Public Law & Policy Workshop

Spring 2017 Program




January 9


January 23 Holly Doremus, Berkeley Law The Meaning of Nature Protection in an Unnatural World
January 30 Orin Kerr, George Washington U. Law School

Encryption Workarounds

February 6 Sanford Gordon, NYU

Identifying Legitimacy: Experimental Evidence on Compliance with Authority

February 13 Justin McCrary, Berkeley Law

How Rigged Are Stock Markets? Evidence from Microsecond Timestamps

February 27 Paul Schwartz, Berkeley Law

Structuring International Data Privacy Law

March 6 Andrea Roth, Berkeley Law

Prosecutorial Policymaking: Reflections on “Spit and Acquit”

March 13 Timothy Lytton, GSU College of Law Foodborne Illness and the Evolving Food Safety System
March 20 Hannah Wiseman, FSU College of Law Delegation and Dysfunction
April 3

William Boyd, Colorado Law

The Art of Fixing Prices: Ways of the Price Making the Problem of Markets in Public Utility Law

April 10 Owen Jones, Vanderbilt Law School  
April 17 Robert Merges

Justifying Intellectual Property: Patents and Drugs for the Developing World

April 24

Kevin Quinn, Berkeley Law

Mark Gergen, Berkeley Law

Common Law Judicial Decision Making: The California Supreme Court
April 19

Wrap-up Session