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Society’s expectations of companies are changing, and companies are responding. Many companies today go beyond compliance with the law to implement policies in line with the values of their shareholders, employees, customers, and other stakeholders. An increasing number are engaging in activities that were traditionally conducted by governments and nonprofits. Navigating fiduciary duties and competing stakeholder interests raises a number of complex corporate governance questions. The Institute’s mission is to define and advance a legal and policy agenda that encourages companies to account for stakeholders and the environment. 

We conduct our mission by: 

Preparing the next generation of leaders | Our students come to Berkeley Law seeking to make a meaningful impact in their careers. They learn how to create this impact through the private sector, in our growing number of courses, research opportunities, and field placements all over the world. 

Publishing thought leadership | Academic research matters and often informs regulation and business practices. Our faculty and students are driving the research agenda and publishing articles and practitioner guides in this emerging area. 

Collaborating with companies, investors, and NGOs | Our work is informed by, and impacts, the business world. Through symposia and executive education programs, we form a bridge between academia and leaders in corporate sustainability. 

The Business in Society Institute is housed within the Berkeley Center for Law and Business and draws upon the expertise of its leading business law faculty, students, and alumni. As part of UC Berkeley, the leading public university in the world, supporting the private sector’s commitment to solving societal issues is core to our own public mission. 


The corporation’s purpose in under four minutes, with Berkeley Law professors Amelia Miazad & Steven Davidoff Solomon.


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