Pay Equity and Living Wage

About the Pay Equity and Living Wage Working Group

Created in 2019, the Berkeley Center’s Pay Equity and Living Wage Working Group explores gender-based (including LGBTQI) unequal and unfair pay and its intersection with race, ethnicity, age, disability, income status, and poverty. It examines the disparities among both workers and those who labor without any formal employment relationship across the globe. The Working Group has studied the progress made and challenges faced by countries, nations and regions around the world in addressing the gender pay gap. The Worldwide #MeToo Conference, held at Berkeley Law in May 2019, explored the relationship between the pervasive problem of workplace sexual harassment and unequal and unfair pay, a critical area that this Working Group has also studied. Collaborating with scholars, workers, lawyers and activists from around the world, The Pay Equity and Living Wage Virtual Conference will be held in Spring 2021. One goal of the conference is to identify potential, evidence-based, proactive steps to address pay inequity and living wage issues.

Pay Equity and Living Wage Working Group Projects

Pay Equity Flash Conferences


1st International Equal Pay Day Flash ConferenceThis flash conference explored the solutions for equal pay worldwide. Some topics discussed were: Women’s Economic Empowerment, equal pay in the United States, equal pay in Europe, and FPI Fair Pay Innovation lab.

Who We Are


  • Patricia Shiu

    Patricia Shiu is the former Director of Federal Contract Compliance from 2009 to December 1, 2016 during the administration of Barack Obama. Prior to joining the Department of Labor, Shiu worked as Vice President for Programs at the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center in San Francisco. She worked there for 26 years. Shiu also worked as an associate at the law firm of Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro.

Student Assistants

  • Nicole Khoury

    • UC Berkeley Undergraduate
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  • Tim Bott

  • Emma Lapinsky

    • UC Berkeley Undergraduate
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