Leadership Lunch Talks Fall 2023

leadership lunch series

Is there more to the law than litigation? How do we build AI ethically? What does it mean to scale social impact? How can we make fashion more sustainable?

Come find out the answers to these pressing questions at the 2023 Leadership Lunch Series hosted by the Berkeley Center for Law and Business and Berkeley Business Law Journal every Monday and Wednesday this Fall. You will hear from chief legal officers, general counsels, and other industry leaders at high profile companies who are tackling these questions everyday. If you are curious about how to use your law degree creatively, this is the place for you! 

Thanks to our sponsors for helping us build one of the world’s most innovative, and socially conscious, business law programs!



Chia-Chi Li
Chia-Chi Li (JD ’08)
VP of Legal at Netflix
August 30
Sean Edgett
Sean Edgett
Chief Legal Office at UPSIDE Foods
Former GC at Twitter
September 11
Clint Smith
Clint Smith
Chief Legal Officer at Discord
September 13
Casey O' Connor
Casey O’ Connor
Chief Legal Officer at Discord
September 18
Kimberly Wilford
Kimberly Wilford
Chief Legal Officer at GoFundMe
September 27
Matthew Merritt
Matthew Merrit
VP Legal, Americas at Oatly
October 2
lisa mather
Lisa Mather
General Counsel at Mars Wringley
October 4
Bill Shafton
Bill Shafton
VP of Legal at Grindr
October 16
Tom Lue
Tom Lue
General Counsel at DeepMind
October 18
david jedrzejek
David Jedrzejek (JD ’95)
General Counsel at Levi Strauss & Co
October 23
che chang
Che Chang
Deputy General Counsel at OpenAI
October 25
Brian Sandoval
Brian Sandoval
President of University of Nevada, Reno
October 30