Berkeley Center for Law and Business

BCLB’s world-class curriculum supports over 60 innovative business law courses on cutting-edge topics including corporate governance and sustainability.
At the forefront of research, BCLB supports programming in entrepreneurship and capital markets across international markets.
BCLB annual conferences include the M&A and Antitrust Forum, the Financial Fraud Forum and the West Coast Meeting with the SEC.
#BerkeleyMeans Business

The Berkeley Center for Law and Business convenes programs and supports research in law and business. We connect scholars, practitioners, and students to address challenges related to capital markets, corporate innovation, and sustainability. In the process, we train the next generation of leaders for the global economy.

We aim to be the leading venue for conversations about corporate governance, equity and inclusion, financial fraud, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, and other important policy issues, consistent with the University of California, Berkeley’s role as the world’s leading public university. If there is a debate about law and business, we want to lead the discussion.



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