Network for the Digital Economy and the Environment

The Network for the Digital Economy and the Environment is an initiative that catalyzes and disseminates multidisciplinary research on the environmental impacts of digitalization. The initiative began in 2017 and was formed through a partnership between the University of California, Berkeley, The Environmental Law Institute, and Yale University.

Digital Environmental Governance — Interview Series

One of CLEE’s priorities in this initiative has been to study the implications of digitalization for environmental governance. Environmental governance is a way of understanding who’s involved in environmental decision-making, how environmental problems are framed and assessed, and what actions are ultimately taken. Digital technologies are increasingly being used within environmental governance and are seen as a powerful tool for addressing the dual crises of environmental degradation and climate change.

Aidan Smith, Research Fellow at the Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment, explores the effects of digitalization on environmental governance through three interviews with social scientists. These interviews tease out important considerations, insights, and questions for policy-makers, decision-makers, and the public when it comes to deploying digital technologies for environmental governance. To learn more about this work, check out the interviews below:

Interview #1 (with James Stinson) + Summary Article

Interview #2 (with Oane Visser) + Summary Article

Interview #3 (with Sake Kruk) + Summary Article


Support for this work was provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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