Robbins J.S.D. Fellows

Lloyd M. Robbins J.S.D. Fellowships are granted to Berkeley Law J.S.D. students who are engaged in comparative research and study in the fields of religious and civil law. The three-year Berkeley Law J.S.D. program centers around independent research and writing. Students complete a publication-worthy dissertation and are prepared for jobs in teaching and legal scholarship around the world. 

Berkeley Law’s J.S.D. program has produced a noteworthy group of alumni, including Wissanu Krea-ngam ‘76, the deputy prime minister of Thailand; Todung Mulya Lubis, ‘90 an activist and Indonesia’s ambassador to Norway and Iceland; Junfeng Wang ‘07, founding partner and global chairman of King & Wood Mallesons; Sung-Mei Hsiung ‘08, a high court judge on the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court; and Simona Grossi ‘11, a professor at Loyola Law School.

Class of 2024 Fellows

  • Luis Barroso da Garca

  • Photograph of Shih-wei Chao

    Shih-wei Chao

    Shih-wei Chao's research focuses on how platforms resolve intellectual property infringement complaints brought against content or listings posted by other users. As platforms emerge as a prominent IP enforcement domain, he aims to explore the advantages and deficiencies of their resolution procedure, as well as potential implications for substantial IP doctrine. Aside from intellectual property, Shih-wei's interests also include antitrust, artificial intelligence regulation, and technology's influence on modern democratic societies. Prior to earning his LL.M. degree at Berkeley Law, Shih-wei completed his first law degree at Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University. Shih-wei is a Taiwan Ministry of Education Key Fields Scholarship Fellow.

  • Gal Forer

  • Photograph of Mahwish Moazzam

    Mahwish Moazzam

    Mahwish received her LLB from the Punjab University Law College, graduating first in her class. She recently earned her L.L.M. at Berkeley Law, with a specialization in International Law and also served as associate editor for the Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law. Prior to coming to Berkeley, she taught Comparative Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, and the Law of Torts at the Superior College of Law in Lahore, Pakistan. She has published extensively on topics related to human rights and the rule of law. In addition, she has a masters degree in Political Science from University of Punjab and a diploma certificate for Intellectual Property Laws from Punjab University Law College.

  • Eric Winkofsky

  • Photograph of Sharaban Zaman

    Sharaban Tahura Zaman

    Ms. Sharaban Tahura Zaman is an environmental lawyer and academic working to promote environmental and climate justice. Her dissertation title is "Energy Transition under the Paris Agreement: Assessing Legal Pathways." Ms. Zaman serves as a senior lecturer at the North South University, Bangladesh, and is a senior research fellow with the Centre for Climate Justice-Bangladesh. As a Chevening Scholar, Ms. Zaman completed her LL.M at the University of Edinburgh. Ms. Zaman is also a member of the Legal Research Group, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, Canada. She has also been involved with the UN climate change negotiation process since 2012, and in 2017 started negotiations as a government delegate on the "compliance" and "mitigation" issue on behalf of LDCs Climate Negotiators Group and is serving as a legal advisor of the LDCs Group member of the "Paris Agreement Compliance Committee." Ms. Zaman is keen to work on climate justice utilizing laws and policies as a tool. Her interests include low carbon development, energy, climate-induced displacement, NDC, market mechanism, human rights, and gender.

Class of 2023 Fellows

  • Photograph of Sylvia Lu

    Sylvia Lu

    Sylvia Lu’s research focuses on the intersection of technology, privacy, and intellectual property (IP).

    Sylvia’s projects focus on the intersection between artificial intelligence, data privacy, and Asian legal systems. She researches issues concerning data privacy and data governance; trade secret and corporate disclosure; big data, innovation, and civil rights; transnational IP and dispute resolution. As a Robbins J.S.D. Fellow, Sylvia also works on Comparative Legal Responses to COVID-19.

  • Ella Padon-Corren

    Ella Corren completed her Bachelor of Laws at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. She completed her Master of Laws at Berkeley Law, graduating with distinction from the Thesis Track program, and recently started her doctoral studies at Berkeley Law. Ella studies information privacy, antitrust law, law and economics, and intellectual property law. Her research is focused on privacy regulation in digital markets.

Class of 2022 Fellows

  • Photograph of Zehra Betul Ayranci

    Zehra Betul Ayranci

    Zehra Betul Ayranci’s research explores whether national copyright law is adequately functioning or whether there is a need for a broader reorientation of copyright law fit for the modern marketplace and current technologies, transnationally and across industries. She suggests that legislative attempts, like the EU Copyright Directive, the US Music Modernization Act, and Chinese sui generis regulations, show that traditional national copyright laws are not adequately functioning, applicable or compatible with the entertainment industries today. Her research analyzes the feasibility of the solution from a formal, normative, and comparative institutional perspective: Is the European approach of top-down regulation, or the American approach of free market and bottom-up lawmaking, more desirable?

  • Jiahui Duan

    Jiahui Duan's current research studies workplace sexual harassment issues in China, aiming to understand the development of workplace sexual harassment issues in Chinese society and explore a potential anti-sexual harassment route in the emerging economy and political context such as China’s. Her research is built on substantial fieldwork where she conducts in-depth interviews with individual employees who have been harassed and investigates how they navigate such a regulatory environment. Her fields of interest also include anti-discrimination development in China, rural women’s land rights issues, legal consciousness, and the role of the internet in shaping legal culture. She earned her LL.M. at Berkeley law. Prior to joining Berkeley, she was a certified lawyer in China.

  • Nicolas Lezaca