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The Business in Society Institute is at the forefront of academic research related to sustainable corporate governance and compliance.
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The Business in Society Institute’s 2018 Sustainability Week is featured here

The purpose that companies serve in society is being debated by legal scholars, policymakers, courts, the media, and corporate leaders. Many companies are going “beyond compliance” with the law to implement policies that aim to align with the values of their shareholders, employees, customers, and other stakeholders. An increasing number are engaging in political activism and activities that were traditionally conducted by non-profits. This evolution of corporate purpose raises complex legal and ethical questions, which impacts the role of lawyers advising companies. 

The Business in Society Institute’s mission is to prepare lawyers to address this new landscape. In furtherance of this mission, the institute conducts research, teaches courses, hosts symposia, and provides fellowships and internships for students to engage with this emerging and impactful area. 

The 2018 Berkeley Sustainable Business and Investment Forum | Event Highlights | Download PDF

Berkeley Law’s Business in Society Institute (a part of the Berkeley’s Center for Law and Business) and the Berkeley-Haas Center for Responsible Business held a successful fourth annual Berkeley Sustainable Business and Investment Forum. As we look ahead to our fifth annual forum in 2019, please take some time to read the 2018 BSBIF highlights.

Voices in Sustainability | 2019 Series 

The Business in Society Institute is launching “Voices in Sustainability” which comprises monthly interviews with the trailblazers and thought leaders of corporate sustainability and ESG investment strategy. Click here to gain insight into the perspectives and outlooks of leading corporate sustainability experts.  

Article 1 Corporate Sustainability & the Role of Trust: An Interview with Uber CLO Tony West


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