Below is a selection of recent research by LEAP affiliates.

Publications/Working Papers: 

Discrimination Against Immigrants in the Criminal Justice System: Evidence from Pretrial Detentions
Damian Vergara Dominguez, 2023 Working Paper

Minority Enfranchisement and Local Preferences for Public Goods: Evidence from the Voting Rights Act
Raheem Chaudhry, 2023 Working Paper

Needed in Empirical Social Science: Numbers
Aaron Edlin & Michael Love, 2022 Working Paper

Circuit Splits: Liability Reform and Likelihood of Environmental Risk in the Hazardous Waste Industry
Leila Safavi, 2022 Working Paper

For Whom the Bridge Tolls: Congestion, Air Pollution, and Second-Best Road Pricing
Matthew Tarduno, 2022 Working Paper

Where in the World Does Partnership Income Go? Evidence of a Growing Use of Tax Havens
Michael Love, 2022 Working Paper

Gangs, Labor Mobility, and Development
Carlos Schmidt-Padilla, 2020 Working Paper

What drives support for inefficient corrective policies? Evidence from a Nevada ballot initiative
Matthew Tarduno,
2020 Working Paper

Dividend Taxes, Equity Financing and Corporate “Non-Capital” Investment
Michael Love,
2020 Working Paper

Authentic Compliance with a Symbolic Legal Standard? How Critical Race Theory Can Change Social Science Studies on Diversity in the Workplace
Yael Plitmann,
2020 Working Paper
Published in the journal of Law and Social Inquiry in 2021

Stealing authority: A model of institutional transformation
Joseph Warren,
2020 Working Paper

Evergreening at-Risk
Uri Y. Hacohen,
Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Vol. 33, No. 2, 2020

Progress in the Useful Arts: Foundations of Patent Law in Growth Economics
Robert D. Cooter and Uri Y. Hacohen,
22 Yale J.L. & Tech. 191 (2020)

Predicting Cybersecurity Incidents Through Mandatory Disclosure Regulation
Aniket Kesari,
2020 Working Paper

The Effect of State Data Breach Notification Laws on Medical Identity Theft
Aniket Kesari,
2020 Working Paper

Informative Patents? Predicting Invalidity Decisions with the Text of Claims                     James Hicks, 2020 Working Paper

The Costs of Employment Segregation: Evidence from the Federal Government under Wilson
Abhay Aneja and Guo Xu,
NBER, 2020 Working Paper

Inequality, Fiscal Policy and COVID19 Restrictions in a Demand-Determined Economy    Alan Auerbach, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Daniel Murphy, NBER, 2020 Working Paper

Antitrust and Innovation: Welcoming and Protecting Disruption
Carl Shapiro,
Innovation Policy and the Economy, NBER, 2020

Hunting Unicorns?  Experimental Evidence on Exclusionary Pricing Policies
Aaron Edlin, Catherine Roux, Armin Schmutzler, and Christian Thoeni, The Journal of Law and Economics, Vol 62 No 3,  457-484, 2019

The Effect of Political Power on Labor Market Inequality: Evidence from the 1965 VRA
Abhay Aneja and Carlos Avenancio-Leon, 2019 Working Paper



Don’t Just Flatten the Curve: Raise the Line
Aaron Edlin, 2020