Public Law & Policy Workshop

Spring 2018 Program




January 11

Andrew Bradt, Berkeley Law

Aggregation on Defendants’ Terms: Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Federalization of Mass-Tort Litigation

January 18 Bertrall Ross

Gerrymandering Harms

January 25 Margaret Lemos, Duke Law

State Public Law Litigation in an Age of Polarization

February 1  Tejas Narechania, Berkeley Law

Certiorari, Universality, and a Patent Puzzle

February 8 James Pfander, Northwestern University

Living Dicey’s Nightmare: The Rule of Law in Times of War

February 15 Erwin Chemerinsky, Berkeley Law

Manuscript: Chapter 1-3

February 22 Pamela Samuelson, Berkeley Law

Scholarly Concerns About a Proposed Small Copyright Claims Tribunal

March 1 William Dodge, UC Davis Law

Personal Jurisdiction and Aliens

March 8 Tara Grove, William & Mary

Government Standing and the Fallacy of Institutional Injury

March 15

Judith Resnik, Yale University

The Functions of Publicity and of Privatization in Courts and their Replacements

March 22 David Engstrom, Stanford Law

The Road to Walmart

April 5 Amanda Tyler, Berkeley Law

Habeas Corpus: Introduction

Habeas Corpus: Civil War and the “Great Suspender”

April 12 Sean Farhang, Berkeley Law

Rights and Retrenchment: The Counterrevolution against Federal Litigation

April 19

Bert Huang, Columbia Law

Law and Moral Dilemmas