CLEE Partners Program

A graduating student celebrates with his parents at the Law School’s 2018 Energy and Environment Certificate Ceremony

Corporate partners strengthen our capacity to fulfill our mission of research and service. Significant gifts are recognized on CLEE’s student-focused publications, website, annual report, and at events.

We’ve designed this program to enhance outreach to and collaboration with current and future environmental and energy decision-makers. The backbone of the program consists of a set of events – such as lunch & learns, keynote talks, panel discussions, etc. – that rest upon thoughtful and informed consideration of emerging issues, such as:

  • Financing energy storage
  • Big data and environmental decision-making
  • Post-disaster planning and rebuilding
  • Zero emission transport
  • Solar PV siting and permitting
  • The insurance industry’s role in climate policy
  • Groundwater management and agency formation

The program offers valuable benefits, such as:

  • Recruiting opportunities to connect you with future colleagues
  • Expert-led discussions on cutting-edge legal developments with MCLE credits
  • Increased visibility to the environmental and energy law community in the Bay Area and beyond

These offerings are founded upon our robust battery of live, print, and digital communication resources, which include an email audience of 3,500 people across sectors and disciplines who want to know more about what’s happening at the intersection of law, policy, and energy and the environment.

Other benefits include special admission to certain UC Berkeley institutions and a subscription to the Ecology Law Quarterly, a leading environmental journal.


Contact Judith Katz: / 510-642-7235

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