CLEE 2023 Snapshot

Blue background with annual report cover. Berkeley building photo in the center with flowers.Every year, we take some time to reflect on CLEE’s mission and what we have accomplished towards that end. Our 2023 Snapshot report showcases our work over the past year and our strides in three strategic areas:

  • Actionable Research: Developing and disseminating research that directly informs and influences policy and practice.
  • Training and Education: Equipping current and future environmental leaders with the knowledge and skills to make a difference.
  • Communication and Engagement: Nurturing the continued growth of an informed and engaged community. 

These are the pillars of our new strategic plan, providing a structure for building on CLEE’s 18 years of expertise and experience. Your partnership and support have been instrumental in our journey and will remain so in the months and years to come. The challenges we face are daunting, but we are optimistic that together, we can create an even more meaningful impact.

Please join us in celebrating our achievements and recommitting to the pursuit of sustainable and equitable environmental solutions.

Read the CLEE Snapshot Annual Report here, or download a copy.