Books, chapters, and reports

California Constitutional Law (West Academic Publishing 2021) David A. Carrillo and Danny Y. Chou

The Icelandic Federalist Papers (Berkeley Public Policy Press 2018) is a group writing project coordinated by the center, edited by the center director, and published by the Institute of Governmental Studies. In 21 articles, an international team of scholars analyzes arguments for and against a new Icelandic constitution. Individual articles previously published by the California Journal of Politics and Policy, collected here.

Policy analysis to the California Legislature on recall procedure reform proposals.

Report to the Korea Legislation Research Institute on California’s direct democracy procedures.

Governing California, Third Edition (Berkeley Public Policy Press 2013), Ethan Rarick ed., Chapter 12:  The California Judiciary

California Supreme Court Historical Society, Spring/Summer 2013, Berkeley Law’s New California Constitution Center