LL.M. Business Law Certificate

The Business Law LL.M. Certificate Program allows LL.M. students to receive recognition for successful completion of a course of study to prepare for professional practice as legal advisors to businesses, to business-oriented NGOs, and to government entities. The curricular program requires students to develop a background in fundamental areas of business law. Students completing the program will have breadth, expertise, and a foundation for professional practice.

The following are the requirements for the LL.M. Business Law Certificate.

The application must be received no later than April 15, 2024, if students wish to be acknowledged in the graduation material. Students can also choose submit the application for the Business Law Certificate after graduation but it must be received no later than July 1, 2024.

Download the Business Law Certificate application form (LLM) 2023-24.

Students who meet the following requirements will be awarded an LL.M. Certificate of Specialization in Business Law at graduation.

Core Courses

Completion of two of the following courses (we strongly recommend that students hoping to receive the Certificate take at least one core course in the Fall semester):

252.2 Antitrust Law 
256.6F Bankruptcy Law
250 Business Association (please note that this course is a prerequisite for many other business law courses and is strongly recommended)
202 Contracts
256.81 Contracts and Sales for LL.M. Students
251.5 Corporate Finance
258.7 Corporate Tax
259A Income Tax
254.5 Insurance Law
249.2 Introduction to Financial Accounting
217 Law, Economics and Business Workshop
248.5 Mergers & Acquisitions
255.5 Securities Regulation


Other Business Law Courses

Completion of at least eight additional units categorized as “Business Law” in the Berkeley Law schedule of classes. Students may use a Required Course not utilized above towards this requirement. Students may also count up to two units categorized as “Intellectual Property and Technology Law” towards this requirement. 

Requests for waivers or credit for courses not listed above should be sent to BCLB@law.berkeley.edu.

NOTE – Inquiries about certificate requirements should be sent to BCLB@law.berkeley.edu.