Project Climate

We now have many promising climate solutions – electric vehicles, solar and wind energy, dairy methane digesters, concrete that sequesters carbon, cookstoves to replace open flame burning, regenerative agriculture to capture carbon in soil, heat pumps, to name just a few – but we are not moving them to policy and scale quickly enough, given the urgency of the climate crisis.

Project Climate is focused on moving promising climate solutions more quickly to policy and scale.  We are located at UC Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, and Environment, and work with the broader UC community as well as with partners in government, NGOs, and business in California and around the world.

Because each climate solution faces its own set of barriers and hurdles to large scale adoption, each solution requires its own action plan.  Project Climate will move forward on as many climate solutions as time and funding allow. 

Meet the Director

Ken Alex headshotKen Alex is the director of Project Climate.  Ken was a senior policy advisor to Governor Jerry Brown in California, the director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, and the chair of the Strategic Growth Council.  Before joining the Brown Administration, Ken was the head of the California Attorney General’s Office Environment section.  For a short profile of Ken and some of his work from 2018, see CalMatters