Project on Artificial Intelligence, Platforms, and Society

The Project on Artificial Intelligence, Platforms, and Society offers a unique forum for students, academics, practitioners, and technology companies to explore technical and governance strategies to support responsible technology development and use, including the role of the private sector and state, federal, and international laws, regulations, and policies in shaping these strategies. In addition to creating a community for attorneys to better understand current issues, the Project will support research and training related to responsible platform governance; AI governance; and development, use, and validation of technologies used in the legal profession. The Project involves the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, the CITRIS Policy Lab, and works with relevant research units, schools, and colleges at UC Berkeley, such as the Goldman School of Public Policy, the School of Information, and the College of Engineering. 

3 Substantive Areas of Focus

The Project focuses its efforts on three pressing questions: 


The Project explores technical and governance strategies for compliance with nascent legislation, regulation, and industry standards that help ensure AI systems are used responsibly in the private and public sectors.



The Project examines a range of systemic risks posed by (and to) platforms, including algorithmic manipulation, mis- and disinformation, and threats to effective competition, with an eye toward developing effective responsive strategies. 



The Project examines how we can use emerging technologies and public data to ethically address difficult and pressing problems in law.

What We Do


The Project hosts a multidisciplinary cohort of research fellows who explore technical and legal strategies to support responsible artificial intelligence, platform governance, and accountability for technologies used in the law. Our work regards and informs the laws and regulations set out by international, national, and state policymakers, as well as private and self-regulatory bodies.



The Project connects stakeholders across the academy, government, and industry in public convenings, roundtables, workshops, and briefings. We translate our research into deliverables that can inform actionable strategies in the public and private sectors.  



The Project educates the next generation of leaders in technology and society by offering continuing and executive education programs.


The Project on Artificial Intelligence, Platforms, and Society is a joint collaboration between the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology and the CITRIS Policy Lab


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