Visitors in Residence


The Henderson Center brings a diverse and steady stream of new faces, perspectives, and skills to our community with our Visitors in Residence programs, allowing social justice practitioners, academics–and even people who aren’t lawyers–to spend extended time on campus sharing their expertise.


Law school is a professional school. We recognize that these three years are, ultimately, about the work you do when you leave. So each semester, we invite a practicing attorney to reside in our community for a week, meeting students, delivering talks, and visiting classes. Having these practitioners on campus for an extended time lets students develop a more in-depth connection with the many terrific lawyers working for social justice.


True, we are partial to Berkeley Law’s deep bench of social justice experts.  But every law school has fantastic professors.  Our Scholar in Residence program brings professors and lecturers from other campuses to Berkeley Law for an extended stay.  Over the weeks, we arrange opportunities for them to connect with faculty and students, exposing us to bright ideas percolating in other academic communities.