Student Scholarship

In addition to their coursework, students contribute legal scholarship on issues they are passionate about. Sometimes these start as a course paper and then are expanded; sometimes it’s work completed as a research associate with faculty or CLEE; sometimes it’s a blog post or other that the students take on independently. We are proud to showcase them and their original work on environmental and energy issues.

June 2020

Resilient Coasts: Grid Resilience Threats and Opportunities
Naomi Wheeler

Electrical grids across the United States face a complex and overlapping series of threats. Aging grid infrastructure, coupled with under-investment in maintenance and repairs, has created a precarious situation for many electrical systems. This report presents two case studies of grid resilience in 2020, providing a detailed analysis of the unique threats to and opportunities for electrical grids in California and New York.

Check out Naomi’s related Legal Planet post, States and Cities Should Prioritize Equity While Building Grid Resilience.

This work was completed under the supervision of Professor Dan Farber, as part of a research initiative with the Australian Research Council for a US-AU study of making the grid climate resilience.

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