Program materials

All program materials will be posted and available for download by Thursday 12 January. Check this page and look for download links to go live below.

UPDATED Thu 12 Jan: All program materials are now available for download below.

09:00 — A Conversation on the State of the State Judiciary

Common Law Judicial Decision Making: The California Supreme Court 1960-1970, David Carrillo, Benjamin Chen, Mark P. Gergen, Kevin M. Quinn: download.

10:00 — Review of Major Recent SCOCA Decisions

Program slides: download.

11:00 — Get Your Review Petition Granted

Program slides: download.

Moskovitz excerpt: download.

Please review this:

And this:

1:00 — Panel Discussion on the Future of the State Bar of California

Program slides: download.

Final Governance in the Public Interest Task Force Report: download.

Further materials, reports, and appendices here:

2:00 — The California Constitutional Right of Privacy

Program slides: download.

Professor Bronfman’s article on privacy: download.

Professor Kelso’s article on the California constitutional privacy right: download.

The second edition of Lothar Determann’s California Privacy Law guide is available here.

3:00 — A Conversation on the Role of the State High Court

Goodwin Liu, How the California Supreme Court Actually Works (2014) 61 UCLA L. Rev. 1246: download.

William J. Brennan, Jr., State Constitutions and the Protection of Individual Rights (1977) 90 Harv. L. Rev. 489: download.

4:00 — Ask the Justices: a Question and Answer Session

Governing California, Third Edition (Berkeley Public Policy Press 2013), Ethan Rarick ed., Chapter 12:  The California Judiciary: download.