Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice

The Henderson Center connects students, professors, lawyers, activists, and thinkers across and beyond campus to make relevant, vibrant conversations about law, power, equity, subordination, and privilege part of intellectual and social life at Berkeley Law.  We focus on building our students’ capacity to be effective social justice advocates for the long-haul, and we  are proud to be the home of this school’s active, diverse, and ever-growing social justice community.

Each week, we host a guest practitioner, alumni, or circle of experts to converse with students about social justice issues, policies, and skills. We create networking events, workshops, teach-ins, and retreats for social justice students, and collaborate with an array of student organizations, from First Generation Professionals to Coalition for Diversity to the California Law Review

Named after the Honorable Thelton E. Henderson (Class of ’62) and established in response to California’s Proposition 209, we’ve helped train lawyers to serve the least visible and least powerful with passion and expertise for nearly 20 years. We welcome anyone to our table who believes that social justice is an integral part of the legal profession.  

If social justice interests you, then join us.  Share your voice.  You are welcome here.