About the LGBTQI+ Working Group

Welcome to the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law (BCCE) LGBTQI+ Working Group. The Working Group group was initially formed in August 2020 as a LGBTQI+ Network to bring together the diverse range of scholars, lawyers, activists, practitioners within BCCE, who work on numerous different dimensions of LGBTQI+ rights and identities across a broad range of jurisdictions and regions. From August 2021 onwards, the LGBTQI+ Network is an official Working Group of BCCE. The LGBTQI+ Working Group aims to foster the exchange of knowledge and best practices; create opportunities to share and discuss new scholarship and research; facilitate collaboration and partnerships among Working Group members; and promote LGBTQI+ perspectives within the broader work of BCCE. 

LGBTQI+ Working Group Projects

  • At the Annual BCCE Conference 2021, the LGBTQI+ Working Group held a brief introductory presentation for the wider Center membership, addressing aims and future activities. You can access the presentation slides here: 
  • In the general BCCE mailing list, the Working Group plans provide a space where colleagues can share relevant news, provide resources and seek advice relating to LGBTQI+ rights
  • The Working Group plans to compile an edited collection of essays written by its members on various LGBTQI+ related issues. 
  • During the Fall 2021 semester, the LGBTQI+ Working Group will host three online seminars (provisional themes and dates below):  


  • October 2021: Trans Men Giving Birth and Reflections on Fatherhood
  • November 2021: Transgender and Gender-Diverse Participation in Sport


  • December 2021: Legal LGBTQI+ Related Developments in India


The LGBTQI+ Working Group appreciates and values the geographical diversity of its members. It aims to organize events which are accessible to members irrespective of location. Its joint coordinators will make a positive effort to rotate timings to ensure that certain members are not always being asked to attend events in the early morning or late evening. The online seminars will take place through Zoom. 

Who We Are

Joint Coordinators

  • Portrait of Masuma Shahid

    Masuma Shahid

    Masuma Shahid (she/her) is a Senior Lecturer at the Erasmus School of Law in the Netherlands. Using Queer Legal Theory, Shahid’s PhD research focuses on how various courts approach the topic of equal marriage rights. Shahid has published recently on European Union Law and LGBTQI+ law in the Erasmus Law Journal, European Yearbook on Human Rights and for Eleven International Publishing. For more information on her publications and background, see her LinkedIn page:

  • Alina Tryfonidou

    Alina Tryfonidou

    Alina Tryfonidou (she/her) is an Assistant Professor in European Union (EU) law and Family law at the University of Cyprus (Cyprus). Her research interests include the protection of LGBTQI+ rights under EU law, with a particular focus on the family rights of LGBTQI+ persons. More information regarding her research and publications can be found here:

  • Michele di Bari

    Michele di Bari

    Michele di Bari (he/him) is a Tenure-track Researcher in comparative public law at the University of Padova (Italy). His area of research focuses on the role of supreme, supranational (Court of Justice of the European Union, ‘CJEU’) and international (European Court of Human Rights (‘ECHR’), Inter-American Court of Human Rights (‘IACtHR’)) courts in the context of human rights protection. He has published many articles on the rights of LGBTQI+ people, particularly in relation to the legal recognition of same-sex unions in the European Union (EU).

  • Türkan Ertuna Lagrand

    Türkan Ertuna Lagrand

    Türkan Ertuna Lagrand (she/her) is an Assistant Professor of European Union (EU) Law at the department of International and European Law of the Utrecht University Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (The Netherlands). Her research focuses on asylum and immigration law as well as anti-discrimination law of the EU.

  • Sergey Katsuba

    Sergey Katsuba

    Sergey Katsuba (he/him) is a PhD Candidate at the Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin (UCD), as well as a visiting researcher at King’s Russia Institute, King’s College London (KCL). His research is in the area of authoritarian politics, legislative politics and lawmaking, human rights law, LGBTQ rights and discrimination.

Student Assistants