Periodically, Human Rights Center staff and faculty teach classes on human rights issues. Graduate seminars are offered through the School of Law or the School of Public Health. An undergraduate course on international human rights taught by the Center’s directors is offered by the Legal Studies program.


Fall 2016

Health and Human Rights

Instructor: Eric Stover and Rohini Haar

Public Health 211 and Law 264.6—This course will explore how international human rights and humanitarian laws and norms impact public health, and how health policies and practices may help promote human rights or potentially violate them. We will examine a wide range of topics including the role of health professionals in documenting the health consequences of war crimes and human rights abuses; treating survivors of torture and sexual violence; addressing the special health concerns of vulnerable groups, including child soldiers, human trafficking survivors, and prisoners; and resolving conflicts between civil liberties and public health policies during epidemics (e.g., HIV/AIDS and Ebola). We will examine the role of international humanitarian organizations, including the International Committee of the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, in armed conflict, and health and human rights impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.


Additionally, undergraduate students looking for courses with a human rights focus are advised to review the Interdisciplinary Human Rights Minor.