UNAM-Berkeley Law Symposium 2019

WHEN: Friday, September 20, 2019

LOCATION: Warren Room, 295 Law Building, Berkeley Law

(Continental Breakfast & Lunch provided, Dinner to follow at UC Berkeley Faculty Club)


Co-sponsored by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


8:30 am

Mark Gergen (Berkeley Law Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Research)

8:45 am
Session I (Law & Economics)

Juan Javier del Granado, UNAM, “The exceptionalism of the common law from a law and economics perspective

Frank Partnoy, Berkeley Law, “The Flawed Assumption in Modern Corporate Law Scholarship”

Commentators: Susana Davalos (UNAM), Ken Ayotte (Berkeley Law)

10:15 am
10:30 am
Session II (Legal History)

Horacio Heredia, UNAM, “Sources for the history of usury: Azzo and the birth of the interest (as opposed to ‘usury’)”

Karen Tani, Berkeley Law, “Legal History in the 21st Century: What Is It Good For?”

Commentator: Jorge Mena Brito (UNAM), Amanda Tyler (Berkeley Law)

12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Session III (Jurisprudence)

Sandra Gómora, UNAM, “On Postema’s Mirror View Thesis. A Contribution to a Theory of Precedent”

Dan Farber, Berkeley Law, “Continuity and Transformation in Environmental Governance”  

Commentators: Edith Cuautle (UNAM), Meir Dan Cohen (Berkeley Law)

2:30 pm
Closing Remarks

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