Human Rights Center at RightsCon Toronto

RightsCon schedule:
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Join us for these RightsCon panels: 

Wednesday, May 16

12:00-1:15, Wednesday: Women & Silicon Valley: How the age of #MeToo can act as a tipping point, featuring HRC’s Alexa Koenig, Article One’s Chloe Poynton, Carmelyn Malalis, Carolina Rossini, Allison Scott, and Ursula Wynhoven.

2:30-3:45: NGO Partnerships for Justice: Using technology to advance victim-centered investigations and litigation of serious crimes, featuring HRC’s Félim McMahon, Center for Justice and Accountability’s Nushin Sarkarati, eyeWitness to Atrocities’s Wendy Betts, and Trial International’s Daniele Perisssi. Moderated by Carmen Cheung. 

5:15-6:15: Forget about the President—lets talk to Facebookfeaturing HRC’s Alexa Koenig,  Facebook’s Peter Stern, WITNESS’s Did Kayyali, Article 19’s Afsaneh Rigot, and Jack Harrison-Quintana. Moderated by WITNESS’s Sam Gregory. 

Thursday, May 17

10:30-11:45: Social Media Takedowns: Protecting Who?  featuring HRC’s Alexa Koenig and Anna Banchik, Amnesty International’s Scott Edwards, and WITNESS’s Dia Kayyali. Moderated by the New York Times’s Christoph Koettl.

12:30-1:25: Digital Evidence Forum: Experimental Design Session, featuring Human Rights Center Visiting Scholar Tara Vassefi and Human Rights Center Research Fellow Lindsay Freeman. 

2:30-3:45: The Evidence Locker of the 21st Century: Cooperation between social media platforms and law enforcement authorities for preserving digital material for justice, featuring HRC’s Félim McMahon, Natalia Krapiva, and Lindsay Freeman; WITNESS’s Sam Gregory; eyeWitness’s Raquel Vazquez-Llorente; Center for Justice and Accountability’s Nushin Sarkarati; and other distinguished speakers. Moderated by eyeWitness to Atrocities’s Wendy Betts. 

Friday, May 18

12:00-1:15: The Next Generation of Collaboration: UC Berkeley students are building tech tools for human security investigations, featuring HRC’s Alexa Koenig and Archer’s Tyler Heintz and Anjali Banerjee. Moderated by Alice Ma. 

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