The California Constitution Center is a non-partisan academic research institution. It is the first and only center at any law school devoted exclusively to studying the constitution and high court of the state of California.

Although California is the nation’s largest state by population and economy, to date there has been no sustained effort to study the state charter and its interpretation. As a result, when state constitutional law issues arise, practitioners and the courts have little academic assistance. The center encourages and participates in developing scholarly work on the difficult policy issues that arise under the state charter.

Californians would need no encouragement toward better understanding their organic law. Even so, the judiciary has called for this work. In 2010, the Conference of Chief Justices adopted a resolution encouraging all law schools to offer courses in state constitutional law. “This reflects a notable recognition by the highest judges in the fifty states that further education on state constitutional law is necessary.” Robert F. Williams, Introduction (2009) 40 Rutgers L.J. 737, 738.


Center director: David A. Carrillo, J.S.D.