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In an effort to help our research findings and environmental and energy expertise reach a broader audience, we encourage our faculty and staff to write op-eds and otherwise make themselves available to the press.

Center faculty and staff also write for Legal Planet, a joint blog with UCLA School of Law providing insights and analysis on energy and environmental law and policy.


Recent Quotes

(06/06/2024) Dave Jones in Governing
(05/14/2024) Ethan Elkind in Player FM
(05/13/2024) Dave Jones in The New York Times and The NYT “Quote of the Day”
(05/10/2024) Ethan Elkind in E&E News by Politico
(05/06/2024) Dave Jones in Marketplace
(04/19/2024) Louise Bedsworth in Slice of MIT, an MIT Alumni Association publication
(04/03/2024) Ethan Elkind in Los Angeles Times
(03/27/2024) Ethan Elkind in Politico
(03/21/2024) Ethan Elkind in Los Angeles Times
(03/18/2024) Michael Kiparsky in Industry Insider
(03/14/2024) Dave Jones in Bloomberg Law
(03/11/2024) Ethan Elkind in Player FM
(03/11/2024) Dave Jones in KALW-FM, hosted by Ethan Elkind
(02/19/2024) Michael Kiparsky in Wired Magazine
(02/08/2024) Dave Jones in ImpactAlpha, later quoted in The New York Times
(02/07/2024) Ethan Elkind in Marketplace
(01/08/2024) Ethan Elkind in Player FM
(01/05/2024) Dan Farber in Politico
(01/05/2024) Dan Farber in E&E News by Politico
(01/01/2024) Dave Jones in High Country News

Some companies using lots of water want to be more sustainable. Few are close to their targets(opens in a new tab)

(10/26/2023) Mike Kiparsky in Associated Press News

Why steering the IMF toward climate action is a financial imperative(opens in a new tab)

(10/18/2023) Ken Alex in The Hill

Enabling Environmental Laws to Work, and Work Equitably(opens in a new tab)

(10/16/2023) Louise Bedsworth in Slice of MIT, an MIT Alumni Association Publication

Opinion: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign is a climate disaster(opens in a new tab)

(10/09/2023) Dan Farber in the San Francisco Chronicle

(01/18/23) Ethan Elkind in KALW

Can Californians afford electric cars? Wait lists for rebates are long and some programs have shut down
Ethan Elkind in Cal Matters

Gavin Newsom is fighting a wealth tax that would fund his own climate goals
Ken Alex in Politico

This high-speed rail project is a warning for the US
Ethan Elkind in Vox

SMART reports 83% ridership boost since start of 2022
Ethan Elkind in the Marin Independent Journal

With ‘emergency’ action looming, Biden to talk ‘climate crisis’ after Joe Manchin halts agenda
Dan Farber in the New York Post

LA’s newest rail line nears completion
Ethan Elkind in Courthouse News

California budget ends high-speed rail standoff, sends billions to other projects
Ethan Elkind in Mercury News

California moves to simplify interconnection rules for distributed energy resources
Sky Stanfield in the Utility Dive

Socialism Is Supposed to Be a Working-Class Movement. Why Isn’t It?
Ethan Elkind in The Erza Klein Show

US increases production to catch China in global battery race
Ethan Elkind in The Hill

PG&E pledges net-zero emissions by 2040, will keep using gas
Ken Alex in The Telegraph

Should California Keep Generating Nuclear Power?
Ethan Elkind in KQED

Finding the Path to a Necessary Future: California, Climate, and Energy in the Coming Decades
Ethan Elkind in ELI

Critical Minerals for an EV Future
Ethan Elkind in EV Hub

Equity is Essential
(Spring 2022)
Louise Bedsworth in On Common Ground

Investors Push Insurers For More Climate Disclosure
Dave Jones and Ted Lamm in Law360

Why LA Destroyed Its World-Class Transit System
Ethan Elkind in Cheddar

Supreme Court leak strikes fear among environmental lawyers
Dan Farber in The Washington Post

Calif. cap-and-trade revenues fund corporate upgrades
Ethan Elkind in the E&E News

Lessons from California: Tips to keep transit projects on time, on budget
2022 Report in the Construction Dive

SMART aims for big boost in ridership
Ethan Elkind in the Marin Independent Journal

Back on track: how California can build transit projects faster – and cheaper
Ethan Elkind in the California YIMBY

Who Killed the Red Car?
Ethan Elkind in KCET

Optimism expressed for climate goals
Ken Alex and Ethan Elkind in the China Daily

Feds say BART’s San Jose extension likely delayed till 2034
Ethan Elkind in the Mercury News

New Calif. $30B transmission plan eyes renewables surge
2016 report in the Politico

Berkeley City Council allegedly violates state ADU law
Ethan Elkind in The Daily Californian

California’s Drought Reckoning Could Offer Lessons for the West
Nell Green Nylen in The Pew Charitable Trusts and The Bakersfield Californian


Paper records and steel vaults: Can California water rights enter the digital age?
Michael Kiparsky in the Los Angeles Times

Calif. law will turn banana peels into renewable energy
(12/20/21) Ken Alex in Energywire

Uncovering what really happened to the Los Angeles streetcar system
Ethan Elkind in ABC7

Years of Delays, Billions in Overruns: The Dismal History of Big Infrastructure
Ethan Elkind in the New York Times

Citing climate risks, California is denying fracking permits in droves
(11/23/21) Ken Alex in SF Chronicle

What’s in Store as Beijing Takes on Climate Change?
(11/22/21) Ken Alex in The Epoch Times

$1.2 trillion infrastructure bill could supercharge San Diego’s envisioned rail expansion
(11/15/21) Ethan Elkind in San Diego Union Tribune

Calls grow for developed countries to provide more green finance
Ethan Elkind in China Daily

What California brought to the climate summit
(11/6/21) Ken Alex and Dan Kammen in KCBS Radio

What’s at stake for California as climate conference begins?
(10/28/21) Ken Alex in CalMatters

How America is tackling its greatest source of emissions
(10/20/21) Ethan Elkind in BBC

People Should Drink Way More Recycled Wastewater
(10/18/21) Michael Kiparsky in Wired

Corporations are pledging to be ‘water positive’. What does that mean?
Michael Kiparsky in The Guardian

California bullet train’s latest woe: Will it be high speed?
(10/13/21) Ethan Elkind in AP News

Newsom tours SoCal oil spill that may have been caused by ship’s anchor
(10/6/21) Ethan Elkind in KTVU

What one thing do Republican recall candidates blame for California’s housing crisis?
(9/6/21) Moira O’Neill in CalMatters

The Unbearable Summer
(8/26/21) Dan Farber in The Atlantic

The US city that has raised $100m to climate-proof its buildings
Ethan Elkind in The Guardian

Aug. 13 Week in Review
(8/13/21) Ethan Elkind in The Regulatory Review

Clean Cars for All Program
(8/11/21) Ethan Elkind in KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco

Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill could take years to transform U.S.
(8/10/21) Ethan Elkind in The Washington Post

Is California’s ‘Hydrogen Highway’ a Road to Nowhere?
(8/10/21) Ethan Elkind in The LA Times

Generous donation allows UC Berkeley Center for Law Energy & the Environment to explore solutions
(7/29/21) The Daily Californian

These companies are sucking carbon out of the atmosphere — and investors are piling in
Ken Alex in CNBC

Bullet train budget battle: Should California spend more on urban transit, not high-speed rail?
(7/22/21) Ethan Elkind in CalMatters

Federal Judge Dismisses Challenge to Berkeley’s Natural Gas Ban
(7/8/21) Ted Lamm in The Daily Californian

Bill Aims to Help Turn Recycled Wastewater Into High-Quality Drinking Water
(7/8/21) Michael Kiparsky in FOX 10 Phoenix

A Massive Water Recycling Proposal Could Help Ease Drought
(7/7/21) Michael Kiparsky in Wired

Why Does It Cost So Much to Build Things in America?
(6/28/21) Ethan Elkind in Vox

How The Pandemic Changed Sustainability Goals for Uber and Lyft
Ethan Elkind in Fortune 

UN Chief: G7 Not Meeting Pledge On Climate Finance
Ethan Elkind in China Daily

Is Outdoor Dining Here to Stay? The State of Shoplifting in SF; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author John Branch
(6/14/21) Ethan Elkind in KALW

Planet Needs China, US On The Same Side
(6/8/21) Ken Alex in China Daily

San Diego’s High-Speed Rail Plan Hinges On Urban Density As Population Growth Wanes
(5/27/21) Ethan Elkind in The San Diego Union Tribune

California’s High Speed Bullet Train Expanding Beyond Central Valley Will Take Longer Than Expected
(5/17/21) Ethan Elkind in KCBS Radio

High-Speed Rail Misses Out On California’s Massive Budget Surplus
Ethan Elkind in Mercury News

Civilian Climate Corps Can Help Stem Rural-Urban Divide
Ken Alex in The Hill

Beefing Over Beef: What Ways Can The United States Limit Its Cattle’s Carbon Footprint
Ethan Elkind in AirTalk

Giant Vacuums That Suck Carbon Dioxide From Atmosphere Could Be Key To Reversing Climate Change
(4/23/21) Ken Alex in CBS LA

Proposal to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions ‘Sucks’ — Literally. Enter Carbon Vacuums.
(4/22/21) Ken Alex in KCRW 

The US Needs to Choose its Climate Battles with China Carefully
(4/21/21) Fan Dai in Quartz

Clock’s Running Out on Climate Change. California Says It’s Time for Giant Carbon Vacuums
(4/19/21) Ken Alex in Los Angeles Times

Crime Rates, Vendela Vida, and the Push to End Single-Family Zoning
(4/19/21) Ethan Elkind in KALW

One Planet: The Future Of Electric Cars Under President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan
(4/19/21) Ethan Elkind in KALW

Solar Canals in CA Could Save 63 Billion Gallons of Water a Year
(4/18/21) Michael Kiparsky in Freethink

Use of natural gas in buildings, a risk to the environment
(4/12/21) Ted Lamm in Daily Investor Hub

What’s Next For The Tejon Ranch Project After Judge Blocks Construction Due To Wildfire Risk
(4/12/21) Ethan Elkind in KPCC AirTalk

Biden plan would pump billions into home retrofits
(4/9/21) Ethan Elkind in E&E News

How Hyperloop Is Prioritizing Passenger Experience
(4/5/21) Ethan Elkind in Los Angeles Business Journal

Biden infrastructure bill could be California high-speed rail’s ‘lifeline’
(4/4/21) Ethan Elkind in The Mercury News

Gas heat and stoves are warming the climate. Should cities start banning them?
(4/2/21) Ted Lamm in National Geographic

No, We’re Not Getting a Federal VMT Tax (But Maybe We Should)
(3/31/21) Ethan Elkind in Streetsblog

More EV charging stations would provide infrastructure for auto industry growth
(3/31/21) Ethan Elkind in NPR Marketplace

Environmental justice outcry axes plan to boost natural gas
(3/29/21) Ethan Elkind in Energywire

Gondolas, trains and automobiles: A look at Howard Terminal’s transit challenges
(3/5/21) Ethan Elkind in The Athletic

Gasoline delivery is a thing. Is that good or bad for CO2?
(3/2/21) Ethan Elkind in Energywire

UC Berkeley researchers examine cross-boundary wildlife conservation funding
(1/26/21) Holly Doremus in The Daily Californian

Chuck Schumer wants Biden to declare a ‘climate emergency.’ What does that mean?
(1/25/21) Dan Farber in Grist

Environmental turnaround — 8 issues that will pivot in California’s favor under Biden
(1/24/21) Ted Lamm in San Francisco Chronicle

What the US rejoining the Paris accord means for climate policy
(1/21/21) Ted Lamm in Financial Times

Rolling back the rollbacks: Berkeley Law scholar lays out Biden’s enviro rules challenges
(1/19/21) Ted Lamm in Reuters

‘The lost years’: Climate damage that occurred on Trump’s watch will endure long after he is gone
(1/19/21) Ted Lamm in CNN


Demystifying the Green New Deal with Ethan Elkind and Betony Jones
(10/16/20) Ethan Elkind discusses on 94.1 KPFA

Pollution Prosecutions Plummet to Lowest Level in Decades Under Trump
(10/14/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in EcoWatch

Road map for California ESG integration unveiled
(9/29/20) Dave Jones quoted in Pensions & Investments

What Trump’s Supreme Court pick could mean for science
(9/28/20) Dan Farber quoted in Nature

Time is Running Out for the Combustion Engine in California
(9/25/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in KQED

The Murky Case for Mass Telecommuting
(9/25/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in Bloomberg CityLab

California Plans to Ban Sales of Gas-Powered Cars by 2035
(9/23/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in Wired

Governor poised to strengthen climate goals
(9/21/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in E&E News

Dakota Access review may test Trump’s NEPA overhaul
(8/10/20) Dan Farber quoted in E&E News

Why Sprawl Could Be The Next Big Climate Change Battle
Ethan Elkind quoted in KUOW

COVID-19 may complicate reform for EV minerals — report
(7/28/20) Patrick Heller quoted in E&E News

As political stars align, billions more set to fund national parks
Holly Doremus quoted in the LA Times

Challenges await after California zero-emissions truck rule
Ted Lamm quoted in Callaway Climate Insights

US Supreme Court’s rulings on gays, immigrants benefit environmental cases
Ted Lamm quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle

California Officials Say Requiring Electric Appliances In Buildings Inevitable
(6/24/20) Ken Alex quoted in

Court tosses San Diego County climate plan, calls carbon-offset program ‘unlawful’
(6/17/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in The San Diego Union Tribune

Ignoring Protests and Pandemic, Trump Pushes Rollbacks
(6/17/20) Dan Farber mentioned in Sierra

If Trump wins re-election, you can kiss environmental protection goodbye
Dan Farber mentioned in Red Green and Blue

‘Unexplored territory.’ Trump jumps into NEPA legal limbo
Dan Farber mentioned in E&E News

Riots and the Insurrection Act
Dan Farber quoted in Legal Talk Network

How Should California Wind Down Its Fossil Fuel Industry?
(6/1/20) Ethan Elkind and Ted Lamm mentioned in Green Tech Media

Marin traffic, air might worsen as pandemic eases
(5/13/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in The Marin Independent Journal

How Much You Drive Soon Will Dictate the Price of a New Home
(4/30/20) Ethan Elkind & Ted Lamm quoted in GV Wire

Coronavirus threatens to derail San Diego’s plans to expand public transit
(4/10/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in The San Diego Union-Tribune

Eviction moratoriums, emergency grants: What it means to be affected by COVID-19
(4/3/20) Dan Farber quoted in The Daily Californian

Bernie Sanders’ and Joe Biden’s Transportation Plans Still Need Some Major Work
(3/10/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in Gizmodo

Ocean protection plan charts course for defending California coast
(2/28/20) Jordan Diamond quoted in The San Diego Union-Tribune

Trump Spins California’s Water Conservation Rules
(2/28/20) Nell Green Nylen quoted on

Bay Area commute: From underwater tunnel to 2nd BART tube, these ideas could revolutionize the way we get around
(2/28/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in ABC 7 News

Following Rooftop Solar Mandate, California Approves Offsite Solar for New Homes
(2/27/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in Builder

Regulators loosen California’s groundbreaking rule to require residential rooftop solar
(2/21/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in ABC 10 and CALmatters

Delta wants to be the first carbon neutral global airline
(2/14/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in Marketplace

State wants to ‘pause’ carbon pollution targets
(2/12/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in the Daily Democrat

Why Trump can dynamite a sacred, protected hill to build the border wall
(2/12/20) Holly Doremus quoted in Mashable

UC Berkeley launches BearCorps in partnership with California Volunteers
(2/11/20) Ken Alex quoted in The Daily Californian

After California wildfires, insurance companies drop some homeowner policies
(1/30/20) Dave Jones quoted in Yale Climate Connections

California rolls back a 1960s-era traffic standard that incentivizes driving
(1/22/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in Yale Climate Connections

Children, Young Adults Cannot Sue U.S. Government Over Climate Change: Ruling
(1/17/20) Dan Farber quoted in The New York Times

Children, young adults cannot sue U.S. government over climate change: ruling
(1/17/20) Dan Farber quoted in Reuters

Trump takes on 50 years of environmental regulations, one by one
(1/16/20) Dan Farber quoted in The Christian Science Monitor

BlackRock’s new investment strategy: sustainability
(1/14/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in Marketplace

California Dems Propose Their Own Green New Deal. How Might Its Goals Be Achieved And What Would Be The Effects?
(1/8/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in 89.3 KPCC

Why did LA shut down its street cars?
(1/8/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in KCRW

California’s renewable energy targets slashed carbon pollution — now there’s a proposal to pause them
(1/8/20) Ethan Elkind quoted in Cal Matters

Cancun Businesses Take out Insurance Policy on a Coral Reef 
Dave Jones quoted in Yale Climate Connections


U.S. Is Unprepared for Climate Damages, Experts Tell Congress
(12/20/19) Dave Jones quoted in Climate Liability News

Traffic in California Cities is Getting Worse
(12/13/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in KQED News

Climate Migration & Self-Determination
(12/1/19) Autumn Bordner writes in Columbia Human Rights Law Review

Berkeley Law Shaping California’s Response to Fire-Related Blackouts
(11/23/19) Ethan Elkind, Dave Jones, and Ted Lamm featured in Berkeley Law’s online article

Insurance Commissioner Calls On Insurers To Expedite Handling Of Wildfire Claims
(11/20/19) Dave Jones quoted in SF Gate

The West’s Water Shortage Is Fueled by Human Error
(11/11/19) Mike Kiparsky quoted in Outside

How the U.S. betrayed the Marshall Islands, kindling the next nuclear disaster
(11/10/19) Autumn Bordner quoted in Los Angeles Times

Some Wonder if Electric Microgrids Could Light the Way in California
(11/6/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in Stateline

Price of fire insurance will continue to rise in wildfire-prone areas, former state insurance commissioner predicts
(11/2/19) Dave Jones quoted in Peninsula Press

Environmental Crime Cases at Historic Lows Under Trump
(10/31/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in Crime Report

Wildfires, Power Shutoffs Expose California’s Climate Adaptation Struggle
(10/30/19) Ted Lamm quoted in

Environmental Prosecutions Drop to Lowest Level in Decades
(10/29/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in Courthouse News Service

E-buses can replace light rail for 20 percent of the construction time and cost
(10/24/19) Ethan Elkind in KIRO Radio

Calif. Cap-And-Trade Can Survive Trump’s Legal Attack
Dan Farber quoted in Law 360

Trump administration sues California over cap-and-trade agreement with Quebec
(10/23/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle

City Visions: San Francisco Planning Director John Rahaim on managing a boomtown
(10/21/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in KALW

Nationwide transit ridership is plummeting: Can San Diego’s high-speed rail proposal buck the trend?
(10/20/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in the San Diego Union Tribune

Recharging Depleted Aquifers No Easy Task, But It’s Key to California’s Water Supply Future
(10/10/19) Mike Kiparsky quoted by the Water Education Foundation 

Did the Lochner Court Have a Green Thumb?
(10/1/19) Dan Farber quoted in Reason

China, Calif. combine forces in climate push
(9/24/19) CLEE mentioned in E&E News

California, China to team up on climate research institute
(9/23/19) CLEE mentioned in The Associated Press

Jerry Brown to head California-China institute to fight climate change
(9/23/19) CLEE mentioned in San Francisco Chronicle

UC Berkeley launches climate research institute with Chinese officials, former CA governor Jerry Brown
(9/23/19) CLEE mentioned in The Daily Californian

Despite climate crisis, California continues to embrace exurban sprawl
(9/20/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle

Demise of key environment bill could escalate California’s water wars
(9/18/19) Holly Doremus quoted in CalMatters

No One Can Agree on How to Price California Home Insurance for Wildfires
(9/16/19) Dave Jones quoted in The Wall Street Journal

California redefines gig economy. Will rest of country follow?
(9/11/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in The Christian Science Monitor

Trump administration threatens California over gas-mileage deal with carmakers
(9/6/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle

From Ashes to Ashes: Can California Safely Rebuild?
(9/3/19) Dave Jones and Ted Lamm quoted in California Magazine

Legislative act could create catalyst in reduction of statewide plastic waste
(9/2/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in the Daily Bruin

Truce over San Diego’s vision for high-speed rail on the rocks, fears reemerge over nixing highway expansions
(8/24/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in The San Diego Union-Tribune

Bernie Sanders’ $16 Trillion Climate Plan Is Nothing Short of a Revolution
(8/22/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in Gizmodo

The Trump administration can’t gut the Endangered Species Act
(8/20/19) Holly Doremus quoted in Mashable

Critics Say Trump Administration Is Weakening Endangered Species Act
(8/17/19) Holly Doremus quoted in NPR

Homeowners Are Increasingly Relying on Last-Resort Fire Insurance Plan
(8/14/19) Dave Jones quoted in the Voice of San Diego 

SMART could go broke by 2024, analyst tells board
(8/10/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in the Marin Independent Journal

New IPCC Report Shows How Our Abuse of Land Drives Climate Change
(8/8/19) Michael Kiparsky quoted in Wired

California Struggles to Sprawl in an Environmentally Responsible Way
(8/6/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek

To Counteract Trump on Climate, States Set Clean Energy Targets
(8/2/19) Ethan Elkind quoted in PEW

Local Groups Ready Rail Plans as California Considers Shift in Bullet Train Funds
Ethan Elkind quoted on KPCC

Cost-Benefit Analysis According to the Trump Administration
 Dan Farber quoted in The Regulatory Review

Communities still gaming out what the future of groundwater will be
(7/10/19) Nell Green Nylen quoted in The Sun-Gazette

Eastern Tule GSA and a Surprise Event July 2, 2019
(7/3/19) Nell Green Nylen quoted in Water Wrights

Desalination Is Booming as Cities Run Out of Water
(6/27/19) Mike Kiparsky quoted in Wired

How the fight against climate change is exacerbating San Diego’s affordable housing crisis
Ethan Elkind quoted in the San Diego Union Tribune

Talkies – High Speed Rail
(6/20/19) Ethan Elkind quoted on KPFA Radio

As Water Scarcity Increases, Desalination Plants Are on the Rise
(6/11/19) Mike Kiparsky quoted in YaleEnvironment360

California wants to accelerate EV infrastructure
(6/6/19) CLEE mentioned in Argus Media

Climate Warriors
(Spring, 2019) CLEE Featured in Transcript Magazine

As EV Sales Soar, Transportation Emissions Continue to Increase
(5/20/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by Planetizen

Landmark California Housing Bill Clears Key Hurdles, Heads to Appropriations Committee
(5/14/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by KQED News

Can SANDAG solve traffic woes with 100 MPH commuter rail, rush-hour pricing?
(5/12/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by the San Diego Union-Tribune

The US is terrible at building high-speed rail — here’s why
Ethan Elkind quoted by CNBC

Jakarta is Sinking. Now Indonesia Has to Find a New Capital.
(5/2/19) Michael Kiparsky quoted by Wired

Under ambitious new goals, Los Angeles will be ‘zero waste’ by 2050
(4/29/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by AirTalk

New report looks at local impact of Scott Wiener’s bill to increase housing density near transit
Ethan Elkind quoted by AirTalk

California Could Require Zero-Emission Shuttles At Its Largest Airports
Ethan Elkind quoted by Capital Public Radio

Trump wields presidential power on pipeline, energy projects
(4/13/19) Holly Doremus quoted by San Francisco Chronicle

Trump’s OIRA: more bark than bite
(4/11/19) Dan Farber quoted by E&E News

Legal battle over California emission standards
(4/6/19) Dan Farber quoted by Fox KTVU

An overeager legal strategy may endanger Trump’s energy goals
(4/4/19) Holly Doremus quoted by Roll Call

How California is defying Trump’s environmental rollbacks
(3/26/19) Holly Doremus quoted by the Los Angeles Times

Improving water governance through informed decision-making
(3/25/19) Nell Green Nylen quoted by The Confluence

Q&A: Berkeley law prof Dan Farber on challenges facing youth climate suit
(3/9/19) Dan Farber quoted by Reuters

California Home Prices Are Soaring. Here’s Why
(3/8/19) Moira O’Neill quoted by the Wall Street Journal

Five Things a Democratic President Could Do By Declaring a National Emergency Over Climate Change
(3/8/19) Dan Farber quoted by Mother Jones

Trump Wants California’s High-Speed Rail Money
(2/20/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by Streetsblog USA

What would a national emergency over climate change look like?
(2/15/19) Dan Farber quoted by Grist

California high-speed rail and the American infrastructure tragedy, explained
(2/15/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by Vox

Democrats Look To Declare National Emergency Over Climate Change, Not A ‘Fake Crisis’
(2/15/19) Dan Farber quoted by HuffPost

How viable is a plan to phase out three LA natural gas power plants?
(2/12/19) Ethan Elkind on 89.3KPCC

One Planet: What are the environmental impacts of biofuel production?
(2/11/19) Ethan Elkind on KALW

In-depth: A look at what BART could have been, what it still has potential to be
(2/11/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by ABC7 News

4 Key Issues In Kids’ Climate Suit At 9th Circ.
(2/4/19) Dan Farber quoted by Law360

One Planet: What will it take to keep fossil fuels in the ground?
(2/3/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by KALW

Trump slams California high-speed rail project, wants to reclaim project funding
(2/2/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by Fox News

PG&E cleared in probe of 2017 megablaze
(1/25/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by E&E News

Reducing wildfire risks would cost $150B – utility
(1/24/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by E&E News

Groups see threats to climate goals in PG&E Bankruptcy
(1/17/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by E&E News

PG&E’s Bankruptcy Could Hurt California’s Aggressive Climate Goals
(1/15/19) Ethan Elkind quotes by Buzzfeed News

Desalination is Booming. But What About All That Toxic Brine?
Michael Kiparsky quoted by Wired

Jerry Brown’s ‘Two Legacies’ on Housing
Ethan Elkind quoted by KQED


Democrats’ House takeover could mean big changes for California water policy
Holly Doremus quotes by the Los Angeles Times

Elon Musk debuts test tunnel in Hawthorne: ‘I really think this is incredibly profound’
Ethan Elkind quoted by Curbed Los Angeles

Wildland development escalates California fire costs
(12/18/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by KQED

Wildland development escalates California fire costs
(12/17/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by SF Gate

Wildland development escalates California fire costs
(12/17/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Peninsula Press

WATCH: Katie Hill, Transit Hub Housing Bill, Week in Tech
Ethan Elkind interviewed on KQED TV

Consultants Aren’t Taking a Shine to California’s Rooftop Photo voltaic Rule
(12/14/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Infosurhoy

Experts Aren’t Taking a Shine to California’s Rooftop Solar Rule
(12/13/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Scientific American

With California requiring solar panels on new homes, higher building costs and lower energy bills 
(12/10/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Marketplace

Newsom gets climate advice, Atkins offers ‘Trump insurance’

Amid Charges of waste and mismanagement, calls for head of state high speed rail to step down
 Ethan Elkind discusses on KPCC
Full audio available here

Talkies – November 20, 2018
(11/20/18) Ted Lamm discusses A New Solar Landscape on KPFA

Cities On Edge As High Court Weighs Kids’ Climate Suit
(10/26/18) Dan Farber quoted by Law 360

Courts: Kid’s Climate Trial Might be Dead. Here’s What it Means
(10/24/18) Holly Doremus quoted by Climatewire

Global Warming is Occurring at a Faster Pace than Scientists Thought: UN Panel
Ethan Elkind quoted by KTVU

Sequenced Climate Policies May Have Political Gain
(10/8/18) Eric Biber quoted by Colorado

Mitigation Banks: How Benefits from Upcoming CEQA Change Could Be Captured, Shared, Amplified
Ethan Elkind quoted by Streetsblog California

California Says ‘Nope’ to the EPA’s Car Emission Rules
(10/4/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Wired

So WOTUS is Legal. Now What?
(9/26/18) Holly Doremus quoted by Sierra

Insurance needs reform in California’s changing climate
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Investors can get California to 100 percent clean energy

Gray wolf faces new challenge: National Academies of Sciences review
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Trump Says the East Coast Is ‘Absolutely Prepared’ for Hurricane Florence. Is That True?
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Court upholds state bans on harmful mining on waters in federal lands
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UC Berkeley economists show that environmental regulations play primary role in pollution decrease
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LA Streetcar Project Funding Approved by City Council
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Cities demand Trump administration act on Tijuana River pollution that fouls San Diego County beaches
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One Planet: The impacts of Trump’s plan to roll back fuel efficiency standards
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If It’s Not CEQA, What Is It?
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Proposed Car Efficiency Rollback Will Not Halt Electric Vehicles
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Groundwater recharge project informs statewide sustainability efforts
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Green Upgrade: How California Is Pioneering ‘Energy Justice’
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Changing the Endangered Species Act could actually help conservation
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Should housing developers be allowed to pay their way out of climate pollution?
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Emails Raise Questions About Energy Negotiations
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California GOP looks for inroads by taking down a gas tax
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Is California’s legacy environmental law protecting the state’s beauty or blocking affordable housing?
(7/5/18) Eric Biber quoted by CALmatters

Progress on environment could slow on Supreme Court without Kennedy
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Elon Musk’s loop vision for LA has to survive the neighbors
(6/21/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by New Haven Register

Elon Musk’s Tunnel Vision for Los Angeles
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LA Is Doing Water Better Than Your City. Yes, That LA
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Koreatown borders, Santa Monica’s dockless device regs, the new Hotel Figueroa
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Dozens of Water Systems Consolidate in California’s Farming Heartland
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7 Things to Know about California’s New Solar Panel Policy
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Efforts to build housing around transit threaten to price out those most dependent on bus and rail
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Metro directors pick two options for new rail line through Downtown LA
(5/25/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Curbed Los Angeles

Is ditching fossil fuels entirely a reasonable goal?
(5/24/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by The Christian Science Monitor

California Should Fight Inequality to Fight Climate Change
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California To Require All New Homes To Have Solar Panels Starting In 2020
(5/17/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by National Public Radio

What Big California Housing Bills Remain After SB 827’s Defeat?
(5/16/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Streetsblog California

Where is San Diego’s gas tax money going?
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California Now Requires Solar Panels on Most New Homes
(5/11/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Smithsonian

The Vermont Avenue busway plan
(5/10/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by UCLA Newsroom

California will require solar panels on all new homes. What that means to you
(5/9/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by 89.3KPCC

California becomes first U.S. state to require solar panels on new homes
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$650 million vote set on Delta tunnels project: Are taxpayers protected?
(5/8/18) Holly Doremus quoted by The Mercury News

Novel Effort to Aid Groundwater on California’s Central Coast Could Help Other Depleted Basins
(5/4/18) Mike Kiparsky quoted by Water Education Foundation

Professor Delivers a Telling State-by-State Report about Renewables in America
(5/3/18) Dan Farber quoted by Transcript Magazine

California leads 17 states suing EPA to protect car emission standards
(5/1/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by KTVU

To Manage California’s Groundwater, Think More About Surface Water
(5/1/18) Mike Kiparsky quoted by News Deeply

Supervisor candidates wade into groundwater policies
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The Fighting Has Begun Over Who Owns Land Drowned by Climate Change
(4/25/18) Holly Doremus quoted by Bloomberg

In the Fate of the Delta Smelt, Warnings of Conservation Gone Wrong
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Plan to build housing — and cut CO2 — fails in Legislature
(4/19/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by EE News

Why did California’s major housing bill fail so quickly?
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Here are 5 climate leaders to watch
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A Green House Divided
(4/17/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Modern Luxury SF Magazine

Who caused the Bay Area’s housing shortage?
(4/8/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Mercury News

Report from CARB Symposium: Legislators Should Approve Twin 33-Foot Trailers
Ted Lamm and Ethan Elkind quoted by Americans for Modern Transportation

Berkeley councilman wants to create 6,000 new beds for students
(3/26/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by KTVU

Chevron Will Stick to IPCC Findings in Landmark Climate Change Trial
(3/21/18) Dan Farber quoted by Scientific American

Climate science gets its day in court in California
(3/21/18) Ted Lamm quoted by Think Progress

Big oil faces big test in climate-change court showdown with SF, Oakland
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A Bold, Divisive Plan to Wean Californians from Cars
(3/16/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by The New York Times

Why Regulation Is a Tricky Business in the Sharing Economy
(3/16/18) Eric Biber quoted by Wharton @ UPenn

Saudi Prince May Have Trouble Finding U.S. Investors After Anti-Corruption Campaign
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Could the Feds Bigfoot California Over Water?
(3/13/18) Holly Doremus quoted by Cal Alumni Association

Please Stop Building Houses Exactly Where Wildfires Start
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The last time Congress created a new state
(3/12/18) Eric Biber quoted by The Constitution Center

California gears up for a battle over single-family zoning near transit
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Did a conspiracy really destroy LA’s huge streetcar system?
(1/26/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Curbed Los Angeles



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Equity is key to resilience — three ways make it a priority
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Biden’s Infrastructure Funding Should Prioritize Cost-Effective Rail Transit
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Insurance and Extreme Heat: The Policy Gap
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CA tech crucial in reaching national greenhouse gas goals
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Why the US must support the electric vehicle supply chain
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Biden has a congressional shortcut to cancel Trump’s regulatory rollbacks, but it comes with risks | Opinion
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California Roadmap for responsible investment
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Will Comey’s Testimony Matter?
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‘Infill development’ can help solve California’s housing crisis
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Metro is spending billions of your tax dollars to build L.A. a world class transit system. Don’t let them blow it
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Neil Gorsuch might stand up against abuse of power
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Courts should kill Trump’s pricey ‘2-for-1’ deregulation order
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Advanced data would improve how California manages water
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What Could Gorsuch Mean for the Supreme Court?
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California may have to fund climate modeling and renewable energy research
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About that octopus in the parking garage
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Climate change fight has new obstacle
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Provincial feuding over Measure M will make traffic and mobility worse for everyone
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Climate plan review looms
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Location, location: Solar PV and the San Joaquin Valley
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California needs strong, fair and effective groundwater agencies
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Efficient Buildings are Key to State’s Clean-Energy Push
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LTE: There’s a lot about water in California that we don’t know. We need more data.
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How to Boost L.A.’s Sinking Transit Ridership
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Inaction on climate change is as reckless as drunken driving
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State Should Set Goals on Use of Low-Carbon Biofuel
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Driving Development of Transit-Oriented Districts
F. Noel Perry & Ethan Elkind write in the San Diego Union-Tribune

State Must Spend Smarter on Roads and ‘Fix It First’
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Viewpoints: Even without Tesla, electric car batteries can boost state
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California’s slow ride to new transit
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Oil and rail – a dangerous mix
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Rail alone can’t reinvent L.A.
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Making sure renewable energy produces clean energy
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‘Green’ paving helps the bay, human health
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Fracking in State Needs Close Oversight
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The Claims of Two Gulfs
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Backyard Renewables
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Walk this Way – Urge ‘Sustainable Development
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Don’t hamstring the Endangered Species Act
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Let’s Ensure Energy Efficiency is Also Socially Equitable
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Fixing Science in the Environmental Agencies, In Blue Sky: New Ideas for the Obama Administration
Holly Doremus


Free-Willy-Nilly: What Does the Supreme Court Ruling on Navy Sonar Mean for the Whales?
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Polar Bears in Limbo
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Polar Bear Politics
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