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Keywords in the ius commune

Select entries from rare early modern legal dictionaries and indices, including:

  • Antonio de Nebrija, Vocabularium vtriusque iuris… Lyon, 1567.
  • Esteban Daoiz, Juris pontificii summa, seu Index copiosus… Milan, 1745.
  • Albericus de Rosate, Dictionarium iuris tam civilis, quam canonici… Venice, 1573.
  • Domenico Toschi, Practicarvm conclvsionvm ivris in omni foro freqventiorvm… Rome, 1605-70.

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On War

Fifteenth- and sixteenth-century treatises on war from volume 16 of the Tractatus universi iuris (Venetiis: F. Zilettus, 1584-1586), titled De dignitate et potestate seculari.