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[POSTPONED-TBD]: Visioning Reproductive Justice for Black Birthing People

CRRJ 4/18 Event Flyer

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April 9: Speaker Event with Melissa Ayala Garcia

CRRJ April 9 Event Flyer

Feb 20: Fighting for Reproductive Justice While Incarcerated

On February 20, Faride Perez-Aucar delivered a talk based on a forthcoming report titled, “Fighting for Reproductive Justice While Incarcerated,” where she laid the foundation for exploring the intersections of criminal justice and reproductive justice through an abolitionist lens. She shared that while many legislative reforms have been made in recent years to better support the provision of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care for people in California prisons and jails, much work remains to effectively ensure the rights conferred by the policy changes are realized by the individuals they were intended to benefit and protect. As examples, she cited ongoing shackling of incarcerated pregnant people in hospitals despite a longstanding law barring the dangerous practice and the uneven implementation of lactaction policies intended to support breast and chest feeding incarcerated parents. Though a previous version of the report mostly focused on access to pregnancy-related and reproductive health care services for people in custody, the new edition will feature and expand discussion on other tenets of reproductive justice centering the right to family on family unity by highlighting opportunities for systems change and advocacy in reentry services and in the family policing system. 

Faride's presentation
Faride Presenting to Students
Faride talking with student
Faride and Arneta

Nov. 14: Reproductive Justice Lawyering as Movement Lawyering

CRRJ Nov. 14 Event Flyer

Nov. 7: Innovative Adaptations - Professional and Institutional Responses to State Abortion Restrictions

CRRJ Nov. 7 event flyer

Please join the Zoom link here to join this panel discussion! 

Oct. 3-24: Topics in Reproductive Rights and Justice

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