About Us


The Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at UC Berkeley School of Law (CRRJ) propels law and policy solutions by connecting people and ideas across the academic-advocate divide. We seek to realize reproductive rights and advance reproductive justice by influencing legal and social science discourse, furthering research and scholarship, and bolstering law and policy advocacy efforts.

We do not receive funding from the school and must raise 100% of our budget externally.

As the first think tank of its kind, CRRJ serves as a resource, liaison, and partner to reproductive rights and justice organizations throughout the country. The center provides a physical, intellectual, and virtual hub where advocates and scholars find community, cross-pollinate ideas, and collaborate on projects. We translate and distribute our work to reach various audiences. Many of our programs nurture a new generation of thought leaders who will cast wide influence over decisions, institutions, and systems for decades to come.

Here are just a few examples of our recent contributions:

  • Virtual library – curated the first accessible, online collection of scholarship, advocacy materials, and cultural commentary about reproductive justice topics for use by activists, academics, media, and the general public
  • Casebook – authored and edited the first law school textbook on reproductive rights and justice issues
  • Convenings – brought together more than 700 activists, academics, students, and community members at a variety of events, featuring fresh ideas from the academy and cutting-edge efforts from the field, fostering connections and cross-field collaborations