Visiting Scholars

ILR Visiting Scholars

The Institute for Legal Research hosts a number of visiting scholars from US and foreign institutions each year, both to participate in Institute-oriented programs and to pursue their own research projects on legal doctrine, theory, and empirical analysis. Past scholars have included professors, government and law professionals, as well as graduate and PhD students working under the supervision of a Berkeley Law faculty member.

Japan Federation of Bar Association Visiting Fellows Program

The Institute’s Sho Sato Program in Japanese and US Law established an exchange program in 1999 with the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) to give Japanese attorneys engaged in public-interest activities the opportunity to study for a year in Berkeley. The JFBA also has exchange agreements with New York University and the University of Illinois. As of December 2009, 23 attorneys have studied overseas under these programs.

Visiting Scholars — 2020

Haruna Takahashi
The Interpretation and Improvement of the Issue of “Reasonable Accommodation” Under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

Yuka Kato (Hashigaya)
The Collaboration Between Attorneys and Social Workers on Cases Involving the Elderly and Persons With Disabilities in Public Law Offices

Keisuke Tomida
The “Sharing Economy” and Independent Contractors

JFBA Visiting Fellow — 2020-2021

Kentaro Furuya
The Utilization of International Mediation in Cross-Border Transactions


Sho Sato Program Director Chuck Weisselberg addressing visiting JFBA delegation, Berkeley Law, June 2015