Women in Business Law Emerging Leaders Program

Although companies with higher levels of diversity, including gender equity, report higher returns, issues around equity and inclusion persist. Since its inception in 2016, the Women in Business Law Initiative works to address these issues of gender equity and diversity in the corporate world. 
The Women in Business Law Emerging Leaders Program is an exclusive cohort-based experience for the 2023-2024 academic year designed to accelerate the careers of talented and motivated future women lawyers. The program is highly selective, and strong applications will express passion for leadership, commitment to their own personal and professional growth, and desire to build long-term professional relationships.

The inaugural cohort of Women in Business Law Emerging Leaders will have a number of opportunities to develop their networks and career strategy, including: site visits with General Counsels of companies in the Bay Area, unique events with major law firms, coaching sessions on networking and leadership, resume reviews, receptions and dinners, and more.


For questions, contact Angeli Patel at apatel@law.berkeley.edu.