Visiting Scholars

Below is our current group of Visiting Scholars:

2020-2021 Visiting Scholars

Naama Sadan 
PhD Candidate, The Advanced School of Environmental Studies
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Naama is a doctoral candidate at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research interests include institutional theory, environmental ethics, comparative education, change theory, and archetypal and behavioral studies. Sadan’s thesis examines the different and sometimes opposite motivations of discourses around environmental and sustainability education. She researches the motives and support systems that lead teachers to initiate environmental education programs in Palestinian, secular Jewish, and Hasidic schools in Jerusalem. Her dissertation expands this model to look at the case of San Mateo County in Silicon Valley, CA and examine the semantic and social ties that create conditions for educators to promote environmental and sustainability initiatives in the area. She holds a BA from Hebrew University and a permaculture design certification from Beit Ya’ar. She has also taught urban planning and environmental studies at the Hebrew University High School and Talmud and Hassidut at Hebrew University’s Havruta Beit Midrash.

Yitzhak Mor
PhD Candidate, Department of Comparative Religion
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Yitzhak is a graduate student in Comparative Religion and a fellow at the Center for the Study of Christianity at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.His thesis examines relations between Catholic and Jewish thinkers in contemporary America. In particular, he is interested in neoconservative Catholic ideology and its perspective regarding Judaism as a component of American religion—specifically relating to Jewish partnership in “Christian America”, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, interfaith marriages and conversions. His broader research interests include political theology, Jewish-Christian interfaith dialogue, American religious and political conservatism, Christian Zionism and Holocaust consciousness in America. Mor is the recipient of the Sir Sigmund and Lady Hazel Sternberg Prizes for Interfaith Understanding, the Annenberg Prize for American Studies and a scholarship for the study of anti-Semitism, racism, the Holocaust, genocide and mass violence from the Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University. Mor has a BA from the integrated Philosophy, Political Science and Economics (PPE) program at the Hebrew University. He is also an independent editor and serves as a content writer for the President of the State of Israel.


Ram Rivlin
Hebrew University, Faculty of Law

Dr. Ram Rivlin has been a Lecturer at Hebrew University, Faculty of Law since 2013. He has held prior positions in Tel-Aviv University as a Postdoctoral Fellow and New York University School of Law as Postdoctoral Tikvah Scholar in Residence. In 2017, Dr. Rivlin published his scholarly work, “The Puzzle of Intra-Familial Commodification” for the University of Toronto Law Journal. 


Yuval Gozansky
School of Communication, Sapir College

Dr. Yuval Gozansky is a cultural studies researcher of children’s media. He published articles in leading academic journals, and in 2019 a book in Hebrew about the cultural history of Israeli children’s television: “From Dodley to digital: 50 years of Israeli children’s television”. Prior to his academic career, he was a director of numerous children’s television programmes. In 2018, he received a research grant from Dov Lautman Forum for Education Policy, for research about the journalistic coverage of Nation-State Law and its implications on education for democracy and partnership in Israel.


Ortal Merhav
Gordon School of Education

Dr. Ortal Merhav holds a PhD from the School of Education at Tel Aviv University and a MA from Tel Aviv University (Summa Cum Laude). Her PhD dissertation examined the renewal of the Jewish community in the non-religious space in Israel. She is a lecturer at the Gordon College of Education and has held prior positions as a teaching assistant at Tel-Aviv University in the Department of Management and Leadership in Education. Merhav has co-authored two articles dealing with identity in school vision statements, published in Studies in Educational Administration and Organization (in Hebrew), and Leadership and Policy in Schools.