A Congress on Iceland’s Democracy

Jun 3, 2017. This event gathers scholars from around the world to translate participatory discussion into concrete action proposals by organizing as a mock legislative body to develop, debate, and decide on proposals for moving forward with Iceland’s constitutional change process.

2017 Supreme Court of California Conference

January 13, 2017. The California Constitution Center presents its conference on the California Supreme Court, in partnership with the center’s friends at Hastings Law Journal, the Bar Association of San Francisco, and the Institute of Governmental Studies.

Bryan Garner at Berkeley Law

October 24 and 25, 2014. A special lecture appearance by Bryan Garner at Berkeley Law.

Blueberry Soup Film Tour

September 17, 2014. A special screening on the Berkeley campus of the Blueberry Soup film tour on September 17, featuring a conversation with documentary filmmaker Eileen Jerrett. For information on this project, watch the film trailer and visit the website.

2014 Municipal Law Institute Symposium at Berkeley Law

February 7, 2014. The 2014 MLI symposium at Berkeley Law features the local government as employer, and will focus on personnel and labor relations issues specific to public entities. The one-day program will include a panels on: Public Sector Collective Bargaining; Contracting and Privatization; Employee Speech, Privacy, and the Internet; Public Safety Personnel Issues and Due Process; Current Developments on Pension and Benefits; and Examining Bias Across the Legal System.

2013 Supreme Court of California Conference and Special Session

October 4 and 9, 2013. The conference will include members of the court, prominent scholars from Berkeley Law and other institutions, as well as distinguished practitioners and court observers. It provides a forum for judges, government officials, scholars, and practitioners to discuss the work of the court and issues affecting the state judicial system.  The conference also raises public awareness and understanding of the court’s work, provides a venue for discussing important legal and constitutional developments, and identifies further areas for study. The special session is one of an ongoing series of outreach sessions as part of the commitment of the judicial branch to educating Californians of all ages about the state court system.

2013 Municipal Law Institute Symposium at Berkeley Law

February 8, 2013. The symposium will be on the California Constitution and will include a panel on individual rights, focusing on the California Constitution’s unique provisions on religion and privacy; a panel on water rights under the California Constitution; and two panels on the relationship between the state and local governments under the California Constitution, with one panel focusing on  revenue and finance issues, in general, and post-redevelopment issues, in particular, and with one panel looking at the general powers of cities and focusing on the difference between general law and charter cities and on the current trend to limit the powers of both general law and charter cities.

2008 Supreme Court of California Conference

September 2008. At the inaugural conference on the California Supreme Court, a majority of the Supreme Court of California justices participated:  Chief Justice Ronald M. George, and Associate Justices Marvin R. Baxter, Kathryn M. Werdegar, Ming W. Chin, and Carol A. Corrigan.  The Court’s justices moderated a series of panel discussions, examining issues involving the Court’s 2007-08 term, the death penalty, private judging, and access to justice in family court. Media advisory 

Center director: David A. Carrillo, J.S.D.