Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice


Welcome to the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice, a multidisciplinary research center dedicated to issues of reproduction and designed to support law and policy solutions by bridging the academic-advocate divide.

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CRRJ Faculty Offer Courses on Repro Subjects this Spring

Founding Faculty Director Kristin Luker, Founding Executive Director Jill E. Adams, and Affiliated Faculty Osagie Obasogie will be teaching classes related to reproduction in the Spring 2018 semester.

Luker — Sex, Reproduction, and Society
Monday 2:10-4:00 PM in 2240 Piedmont

Adams — Selected Topics in Reproductive Justice
Thursday 8:00-9:50 AM in 141 Boalt Hall

Obasogie —Advanced Topics in Jurisprudence: Human Reproductive and Genetic Technologies: Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications 
Wednesday 2:00-5:00 PM in 136 Boalt Hall


CRRJ@5: Celebrating 5 Years of Advancing Reproductive Rights and Justice

Over 100 students and stakeholders from the reproductive health, rights, and justice community gathered on campus on October 27, 2017 to connect with one another and explore multi-disciplinary issues on cutting-edge issues.  CRRJ@5: Unrivaled + Undaunted marked the fifth anniversary of CRRJ with a daylong conference that featured lively and informative panels on Abolishing Welfare Family Caps; Teaching Reproductive Rights and Justice in Law Schools; Overturning Harris v McRae; and Halting the Criminalization of Self-Induced Abortion. The day began with CRRJ Executive Director Jill E. Adams leading a rousing call and response and ended with heartwarming toasts at a rooftop cocktail reception overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Thank you to all of the speakers and participants who came from all over the country to make the day a wonderful success.