Internet & Telecommunications Law Center

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The Internet & Telecommunications Law Center offers a unique forum for students, academics, practitioners, and technology companies to explore technical and governance strategies to support access to and the adoption of affordable, high-quality broadband internet access.

Our focus is on both state and federal laws and regulations, as well as private initiatives. The Center supports research and training related to broadband access and affordability, communications regulation, and platform-related matters. In all, the Center helps to foster a community of attorneys to better understand current issues in internet and telecommunications regulation.

The Faculty and Instructors that drive and contribute to this Center are among the world’s leading experts on the issues. And to make sure that it stays on top of emerging technologies, the Internet & Telecommunications Center works closely with our AI, Platforms & Society Center to address the emerging issues caused by the proliferation of AI tools.

We host and sponsor academic-focused events and industry-focused events–most of which are open to the public at no charge. Check out our upcoming events. As for past events, many of them are available on-demand–and free of charge–in our video library, B-CLE.