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From the Directors (in the 2015 Annual Report)

Dear Friends,

We began 2015 with the announcement that the Human Rights Center had won the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions.

The award, given to nine organizations worldwide, marked the beginning of an extraordinary year of accomplishmentsfrom the official launch of our Human Rights and Technology Program to the publication of seminal research on accountability for sexual violence to a groundbreaking study of victim participants at the International Criminal Court. We wrapped up the year with the completion of our book Hiding in Plain Sight: The Pursuit of War Criminals from Nuremberg to the War on Terror, which will be released in April 2016.

And none of this work would have been possible without our students.

Alicia De Toffoli in the Master of Development Practice program spent endless hours transcribing and coding interviews with war crime survivors. Undergraduate Kevin Reyes conducted background research and scrupulously checked hundreds of footnotes for our publications. Meanwhile, Human Rights Center Fellows and sociology doctoral students Chris Herring and Dilara Yarbrough investigated criminalization of homelessness in San Francisco, and graduate student Audrey Whiting helped organize HRC’s workshop on sexual violence in Uganda.

Over 21 years, thanks to generous funding from Dr. Thomas J. White, we’ve supported 275 Human Rights Center Fellows. We have also engaged thousands of students in our workwhether in the classroom or in our office or on research missions around the world.

We are thrilled that the cover of this annual report is a photograph taken by Human Rights Center Fellow and UC Berkeley Journalism School graduate Terray Sylvester. Terray photographed Mkyala Tahkeal while reporting on the challenges faced by members of the Yakama Nation who live along the Columbia River.

Thank you for making our work with studentsand all of our workpossible.


Eric Stover, Faculty Director, and
Alexa Koenig, Executive Director