About the Water Program

The Wheeler Water Institute develops interdisciplinary solutions to ensure clean water for California. Established in 2012, the Institute conducts projects at the intersection of law, policy and science. 

With an expanding statewide population and increasing precipitation extremes, California must rethink the way it manages water – from recognizing the linkages between groundwater and surface water, to enhancing drinking water system resilience for small and disadvantaged communities, to reimagining wastewater as a resource. Our research aims to address these challenges by informing California water governance and guiding stakeholders through complex policy issues in order to improve decision making across the state. 

New Workshop Synthesis

Learning from Small Water System Consolidations in California

Water system consolidations can help address persistent water system inadequacies in small and disadvantaged communities. While consolidation offers many potential benefits for communities served by unreliable water systems, the costs and benefits associated with different consolidation options have not been well documented.

This synthesis of our March 2018 workshop enumerates barriers to effective consolidations and identifies potential solutions for overcoming those barriers.