Early Career Network

Formed in 2019, the Berkeley Center’s Early Career Network facilitates research, engagement and career development of early career Center members. The Network provides space and opportunities for early career scholars to network and build community, share knowledge and experiences, and develop and discuss research.

This includes the establishment of an Early Career Network mailing list to facilitate the dissemination of information and opportunities relevant to early career scholars, the convening of informal work-in-progress seminars and workshops, and early career meetings to coincide with the annual Center conference and working group meetings.

If you are a Masters or doctoral student, a research fellow or post-doctoral fellow, or an academic with less than 10 years of full-time, we invite you to join the Early Career Network and take part in its activities. The Early Career Network is convened by Liam Elphick (Adjunct Research Fellow, University of Western Australia) and Dr Alice Taylor (Assistant Professor, Bond University). To join the Network, please email liam.elphick@uwa.edu.au and altaylor@bond.edu.au.