Upcoming Events:


Women in Venture Capital | October 14, 12:45 – 1:45 PM PDT | Virtual
Long underrepresented in the science and technology fields, women are pursuing such careers in greater numbers, but they are doing so amid a persistently challenging and unwelcoming culture. As the field of legal tech and VC grows, the law and the legal profession will need to promote greater innovation and inclusion. This panel aims to address what are the necessary steps to reach a more equitable environment and how they can be implemented in these fields. Speakers will include Maggie White and Gina Marek, attorneys at Gunderson Dettmer.


Women in Finance and Law: a Fireside Chat with SoftBank | October 27, 2020, 10-11 AM PDT | Virtual

The financial world can play a critical role in advancing financial inclusion. Guest speakers will explore the challenges and opportunities facing women in finance and discuss the key developments affecting the industry. The panel will address what are the key professional skills and challenges needed to empower women in this space and overall how the financial world could have a stronger role in promoting inclusion, financial health, and a more inclusive economy. 


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