About Us

The Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law is a group of over 1,000 academics, advocates, and activists from six continents working together to address the problem of discrimination and inequality.

Our Goals

  • To facilitate the study of comparative equality between scholars, activists, and advocates around the globe;
  • To nurture the work of emerging scholars and activists, and the work of scholars and activists from underrepresented groups and developing countries;
  • To connect the work of global legal scholars and anti-discrimination/equality body workers in enforcing anti-discrimination law;
  • To serve as a multinational virtual think tank on comparative equality and anti-discrimination law, seeking innovative approaches to the problem of inequality;
  • To host and to mentor visiting legal scholars at Berkeley Law and other host/participant universities;
  • To publish papers and books on comparative anti-discrimination law, sharing this information with other scholars, and with legislators, equality bodies, litigators, and jurists.
  • To encourage collaboration with scholars and legal practitioners working in different legal systems.

Participating and Influencing Issues of the Day

The Center has issue-focused working groups on important current topics, including Sexual Harassment/Violence; Pay Equity/Fairness; Disability Rights; Equality Rights of Immigrants and Climate Refugees; Age Discrimination; Digital Equality; Global Systemic Racism; Early Career Network; and COVID-19. 

Where We Are