Digital Environmental Governance — Interview #1

Predictive Policing, Environmental Governance, and the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool: An Interview with James Stinson

James Stinson shares his research concerning the effects of digitalization on conservation and environmental governance in Belize. He discusses a growing trend toward predictive policing of parks and protected areas, a shift in what conservation fundamentally is and means, struggles over conservation data, the actors pushing this digital transformation, and the standardization of conservation approaches.

Interviewer: Aidan Smith, Research Fellow at the Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment, University of California, Berkeley

Interviewee: James Stinson, Postdoctoral Fellow in Planetary Health and Education, Dadahleh Institute for Global Health Resources and the Faculty of Education at York University, Toronto

Summary Article: Digitalization and Predictive Policing in Conservation: Does technology shift focus toward ‘green policing’ and away from integrated conservation and development?”

Read the interview transcript here.