Comparing Constitutional Change in the United States and Korea

WHEN: Thursday, August 30, 2018

LOCATION: UC Berkeley, Faculty Club

(Lunch provided, reception to follow)

Co-sponsored by the Korea Legislation Research Institute, the Korea Law Center, and
the California Constitution Center

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10:30 — Keynote Speaker

KLRI President Ik-Hyeon Rhee

11:00 — State constitutional amendment & change

Moderator: Professor Kye- Joung Lee, Seoul National University

Professor Neal Devins, William & Mary (Devins article)

Professor Robert Williams, Rutgers University (Williams notes)

Professor Jack Citrin, UC Berkeley (Citrin notes and Citrin slides)

David A. Carrillo, J.S.D., Berkeley Law (Carrillo slides)

12:30 — Lunch speaker

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, Berkeley Law

1:30 — Korean & U.S. comparisons

Moderator: Gina Choi, J.S.D., NYU

Professor Tom Lee, Fordham Law

Professor Amnon Reichman, Haifa Law (lecture)

Research Fellow Yukyong Choe, KLRI

Professor Kuk-Woon Lee, Handong Global University (Lee slides)

3:00 — Concluding remarks

Professor Jibong Lim, Sogang University: The recent Korean Constitutional revision process, direct democracy and constitutional rights provisions, from the experience of a Presidential Advisory Committee on the Constitutional Revision member.

3:30 — Reception

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