The Robbins Collection hosts exhibits both at the Robbins Reading Room and on our website.

Display Case Exhibits

Our current Reading Room exhibits offer an overview of Lloyd M. Robbins’ life and times. Included in the exhibits are books, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a variety of other items from Mr. Robbins’ personal collection. The materials displayed provide insight into Mr. Robbins’ work as an attorney, his travels, his participation in world affairs, his philanthropy, and his interest in the civil law tradition as it pertained to California law. 

Online Exhibits

Several of our exhibits are available online. Some of these exhibits relate to specific Robbins Collection events, such as conferences or workshops; other exhibits touch on particular themes, ideas, or topics that relate to our holdings. Several exhibits were created for K-12 educators and are intended as introductions to topics on legal history. These research resources for students are meant to emphasize the importance of primary source documents. 

To view a specific exhibit, simply click on the title of the exhibit listed from the sidebar. →