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Caste in the United States: 

A New Civil Rights Challenge for Academia and the Workplace

Virtual Webinar

Friday, September 16, 2022, 8:30-12:30 PDT

3.5 hours CA MCLE Credit

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South Asia’s caste system is a socio-political basis for discrimination, with Dalits, persecuted as the “untouchables” of society, facing prejudice in the workplace and academia.  As South Asians have migrated to jobs and academic positions in the United States, caste discrimination has followed. This webinar opens with a presentation about the origins of caste and how it drives discrimination in society.  We will then explore protections against caste discrimination in the U.S., both in the academy and the workplace.  We will discuss the recent inclusion of caste as a protected status in California State University’s anti-discrimination policies and a landmark lawsuit filed by California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing against Cisco Systems alleging discrimination against a Dalit engineer based on his caste status.


Speakers will include:


  • Nani Sahra Walker, Nepali-American filmmaker and Deputy Editor, Los Angeles Times
  • Prem Pariyar, Human Relations Commissioner in Alameda County, Delegate Assembly @ National Association of Social Worker (NASW), and Caste Equity Organizer @ Equality Labs
  • Lalit Khadare, Program Director, Assistant Professor of Master of Social Work, Pacific University, Oregon, Lead, Systemic Discrimination Focus Task Group, Global Young Academy. Chair of Council on Global Social Issues @ Council on Social Work Education. 
  • Kevin Brown, Willoughby Chair, University of South Carolina School of Law and Richard S. Melvin Emeritus Professor at Indiana University Maurer School of Law
  • Guba Krishnamurthi, Assistant Professor, South Texas College of Law

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We are activists, advocates, and academics from multiple disciplines committed to the study and enforcement of anti-discrimination law. We work together to increase understanding at a global level of how nations and legal systems address the problem of inequality and discrimination. 


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