A selection of articles that reports on The Women in Business Law Initiative!

Report on Diversity in U.S Law Firms 2020 | National Association for Law Placement | February 2021

This report, published by the National Association for Law Placement, finds that women and people of color have increased representation at major U.S law firms. 


Global Gender Gap Report 2020 | World Economic Forum | December 16th, 2019

This report, published by the World Economic Forum, finds that it will take almost a century to achieve gender parity at the current rate of change and calls for action to close the gender gap.


Up and Away | Berkeley Law | October 29, 2019

From every angle, the Women in Business Law Initiative’s quarterly roundtable series is taking off! This article discusses gender inequity in business law. 


Women Corporate Counsel Share Career Advice, Experiences At Berkeley Law Event  | The Recorder | October 29, 2019

This article addresses the challenges and advantages for women in business law. As panelist Samantha Good (Kirkland) said: “there is a power that comes with being the only woman in the room: she stands out.” 


Netflix and Firm Lawyers Offer Advice for Recruits at Berkeley Law Event  | | June 14, 2019

In this article, legal professionals shared their recruitment stories, tips, and observations aimed at promoting women in business law.


Big Law Well-Being Counselors Advise Lawyers to Hold on to Identities Outside Law  | | June 14, 2019

In this article,  Robin Belleau (Kirkland & Ellis) and Serena Miller (WSGR), talk about wellness programs for lawyers.


On Women & Leadership: Interview with Janet Napolitano  | | April 8, 2019

An interview with Janet Napolitano who spoke about why our institutions need women in leadership roles, the unique challenges girls and women face, the importance of programs such as the Women in Business Law Initiative, and what traits we need our leaders to possess.


Lessons Learned: Advice from the Top | Berkeley Law | March 27, 2019

A discussion on gender equity in the workplace led by accomplished women who have contributed to making women equal partners with men in business.


Napolitano Headlines Kickoff Event for Women in Business Law Initiative  | Berkeley Law | March 15, 2019

In this article, the University of California’s first woman president, Janet Napolitano, shares her insights on career advancements. 


Why Mentors Matter | Bank of the West | February 25, 2019

Our Women in Business Law Mentorship Program was featured in the Bank of the West newsletter, discussing where 70 women from the U.C. Berkeley School of Law came to Bank of the West’s headquarters in San Francisco to hear Vanessa Washington, our general counsel and corporate secretary, give her perspective on what it takes to succeed in a high-profile position in the banking industry.