Student Fellows

  • christine_chong

    Christine Chong

    • J.D. Student

    Christine Chong is a second-year student at UC Berkeley School of Law. A Bay Area native, she is passionate about Asian-American and Korean-American issues, and she currently serves on the Submissions Committee of the Asian American Law Journal at Berkeley Law.

  • Ted Kang

    Ted Kang

    • J.D. Student

    Ted Kang is a second-year law student at UC Berkeley School of Law. His primary focus is on patent law and cybersecurity. Ted's favorite Korean food in Soondubu.

  • HAN

    Han Chang

    • J.D. Student

    Han Chang is a second-year law student at Berkeley Law. His primary interest is in business law, particularly in the tech sector. Han's favorite Korean food is Chadolbagi.

  • Yumi Ko

    Yumi Ko

    • Undergraduate

    Yumi Ko is a senior pursuing a double major in Economics and Political Science at UC Berkeley, with a concentration in international relations. Her primary focus is human rights and developmental economics. She looks forward to working at the Korea Law Center to further her engagement in law and politics.

  • Harold

    Harold Surh

    • Undergraduate

    Harold Surh ('19) is an undergraduate fellow at the Korea Law Ceter. He is pursuing a B.A. in Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. Prior to his fellowship, he has been interning at the US-Korea Law Foundation (UKLF) since 2012. At UKLF, he was involved in editorial and translation work for its various publications, including the US-Korea Law Journal and Laws of Korea.