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The Korea Law Center addresses the development of the Korean legal, constitutional, and political systems, as the dynamic democracy emerges as one of the world’s most powerful economies. The center brings together scholars, judges, officials, and lawyers to deepen mutual understanding of both societies. The center aims to be a research hub for a robust exchange of ideas, theories and best practices in the fields of law, government, and business.

Climate Change Law in the Asia-Pacific, September 13th 2019, International House, Berkeley CA

Friday, September 13, 2019
The Ida and Sproul Rooms, International House

Co-sponsored by the Center for Law, Energy & Environment and the Sho Sato Program in Japanese and U.S. Law

The Conference seeks to explore the hard questions of climate change law in the Asia-Pacific region through discussing the problems of the state of the art in each jurisdiction to find steps that we can take to advance the efficacy of climate change law.

Topics to be discussed include a wide range of climate change law and policy issues: the achievements and the problems of energy transition law and policy; constitutional and legal resources to enhance climate change response scheme based on human rights theories; and the climate change adaptation scheme in the Asia-Pacific countries.

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