Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice

Welcome to the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice! We are a multidisciplinary research center dedicated to issues of reproduction and designed to support law and policy solutions by bridging the academic-advocate divide.



The Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at UC Berkeley School of Law (CRRJ) fuels law and policy solutions by connecting people and ideas across the academic-advocate divide. We seek to secure reproductive rights and advance reproductive justice by furthering research and scholarship, bolstering law and policy advocacy efforts, and shaping academic and public discourse.

As the first think tank of its kind, CRRJ serves as a resource, liaison, and partner to reproductive rights and justice organizations throughout the country. The Center provides a physical, intellectual, and virtual hub where advocates and scholars can cross-pollinate ideas, and collaborate on projects. Our programs nurture a new generation of leaders who can meet current crises in reproductive access and care, and cast wide influence over decisions, institutions, and systems for decades to come.

Professor Khiara Bridges
CRRJ founder Prof. Kristin Luker, former CRRJ Executive Director Jill Adams, and former Berkeley Law Dean Prof. Melissa Murray
CRRJeous Conversation: Protecting the Right to Abortion

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