Greg Mann Headshot

    Greg Mann


  • Christina Teixeira Headshot

    Christina Teixeira


  • Marquez Equalibria Headshot

    Marquez Equalibria


California Civil Rights Department (formerly DFEH), Dispute Resolution Division

  • Chhaya Malik Headshot (1)

    Chhaya Malik


  • Elena Acevedo Headshot

    Elena Acevedo

    • Ethics and Investigations, Intuit


  • Ana Avendaño Headshot

    Ana Avedaño

    • Principal, Minga Strategies Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Texas at Austin and City University of New York (CUNY)


Tuesday, 1/24: Workplace Investigations

A series of three 60 – 75-minute programs that cover:

• Investigator independence: How attorneys can deliver fair,
ethical and independent investigations – a look at the United States
and South Africa (1 hour ethics MCLE).
• High profile investigations in the United States and Great Britain
– and how they compare with typical investigations.
• Balancing confidentiality with transparency and due process in

MCLE Materials Day 2: HERE

Day 2 Speakers

Independence and Investigations:

  • Amy Oppenheimer Headshot

    Amy Oppenheimer

    • Founder and Partner of Oppenheimer Investigations Group, a California law firm


  • Mark Tuft Headshot

    Mark Tuft

    • Certified Legal Malpractice Specialist and Partner at Womble Bond Dickinson


  • Tanya Venter Headshot

    Tanya Venter

    • Advocate of the High Court and CEO of Tokiso


High Profile Investigations:

  • Ann Olivarius Headshot

    Ann Olivarius

    • International Feminist Attorney and Founding Member of McAllister Olivarius


  • Irma Moisa Headshot

    Irma Moisa

    • Partner in Charge at Atkinson, Loya, Ruud, & Romo


  • Sue Ann Van Dermyden, Headshot

    Sue Ann Van Dermyden

    • Founding and Senior Partner at Van Dermyden Makus


Confidentiality & Transparency:

  • Carolyn Gemma Heaadshot

    Carolyn Gemma

    • Partner at Lozano Smith


  • Vida Thomas Headshot

    Vida Thomas

    • Managing Partner at Oppenheimer Investigations Group


  • Heather Irwin


  • Latika Malkani

    • Partner at Siegel LeWitter Malkani


Wednesday, 1/25: Recent Developments in Title IX Law and Policy

Title IX and its mandate for gender equality in education provides a counterpoint to recent efforts in some states to abridge the rights of LGBTQI students and the bodily autonomy of pregnant students. This webinar will detail how Title IX protects these students, what campuses can do to prepare for these new shifts in federal regulations, and outline some important conflicts in states that now criminalize some of these protections. 

Topics include:

  • Expanded protections for LGBTQI+ students
  • New rights and protections for pregnant and parenting students 
  • Conflicts between state laws and proposed Title IX regulations

MCLE Materials Day 3: HERE

Day 3 Speakers

  • Denise Headshot

    Denise Oldham

    • Moderator, Co-Director of the Sexual Harassment and Violence Working Group of the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law


  • Nancy Chi Cantalupo Headshot

    Nancy Chi Cantalupo

    • Wayne State University


  • Leila Headshot Updated

    Leila Abolfazli

    • National Women's Law Center


  • Bayliss Fiddiman

    • National Women's Law Center


  • Shiwali headshot

    Shiwali Patel

    • Director for Justice for Student Survivors and Senior Counsel for the National Women's Law Center


  • Shaun Travers Headshot

    Shaun Travers

    • Campus Diversity Officer and Director of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center University of California San Diego


  • Kel O'Hara Headshot

    Kel O'Hara

    • Attorney, Equal Rights Advocatees


Thursday, 1/26:  Effective Settlements

A good settlement can provide effective resolution for your client, a
bad one can be a disaster of unforeseen tax consequences, negative reference checks for future jobs, and confidentiality problems. This
webinar provides a model settlement and a granular discussion of the
many points to cover in your own settlements and pitfalls to avoid.

Topics will cover:

  • Strategies for drafting an effective settlement
  • Tax consequences
  •  Client-centered confidentiality
  •  Protecting your client’s reference checks

MCLE Materials Day 4: HERE

Day 4 Speakers

  • Jean Headshot

    Jean Hyams

    • Levy Vinick Burrel Hyams LLP


  • Toni J. Jaramilla

    • Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Corporation


  • Mia Munro

    • Genie Harrison Law Firm, APC


  • Maha Ibrahim

    • Senior Attorney, Litigation & Policy, Equal Rights Advocates


  • Wendy Mussell Headshot

    Wendy Musell

    • Wendy Musell Law


  • Beth Mora Headshot

    Beth W. Mora

    • Mora Employment Law (Moderator)