2023 Publications

Los derechos sexuales, reproductivos y no reproductivos, incluido el derecho al aborto, como derechos humanos y derechos personalísimos

Author: María José Lubertino, Martha Rosenberg, Florencia Luna, Cristina Zurutuza, Valeria Isla, Paola Buedo, María Laura Ribeiro, Ana Correa, Dalia Szulik, Sonia Ariza Navarrete, María Alicia Gutiérrez, Alejandra Tolosa, Nina Brugo, Stella Maris Manzano, Julieta Delpech, Virginia Marturet, Graciela Tejero Coni

Publisher: EUDEBA

Language: Spanish

Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

Author: Alberto Quintavalla and Jeroen Temperman, and Chapter 15 by Masuma Shahid

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Language: English

About: The scope of Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) hold on modern life is only just beginning to be fully understood. Academics, professionals, policymakers, and legislators are analysing the effects of AI in the legal realm, notably in human rights work. Artificial Intelligence technologies and modern human rights have lived parallel lives for the last sixty years, and they continue to evolve with one another as both fields take shape.

Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence explores the effects of AI on both the concept of human rights and on specific topics, including civil and political rights, privacy, non-discrimination, fair procedure, and asylum. Second- and third-generation human rights are also addressed. By mapping this relationship, the book clarifies the benefits and risks for human rights as new AI applications are designed and deployed.

Its granular perspective makes Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence a seminal text on the legal ramifications of machine learning. This expansive volume will be useful to academics and professionals navigating the complex relationship between AI and human rights.