Félim McMahon

FÉLIM MCMAHON is the Technology and Human Rights Program Director at the Human Rights Center and Director of its Human Rights Investigations Lab. The lab trains more than 100 graduate and undergraduate students from across campus each year in ways to use social media and other open source content for human rights advocacy and legal accountability. McMahon was previously a print journalist in Ireland and then part of a small team that established Storyful, the world’s first social media news agency. Relying on his skills as a reporter, McMahon helped position Storyful as a leader in social media-based discovery and verification of breaking news, pioneering new methods for using and authenticating citizen-generated content and other information shared online. In just four years, he helped build Storyful from a $100,000 organization to a $20 million company, sourcing news for outlets such as Reuters to ABC, BBC, Al Jazeera English, and France24. After Storyful’s purchase in 2014, McMahon joined the International Criminal Court as an investigator, innovating around the mining and presentation of social media to strengthen prosecutions of grave international crimes, including war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity. McMahon has a master’s degree from Dublin City University.