BCLT in the News

IP rights enter the culture wars, Disney and the Copyright Clause Restoration Act – The Hill publishes opinion piece by Peter Menell (5/16/22)
Research on trade secrets and cybersecurity law by Riccardo Vecellio Segate was mentioned in a policy report by the Research Service of South Korea’s National Assembly. 
Riccardo Vecellio Segate’s review of 4 key new books in the field of Law and Neurosciences, “Navigating Lawyering in the Age of Neuroscience: Why Lawyers Can No Longer Do Without Emotions (Nor Could They Ever)” has just been published in the Nordic Journal of Human Rights (4/27/22)
Riccardo Vecellio Segate’s article on data protection published in the Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (3/14/22)
Mark Cohen interviewed by the National Bureau of Asian Research on U.S.-China engagement on intellectual property issues after the phase-one trade agreement (1/29/22)
Mark Cohen quoted by NBC News on failing federal attempts to stop Chinese scientists from stealing US secrets (10/19/21)
“There Are Perils To President Biden’s WTO Waiver”- read Mark Cohen’s op-ed in Sunday’s International Business News (9/19/21)
Mark Cohen discusses the implications of the rapid spike in Chinese patent filings at the end of the calendar year, in Natural Biotechnology (9/21 issue)
Mark Cohen quoted in the Economist on China’s “weaponizing” of its judiciary, in applying IP law (9/11/21)
Mark Cohen ranked among top 300 IP strategists in the world by IAM.
BCLT faculty directors Rob Merges, Pam Samuelson and Peter Menell ranked (respectively) as 2nd, 3rd and 5th most cited IP scholars in the U.S., in Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports (9/1/21).
International Business Times quotes Mark Cohen on vaccines and IP issues with China (7/3/21)

Orin S. Kerr quoted in American Bar Association Journal on the Supreme Court and computer crime law (6/24/21)

Jennifer M. Urban mentioned in Lexology article on CPPA Inaugural Meeting (6/16/21)

Bloomberg Law quotes Catherine Fisk on Grubhub driver’s appeal and Gig issues in California (6/9/21)

Paul Schwartz quoted in Monitor  on paying attention to privacy (6/4/21)

Pamela Samuelson quoted in The Hill on rejecting ALI’s ‘Restatement of Copyright’ (6/2/21)

Erik Stallman referenced in  Law360 article on 4th Circ. urging to reverse Sony’s piracy win (06/02/2021)

NPR podcast features Orin Kerr on police traffic stops (5/26/21)

WH relying on Tejas Narechania’s work, according to Axios (5/14/21)

Catherine Fisk quoted in The Intercept on opposing the PRO Act (5/6/21)

Catherine Fisk discusses Amazon’s controlling Delivery Service Provider in Bloomberg (5/5/21)

Tejas Narachenia quoted on Apple v. Epic Games in AFP

Mark Cohen quoted in Protocol on litigation in China (4/30/21)

Law.com covered BCLT’s Google v. Oracle webinar (4/23/21)

Peter Menell writes Daily Journal op-ed on why the Google v. Oracle SCOTUS decision is good for innovators, the software industry, and consumers (4/12/21)

Mark Cohen quoted in Washington Post on global trade, IP and vaccines (4/8/21)

Orin Kerr quoted in Los Angeles Times on search and seizure (4/8/21)

Peter Menell quoted in Time on Supreme Court decision in Google v. Oracle (4/6/21)

Wall Street Journal and Financial Times quote Pam Samuelson on Google v. Oracle decision (4/5/21)

NPR quotes Catherine Crump on email privacy (3/31/21)

NPR quotes Orin Kerr on Supreme Court police shooting/4th Amendment decision (3/25/21)

Pam Samueslon quoted in Fortune on regulation of big tech (3/25/21)

Wired quotes Catherine Fisk on unionization of tech workers (3/19/21)

Paul Schwartz quoted in New York Times on private investigators’ use of databases (3/18/21)

Law.com and Reuters report appointment of Jennifer Urban to head California privacy board (3/17/21)

Fortune quotes Jim Dempsey on Texas investigation of Twitter (3/11/21)

Tejas Narechania and Erik Stallman op-ed on net neutrality in Mercury News (3/9/21)

Sonia Katyal quoted in VentureBeat on whistleblower protections for tech workers (3/8/21)

Mark Cohen quoted in Bloomberg on new China trade secrets law (3/7/21)

Op-ed by Sonia Kaytal (with Angela Riley and Rachel Lim) in Washington Post (3/7/21)

IP Watchdog covers amicus of Peter Menell in SCOTUS patent case (3/4/21)

ABA Journal cites work of Jennifer Urban (3/1/21)

Andrea Roth quoted in Vice on DNA database (2/26/21)

Orin Kerr quoted by AP on legality of “vaccine bots” (2/25/21)

Orin Kerr named to Washington Post cybersecurity experts network (2/24/21)

East Bay Express quotes Catherine Fisk on worker rights (2/10/21)

Law.com in-depth coverage of BCLT Asia IP conference (1/26/21) 

IAM covers BCLT conference, quotes Mark Cohen (1/23/21)

NPR quotes Orin Kerr on legal liability of social media (1/17/2021)

NPR quotes Catherine Crump on racial disparities in impact of facial recognition technology (1/15/21) 

Gizmodo quotes Catherine Fisk on the Google unionization effort (1/5/21)

VentureBeat quotes Sonia Katyal on the need for protection of AI whistleblowers, as highlighted by the firing of Timnit Gebru at Google (12/16/20)

Law360 covers diversity panel at BCLT’s patent law conference (12/15/20)

Law360 covers litigation panel at BCLT’s patent law conference (12/11/20)

Berkeley Conversations features Deirdre Mulligan on misinformation and the pandemic (12/9/20)

Fortune quotes Sonia Katyal on trademarks based on racial stereotypes (12/8/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in Washington Post and Politico on SCOTUS hearing in CFAA case (12/1/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in SF Chronicle on Supreme Court hearings via telephone (11/25/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Vice on military purchase of consumers’ location data (11/17/20)

Rebecca Wexler interviewed about privacy as privilege on the Excited Utterances podcast (11/16/20)

Reuters quotes Orin Kerr on lawyers representing unpopular clients (11/12/20)

Mark Cohen co-authors piece on Law360 about China’s new patent law (11/10/20)

Politico quotes Mark Cohen on US-China relations post-election (11/5/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Bloomberg Government on California privacy law (11/2/20)

Catherine Fisk quoted in Market Watch on rights of gig workers (10/26/20)

Andrea Roth quoted by Cap Radio on DNA databanks (10/19/20)

​Catherine Fisk quoted in Politico on qualified immunity for policy officers ​​(10/26/20)

Pamela Samuelson quoted in Politico on Google v Oracle, argued in Supreme Court (10/7/20)

ED Jim Dempsey quoted by ABA News on election disinformation (10/5/20)

Financial Times quotes Pam Samuelson on Google v Oracle litigation (10/5/20)

USA Today quotes Orin Kerr on Supreme Court (10/4/20)

AP quotes Orin Kerr on Supreme Court term (10/3/2020)

Wall Street Journal quotes Pam Samuelson on Instagram copying TikTok (8/9/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in The Atlantic on Supreme Court term limits (9/22/20)

LLM Guide covers BCLT and Berkeley’s Law & Tech Certificate (9/18/20)

Jim Dempsey quoted in Mashable on data collection and COVID (9/7/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Financial Times on Palantir (9/4/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in LA Times on California ballot initiative on privacy (8/28/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Market Watch on Palantir (8/26/20)

Rebecca Wexler quoted by Bloomberg News on defendant’s subpoena for Facebook data (8/20/20)

ED Jim Dempsey discusses TikTok ban on Bloomberg podcast (8/28/20)

Deirdre Mulligan’s work on differential privacy discussed in Brookings’ TechStream (8/11/20)

Extensive summary in China Daily of BCLT webinar on China trade and IP (8/4/20)

Jennifer Urban quoted in Bloomberg Law on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (7/24/20)

Orin Kerr interviewed on WNYC about feds in Portland (7/22/20)

Pamela Samuelson quoted in Bloomberg Law on digital lending and fair use (7/22/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in Washington Post on federal arrest powers (7/17/20)

Rebecca Wexler quoted in Techwire on algorithms in the criminal justice system (7/17/20)

Rebecca Wexler quoted in Roll Call discussing issues with the current rules of evidence in criminal court (7/14/20)

Sonia Katyal quoted in Vox on racist corporate brand names (7/9/20)

Catherine Fisk quoted in Vox on police union reforms (6/24/20)

Catherine Crump op-ed in LA Times on prison privacy in the COVID-19 era (6/22/20)

Catherine Fisk quoted in Huffington Post on reforming police unions (06/20/20)

Sonia Katyal Op-Ed in New York Times  (6/19/20)

Rebecca Wexler’s work cited in Wired (6/19/20)C

Catherine Fisk op-ed in SF Chronicle on police reform (6/16/20)

Catherine Fisk quoted by Bloomberg News on worker safety (06/11/20)

Catherine Crump quoted in Salon on police surveillance (6/2/20)

Catherine Crump op-ed on monitoring prisoner email, in Washington Post (5/14/20)

Catherine Crump interviewed in California Magazine on doorbell cameras (5/4/20)

Erik Stallman quoted on Bloomberg on SCOTUS copyright case (4/27/20)

Andera Roth in SF Chronicle on video trials (4/7/2020)

Catherine Crump quoted in ABA Journal on privacy and tech (4/1/20)

Orin Kerr on NBC News, on coronavirus response (3/20/20)

Berkeley ranked #1 in intellectual property programs by US News (3/16/20)

Pam Samuelson testifies before Senate subcommittee (3/10/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in Washington Post on presidential power (1/30/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in Bloomberg Law on phone unlocking (10/7/19)

Pam Samuelson quoted in Fortune on Twitter and fair use (10/3/19)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Fortune on Facebook privacy settlement (10/1/19)

Orin Kerr quoted in Time on computer crime (9/9/19)

Deirdre Mulligan quoted in Bloomberg Government on tech expertise and policymaking (9/5/19)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Denver Post, on consumer privacy (8/31/19)

Chris Hoofnagle New York Times op-ed on consumer consent (1/29/19)

Mark Cohen on NPR re China IP theft and trade (1/29/19)

Sonia Katyal quoted in Fast Company on AI accountability and IP law (1/28/19)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in AP News on federal privacy bills (1/16/19)

Sonia Katyal quoted on AI and civil rights (12/10/18)

Berkeley among “Best schools for legal technology” PreLaw mag (Fall 2018, p.28)  

Mark Cohen quoted on China and IP rights on CNBC (10/4/18)

Deirdre Mulligan quoted in Fortune on unmasking AI’s bias problem (6/25/18)

Mulligan-Bamberger book cited by WSJ (June 18, 2018)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in New York Times on California privacy ballot measure  (5/14/18)

Mark Cohen quoted in Wall Street Journal on Chinese trademark applications (5/5/18)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Facebook privacy issues in The Guardian (3/26/18)

USA Today quotes BCLT ED Jim Dempsey on encryption debate (2/15/18)

Ars Technica quotes Catherine Crump on privacy and autonomous cars (2/3/18)

Jim Dempsey quoted in US News on federal privacy board (7/26/17)

Ken Bamberger and Deirdre Mulligan piece in Time on teens and privacy (3/29/17)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in IEEE Spectrum on online tracking (8/23/16)

Deirdre Mulligan and Kenneth Bamberger op-ed: Is your data really safer in Europe (6/6/16)

Sonia Katyal appointed to Commerce Department’s Digital Economy Board of Advisors (3/29/16)

Berkeley Law Professor Deirdre Mulligan and Professor Kenneth Bamberger’s op-ed on Apple v. FBI (3/23/16)

IP Law Program at Berkeley Law Ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report Again (3/18/16)

To improve justice, police should use body and dashboard cams, argues BCLT co-director Catherine Crump in Slate op-ed (3/18/16)

President Obama has nominated Jim Dempsey, Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, for a second term on the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (3/17/16)

Dempsey: Apple currently has ability to modify this phone (2/17/16)

BCLT co-director Paul Schwartz discusses privacy laws becoming more complex in Daily Journal (12/30/15)

Jim Dempsey testimony on privacy and the Internet of Things now online at (11/12/15) (starting at 2:23:15)

Professors Christopher Hoofnagle and Peter Menell elected to ALI

Jim Dempsey, BCLT Executive Director, testifies before Calif. State Assembly committee on privacy and IOT (10/28/15)

Professor Robert Merges Delivers Lecture at Seoul National University Law School (9/09/15)

BCLT 2015-2016 Annual Bulletin available for download (Summer 2015)

The UC Berkeley School of Law highlights the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) with new Executive Director, Jim Dempsey, in its latest alumni magazine, The Transcript.
 (Spring 2015)

New Pilot Program Connects Berkeley Law Students to Startups (6/18/15)
By Andrew Cohen, Berkeley Law

Got Your Number: Cyber-attacks Make Us Rethink the Idea of Social Security Numbers (5/28/15)
By Chelsea Leu, California Magazine

Silicon Valley Is Letting Go of Its Techie Island Fantasies (5/16/15)
By Kyle DeNuccio, Wired

Will the American Law Institute “Restate” or Try to Rewrite U.S. Copyright Law? (4/28/15)
By Glenn Lammi, Washington Legal Foundation Legal Pulse

Smart Devices Make Everything Easier – Like Spying On Users (4/27/15)
By Amisha Manek, American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California

Alumnus-founded Startup Releases New App Designed for UC Berkeley Community (3/18/15)
By Ishaan Srivastava, Daily Californian

BCLT ranked #1 Intellectual Property Law Program (3/10/15)
By the U.S. New & World Report

Privacy Conference Brings Berkeley Law Scholarship to Silicon Valley (3/9/15)
By Leslie Gordon, Berkeley Law

After 18 Years at CDT, Dempsey Moves to Berkeley (2/5/2015)
By Angelique Carson, The Privacy Advisor

Software Patents after CLS Bank: US – China Comparison (1/28/2015)
By Robert P. Merges, Professor, UC Berkeley and Renjun Bian, LLM Student, UC Berkeley

Coming this spring: Campanile turns 100, national parks and privacy in spotlight (1/27/2015)
By Andy Murdock, UC Berkeley News Center

The cyberattack on Sony Pictures made employees collateral damage (12/3/2014)
By Andrea Peterson, The Washington Post

91 Percent of Americans Say Consumers Have ‘Lost Control’ of Online Privacy (11/12/2014)
By Chandra Johnson, Deseret News

City of Seattle Launches Digital Privacy Initiative (11/3/2014)
Ballard News-Tribune

Consent, User Reliance, and Fair Use (10/2014)
By Kevin Hickey, Yale Journal of Law & Technology

Women Leaders in Tech Law: Mallun Yen, RPX Corp. (9/18/2014)
The Recorder

The Potemkinism of Privacy Pragmatism (9/2/2014)
By Chris Hoofnagle, Slate

Authors Alliance Welcomes Its New Executive Director, BCLT Fellow Michael Wolfe (9/1/2014)
The Authors Alliance Blog

Exit, Voice, and the Privacy Paradox (8/4/2014)
By Chris Hoofnagle, Berkeley Law

Differing Privacy Regimes: A Mini-Poll on Mutual EU – U.S. Distrust (7/22/2014)
By Paul Schwartz, Privacy Association

Symposium: Aereo, Disruptive Technology, and Statutory Interpretation (6/26/2014)
By Peter Menell and David Nimmer, SCOTUSblog

Symposium: Go Ask Alice — What Can You Patent After Alice v. CLS Bank? (6/20/2014)
By Robert Merges, SCOTUSblog

‘Korean Firms Should Pay More Attention to Privacy’ (6/12/2014)
By Yoon Sung-won, The Korea Times

Rethinking Privacy: Though Technology has Outpaced Policy, That’s No Reason to Give Up (6/2/2014)
By Colin Wood, Govtech.com

New Authors Alliance Wants to Ease Some Copyright Rules (5/31/2014)
By Meredith May, SFGate

Ruling on Google Search Highlights Privacy Rift (5/14/2014)
By Noel King, Marketplace

Europe Court Ruling Reboots Web Privacy Rules for Google, Others (5/13/2014)
By Chris O’Brien, LA Times

Much Ado About Copyright’s ‘Making Available’ Right (5/9/2014)
By Peter S. Menell, The Media Institute

Top 12 Entertainment Law Schools for Hollywood (5/6/2014)
By Brandon Kirby, The Hollywood Reporter

Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values (5/1/2014)
Executive Office of the President

An Essay on the Legacy of Chisum on Patents (4/9/2014)
By Robert Merges, BCLT

The Battle for Leadership in Education Privacy Law: Will California Seize the Throne? (3/27/2014)
By Daniel Solove and Paul Schwartz, SafeGov.org

My Dinner with Jan (3/18/2014)
By Christopher Wolf, Privacy Association

FCC Effectively Concedes Defeat on Net Neutrality (2/20/2014)
By James Tuthill

Are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Living Up to Their Promises in China? (1/8/2014)
By Verne Kopytoff, Time

Is Sacramento The World’s Capital of Internet Privacy Regulation? (1/6/2014)
By Eric Goldman, Forbes

From Petraeus Scandal, an Apostle for Privacy (1/5/2014)
By Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times

Privacy Expert Chris Hoofnagle Wins Prestigious Research Award (12/28/2013)
By Andrew Cohen

California Practitioners Review Progress Of State, Federal Privacy Legislation (12/5/2013)
By Joyce E. Cutler, BNA

Court Rules for Google Books, Cites Samuelson Clinic Brief (11/14/2013)

Cookies that track Internet users are dying out (10/29/2013)
By Brandon Bailey, San Jose Mercury News

To What End Are We Connecting the World? (10/21/2013)
By Chris Hoofnagle, Huffington Post

Professor Samuelson Highlights the Need for Higher Education’s Copyright Access (10/21/2013)
By Scott Jashik, Inside Higher Ed

Privacy Expert Hoofnagle Analyzes Implications of NSA Surveillance (7/5/2013)

Groups at Odds Over Possible Privacy Provisions in U.S.–EU Trade Agreement (5/27/2013)
By Katie W. Johnson, Bloomberg BNA

NSA Surveillance Reflects a Broader Interpretation of the Patriot Act 
By Tom Simonite & Rachel Metz, MIT Technology Review

Is Google reading your bMail? (5/20/2013)
By Chris Hoofnagle, The Berkeley Blog

Today’s Congressional Testimony on Copyright Reform Will Address Excessive Penalties for Consumers (5/16/2013)
By Mike Palmedo, infojustice.org

Advocates call for legal protections for copyright consumers (5/16/2013)
By Grant Gross, IDG News Service

Boston Attacks Inspire Use of Surveillance Cameras in Cities Nationwide (5/15/2013)
By Spencer Michels, PBS

IRS Has More Powers Than Ever Before, Monitors Facebook, EBay (5/13/2013)

White House Picks Berkeley Law Grad as First Chief Privacy Officer (5/7/2013)
By Declan McCullagh, CNET

What is the Price of Free Content? Chris Hoofnagle Studies the Consumer Implications (4/30/2013)
By TAP Staff Blogger, TAP

EU Privacy and the Cloud: Consent and Jurisdiction Under the Proposed Regulation (4/29/2013)
By Paul Schwartz, Bloomberg BNA

Industry List Of Potential US GIs Released Ahead Of WIPO Meeting (4/27/2013)
By Catherine Saez, Intellectual Property Watch

Professor Pamela Samuelson inducted into American Academy of Arts and Sciences (4/25/2013)
By Seif Abdelghaffar, The Daily Californian

Stern Words, and a Pea-Size Punishment, for Google (4/22/2013)
By Claire Miller, The New York Times

ALI to Commence Restatement Project (4/13/2013)
The Bureau of National Affairs

Whose MP3s Are They, Anyway? (4/11/2013)
By Caitlin Kenney, NPR

The modern privacy function: balancing strategy with the operational (4/8/2013)
By Deirdre Mulligan & Kenneth Bamberger, Privacy Perspectives

IRS High-Tech Tools Track Your Digital Footprints (4/5/2013)
By Richard Satran, U.S. News & World Report

Fear and Loathing with the Digital Wallet (4/3/2013)
By Chris Metinko, MainStreet

Report of the BCLT Privacy conference in Palo Alto (4/2/2013)

A Setback for Resellers of Digital Products (4/1/2013)
By Ben Sisario, The New York Times

Trade Agreements Offer Opportunity To Promote Privacy, Speakers Say (3/25/2013)
By Joyce E. Cutler, Privacy & Security Law Report

Health Privacy, Data Breaches in Sights Of California AG, Technology Assistant Says (3/25/2013)
By Joyce E. Cutler, Privacy & Security Law Report

Is It Legal To Sell Your Old MP3s? (3/20/2013)
By Caitlin Kenney, NPR

bMail: Berkeley’s B-minus idea (3/19/2013)
By Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Court To Sentence AT&T Hacker Andrew Auernheimer (3/18/2013)
By Martin Kaste, NPR

Mobile wallet technology raises privacy, security concerns (3/18/2013)
By Lindsay Wise, The Sacramento Bee

How the America Invents Act Will Change Patenting Forever (3/15/2013)
By Nathan Hurst, Wired.com

Cal’s Berkeley Law tops Stanford Law for most-wanted IP law grads (3/13/2013)
By Lemery Reyes, Silicon Valley Business Journal

BCLT Ranked #1 IP Law Program by U.S. News & World Report (3/13/2013)
U.S. News & World Report

Operationalizing privacy: how empowered is your privacy office? (2/27/2013)
By Deirdre Mulligan, Privacy Perspectives

Nuclear deterrence for patents: let’s create a network of defensive patents (2/21/2013)
By Jennifer Urban, Wired.com

Proponents of cellphone unlocking ask the White House for help (2/18/2013)
By Jon Healy, LA Times

ost Book Club: Justifying IP — Putting the Horse Before Descartes (1/30/2013)
By Rob Merges, PrawfsBlawg

Google Explains How It Handles Police Requests For Users’ Data (1/28/2013)
By Martin Kaste, NPR

Aaron Swartz: Opening Access to Knowledge (1/25/2013)
By Pamela Samuelson, SFGate

Instagram Says Users’ Photos Won’t Appear in Ads (12/18/2012)
By Barbara Ortutay, Associated Press

New Council for Identity Protection to Examine Online Identity Issues (12/14/2012)
Digital ID News

US Majority Says ‘Do Not Mail’ (12/14/2012)
By Susan Gluss, Futurity

How can I protect my privacy online? (12/13/2012)
By Jack Schofield, The Guardian

Why the Supreme Court Should Grant Certiorari in Retractable Technologies (12/5/2012)
By Peter Menell and Jonas Anderson, Patently-O

Hacker Locates John McAfee Through Smartphone Tracks (12/4/2012)
The Washington Post

That Junk Mail We Hate? The USPS Literally Can’t Get Enough (12/4/2012)
By Brian O’Connell, The Street

Your Online Attention, Bought in an Instant (11/17/2012)
By Natasha Singer, The New York Times

More Companies Are Tracking Online Data, Study Finds (11/12/2012)
By Natasha Singer, The New York Times

Microsoft, Motorola Set to Square Off in Court Over Patent Payments  (11/10/2012)
By Janet I. Tu, The Seattle Times

Report: Advertisers Undermining Do Not Track Plans (10/9/2012)
By Stewart Mitchell, PC Pro

The Patent, Used as a Sword (10/7/2012)
By Charles Duhigg and Steve Lohr, The New York Times

Study Finds Broad Wariness Over Online Tracking (10/8/2012)
By Somini Sengupta, The New York Times

Study: Americans Don’t Know What Ad Tracking Is, But They Sure Don’t Like It (10/8/2012)
By Jeff Bercovici, Forbes

Cell Phone Location Data Raises Protection/Privacy Issues (10/1/2012)
By Eve Troeh, Marketplace Tech

Facebook Can ID Faces, but Using Them Grows Tricky (9/21/2012)
By Somini Sengupta and Kevin O’Brien, The New York Times

Google’s Digital Library Plan Hits Another Snag (9/18/2012)
By Laura Sydell, NPR

Will Apple Attack Google Directly in Anti-Android Campaign? (9/4/2012)
By Lisa Shuchman, Corporate Counsel

Online Tracking and Consumer “Choice” (8/30/2012)
By Jay Stanley, Free Future

Consumers Likely to Feel Impact of Apple Defeat of Samsung (8/27/2012)
By Scott Martin, USA Today

Samsung Case Puts Apple Closer to Google Fight (8/27/2012)
By Claire Cain Miller, The New York Times

Apple-Samsung Verdict May Hurt Consumers (8/27/2012)
By James Temple, San Francisco Chronicle

Apple vs Samsung: How Verdict Can Alter the Dynamics of Smartphone Industry (8/27/2012)
By Brian X. Chen, The Times of India

Could a ‘Defensive Patent License’ Fix the U.S. Patent System? (8/27/2012)
By Meghin Delaney, Corporate Counsel

Apple Gets More than $1 Billion in Suit (8/24/2012)

A Verdict That Alters an Industry (8/24/2012)
By Brian X. Chen, The New York Times

Apple Beats Samsung: First Reactions (8/24/2012)
By Brian X. Chen, The New York Times

Jury Awards $1 Billion to Apple in Samsung Patent Case (8/24/2012)
By Nick Wingfield, New York Times

Behavioural Tracking: You’re Being Stalked Across the Web (8/7/2012)
By Chris Sorenson, Macleans

Surveillance Tools at Issue in Lawsuit (7/15/2012)
By Chad Bray, The Wall Street Journal

How Google Products Go from Creepy to Cool (7/13/2012)
By Elinor Mills, CNET News

Consumers Say No to Mobile Ad Tactics (7/13/2012)
By Stewart Mitchell

Mobile Phone Users Sorely Mistaken About How Much Privacy They Have (7/12/2012)
By Casey Johnston, Ars Technica

Study Shows Americans Expect Mobile Phone Data Privacy (7/12/2012)
By Dieter Bohn, The Verge

Reforming Copyright Is Possible (7/9/2012)
By Pamela Samuelson, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Researchers Find Web Tracking Up, Privacy Down (7/5/2012)
By Ed Bott, ZDNet

Berkeley Law’s First Web Privacy Census Is Out and It’s Troubling (6/27/2012)
By Violet Blue, cnet.com

Web Privacy Census Shows Tracking Pervasive (6/26/2012)
by James Temple, San Francisco Chronicle

UC Berkeley Web Census Shows That Internet Users Are Constantly Tracked (6/26/2012)
By Sohan Shah, The Daily Californian

Expert: More Transparency Needed To See True Scope of Identity Theft (6/23/2012)
By Lee Rood, The Des Moines Register

Should We Fear Children Accessing Facebook? (6/21/2012)
By Jason Schultz, DMLcentral

Berkeley Law Professors Propose ‘Tactical Disarmament’ Agreement for Patent Suits (6/13/2012)
The Verge

“Defensive Patent License” Created to Protect Innovators from Trolls (6/12/2012)
By Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

Patent Granted to Encourage Purchase of Digital Textbooks (6/11/2012)
By Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica

Few Privacy Regulations Inhibit Facebook (6/13/2012)
Technology Review

Facebook May Let Kids Under 13 Join With Parent’s Help (6/5/2012)
By Roger Yu, USA TODAY

Web Privacy Measurement: Genesis of a Community (6/4/2012)
33 Bits of Entropy

White House Summit on Botnet Combat Held (5/31/2012)

How Does Fair Use Fit Into The Critique Of Copyright? (5/18/2012)

Email, Companies and Social Norms (5/7/2012)

Dispatch investigation | Credit scars (5/6/2012)
The Columbus Dispatch

More CORI Reforms Go Into Effect In Mass (5/4/2012)

U.S. expert Samuelson: “ACTA should concern us all” (5/3/2012)

A Dirty Debut (5/3/2012)
By Emily Yoffe, Slate

Adapt laws to allay mobile payments privacy fears – Berkeley researchers (5/3/2012)

Revived Google Books case chugs onwards (5/3/2012)

Suits Against IP Firms Raise “Fair Use” Questions (4/30/2012)

The New Pay Phone and What It Knows About You (4/30/2012)
By Somini Sengupta, The New York Times

A Universal Digital Library is Within Reach  (5/1/2012)
By Pamela Samuelson, Los Angeles Times

‘Useful Overstatement’: Europe’s Privacy Chief, Welcoming Trans-Atlantic Policy Thaw, Runs Into U.S. Resistance to ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ (4/30/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Law School Symposium Seeks Path for Digitization of Orphan Works (4/27/2012)
By Carol Oberdorfer, Bloomberg BNA

What Do Authors Fear from “Orphan Works” Licensing Proposals? (4/26/2012)
By Edward Hasbrouck, The Practical Nomad

European Regulator Warns Silicon Valley About Privacy (4/26/2012)
The New York Times

Berkeley Research: Americans’ Hostility to Data Gathering in Mobile Payments Said to Call for Ban on Personal-Information Requests (4/26/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Why You Should Care About and Defend Your Privacy (4/25/2012)
By Alan Henry, Lifehacker

International Battle: Copyright Libertarians Apply ACTA Lessons Toward Tying Up USTR’s Efforts for Trans-Pacific Partnership  (4/24/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Balancing Act: Cyber-Spying Becomes a Business Tool (4/24/2012)
By Cindy Krischer Goodman, The Kansas City Star

Keeping It Simple, or How to Solve the Berne Problem, Part 2 (4/20/2012)
By Kevin Smith, Scholarly Communications @ Duke

How to Solve the Berne Problem, Part 1 (4/18/2012)
By Kevin Smith, Scholarly Communications @ Duke

Twitter Pledges to Limit Use of Patents in Lawsuits (4/17/2012)
Los Angeles Times

…And the Food Was Good (4/17/2012)
By Carrie Russell, District Dispatch

CEOs of Oracle, Google square off in court over Java (4/17/2012)
Los Angeles Times

Legal Hackathon Challenges Lawyers To Think Like Hackers (4/17/2012)
Huffington Post

Going Big: Copyright Office Chief Promises to Have Orphan, Library Proposals Ready for New Congress  (4/16/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Copyright Office Chief Promises to Have Orphan, Library Proposals Ready for New Congress (4/16/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Serving a Public that Knows How to Copy: Orphan Works and Mass Digitization (4/14/2012)
By Peter Brantley, Publishers Weekly

Using Unlicensed Works: Libraries Wary, Content Owners Supportive of New Run at Orphan-Works Legislation  (4/13/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Perils of pay for play (3/30/2012)
The Deal Pipeline

The Sound of Silence: An End to Cyber Freedom (3/14/2012)
Berkeley Political Review

Le troppe tutele agevolano i furbi negli Usa s’indaga sulla ricchezza (3/14/2012)

ISRAEL21c and UC-Berkeley explore Israeli high-tech  (3/4/2012)

Privacy Firsts at Berkeley Law (2/26/2012)
San Francisco Chronicle

Google’s tracking sets off another privacy debate (2/18/2012)
San Francisco Chronicle

Report: Google, others circumvent Safari privacy settings (2/17/2012)
Seattle Pi

Google-Motorola deal likely but scrutiny to last (2/9/2012)

Article with headshot 12859 (2/9/2012)
Google-Motorola Deal Likely but Scrutiny to Last

CSU, UC crack down on class note sharing (2/3/2012)

California universities make new moves in fight on notes (2/2/2012)
Sacramento Bee

The pre-teen Facebook dilemma (1/30/2012)
Tribune Review

Privacy policies that don’t work – and some that might (1/30/2012)
The Age

Why privacy policies don’t work – and what might (1/29/2012)
San Francisco Chronicle

Online privacy battle brings gains, setbacks (1/27/2012)
San Francisco Chronicle

Silicon Wadi: Israeli high-tech explored at Berkeley conference (1/26/2012)

Commentary: Deeper lines drawn on data privacy (1/26/2012)
Houston Chronicle

USPTO Issues Report on Prior User Rights (1/17/2012)
Patent Docs

PII 2.0 (1/16/2012)

Google Ngram and “Information Privacy” (1/9/2012)

California group creates complaint center for online privacy issues  (1/8/2012)
San Jose Mercury News

Even Without Legislation, Privacy Will Be a Hot Issue in 2012 (1/5/2012)
National Journal

Jumping the Grooveshark  (12/21/2011)
The Media Institute

Authors Guild Files for Class Certification in Google Case  (12/13/2011)
Publisher’s Weekly

Book Review: Merges’s Justifying Intellectual Property (12/9/2011)
Concurring Opinions Blog

Rushdie Runs Afoul of Web’s Real-Name Police (11/14/2011)
The New York Times

Boalt Alum Evan Wallach Confirmed by Senate to Fill 11th Judge Slot on Federal Circuit (11/9/2011)
The Bureau of National Affairs

Copyright Office Report Outlines Issues Surrounding Mass Digitization of Books (11/2/2011)
The Bureau of Affairs

Book Review: Justifying Intellectual Property  (10/14/2011)

Trolls, geeks and lots of lawyers (10/14/2011)
The Deal Magazine

The Privacy Trade-offs: Report from the 2011 Cybercrime Conference (10/13/2011)
Technology Academics Policy (TAP)

IAM heads to the USA (10/12/2011)
Intellectual Asset Management Magazine

ACTA to Be Signed – But Can it Enter into Force? (9/29/2011)
International IP and the Public Interest

Professor Peter Menell Receives Robert L. Bridges Faculty Chair (9/28/2011)
Berkeley Law

How one music downloader’s battle could change copyright law (9/28/2011)
Thomson Reuters News & Insight

Balancing needs for online advertising and privacy (9/20/2011)
ZDNet Asia

Does the New Patent Reform Law Shut Out Small Business? (9/19/2011)

Still A Long Way To Go For Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement  (9/8/2011)
Intellectual Property Watch

Profs Say Patents Kill Innovation; Strategists Say They Frame It (9/6/2011)
IP Closeup

Future of Privacy Forum Releases 2011 Edition of “Privacy Papers for Policy Makers” (9/7/2011)
Market Watch

Focus on Behavioral Advertising, Part 2 (9/2/2011)
Data Privacy Monitor

Old Mug Shots Fuel Art, and a Debate on Privacy (8/27/2011)
The New York Times

Founder of Priceline Spoiling for a Fight Over Tech Patents (8/22/2011)
Wall Street Journal

Davis Polk Firm Hires Former Federal Trade Commission Economist Shelanski (8/18/2011)

Google wants Motorola’s patent portfolio (8/16/2011)
Chicago Tribune

Google to buy Motorola Mobility (8/16/2011)
Chicago Tribune

Gibberbot Wins Inaugural Develop for Privacy Challenge (8/12/2011)

Scholarship Roundup: Crouch and Merges, Operating Efficiently Post-Bilski by Ordering Patent Doctrine Decision-Making (8/4/2011)

Cashing Out: Week Of July 31st – August 6th 2011 In Online Marketing News (8/7/2011)

Guest Post: What We Said (and Didn’t Say) in the Berkeley Patent Study (8/5/2011)

The Science of Cyber Security (8/4/2011)
US News & World Report

New Tracking Methods Evade User Control (8/2/2011)

Popular sites use compulsory tracking (8/1/2011)

Researchers Expose Cunning Online Tracking Service That Can’t Be Dodged (7/29/2011)
Wired News

Google says FTC has opened inquiry into practices (6/25/2011)
San Francisco Chronicle

Google likely to face antitrust subpoenas from FTC (6/24/2011)
San Francisco Chronicle

Aaron Edlin Comments on FTC Antitrust Review of Google  (6/24/2011)

Christopher Hoofnagle Thinks FTC Lacks Jurisdiction Over Law Schools  (6/20/2011)
California Watch

Professor shares top 10 tips for protecting online personal info (6/7/2011)
Arizona State University

Demise of Google Newspaper Archive Shows Need for National Digital Library Policy  (5/25/2011)
Beyond Chron

A New Balance of Power: After the Google Book Settlement  (5/16/2011)
Publishers Weekly

New Boutiques Flourishing With Help From Patent Trolls (5/11/2011)
The American Lawyer

Opinion: A report from Fordham on Google Books and the rule of law (5/6/2011)
The Wire Report

Skott Klebe Joins PW and DBW Google Book Settlement Webcast  (5/5/2011)
Publishers Weekly

WikiLeaks to the Pentagon Papers? Ellsberg connects the dots (5/3/2011)
UC Berkeley News Center

Growing opportunities, threats highlight importance of China IP strategy (4/27/2011)

Google Bids $900 Million for Nortel Patent Assets (4/4/2011)
The New York Times

Ruling Spurs Effort to Form Digital Public Library (4/4/2011)
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

When University Start-ups Begin to Patent Like Corporations (4/2/2011)
Blogging Innovation

Facebook Prepares to Add Friends in Washington (3/28/2011)
The New York Times

Judge rejects settlement in Google plan to digitize books  (3/23/2011)
San Jose Mercury News

Judge Rejects Google’s Deal to Digitize Books (3/22/2011)
New York Times

Silicon Valley: Patent reform passed by Senate (3/9/2011)
San Francisco Chronicle

Privacy Professionals of the World, Unite! (3/4/2011)
Stanford Center for Internet and Society

Software Patent Proponents Win Debate (2/18/2011)

Software Patent Proponents Win Debate  (2/18/2011)

The Javelin Conundrum: Making Sense Of The Latest Identity Theft Numbers (2/10/2011)
The Business Insider

Mobile Privacy App Challenge  (2/8/2011)
Washington Internet Daily

Groups, Firms Weigh In On Privacy Report (1/28/2011)
National Journal

Getting Online Privacy Policy Right (1/28/2011)
Center For American Progress

Privacy Advocates: Commerce Department’s Call For Self-Regulation Falls Flat  (1/27/2011)
MediaPost Publications

The Facebook Obsession (1/6/2011)

Privacy on the Books and on the Ground (1/4/2011)
Stanford Law Review

New Online-Date Detectives Can Unmask Mr. or Ms. Wrong (12/18/2010)
The New York Times

A New Type of Tracking: Akamai’s ‘Pixel-Free’ Technology (Digits Blog) (11/30/2010)
Wall Street Journal Online (*requires registration)

SAP ordered to pay Oracle $1.3 billion (11/24/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

SAP Ordered to Pay Oracle $1.3 Billion (11/23/2010)
The New York Times

Pamela Samuelson Encourages WIPO to Reform A/V Copyright Law  (11/23/2010)
Communications Daily (*registration required)

Do Not Track Registry Would Boost Internet Privacy (11/18/2010)

Professors Shore Up Wikipedia Entries on Public Policy (11/3/2010)
The Chronicle of Higher Education

What an unregulated Internet looks like (11/2/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

Copyright Principles Project: Increasing the US Copyright Office’s Role (11/1/2010)

Robert Merges Discusses Stanford’s IP Case Against Roche (11/1/2010)

HTML5 Update: W3C Says Not Yet Viable, Privacy Concerns Raised (10/21/2010)
CMS Wire

Facebook Vows to Fix a Flaw in Data Privacy (10/18/2010)
The New York Times

Gene-synthesis rules favour convenience (10/18/2010)
Nature News

Telecom Community Gathers for Public Knowledge Awards (10/14/2010)
National Journal

Facebook/Bing: The Social Web Suddenly Becomes More Real (10/13/2010)
PC World

Former FTC Employee Files Complaint Over Google Privacy (10/7/2010)
The Wall Street Journal

Who’s watching? (10/1/2010)

Report Proposes ‘Meaningful Reforms’ to Copyright System (10/1/2010)
BNA’s Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal

‘Cookies’ Cause Bitter Backlash (9/19/2010)
Wall Street Journal

Ken Bamberger and Deirdre Mulligan Write Influential Privacy Paper (9/15/2010)
Chronicle of Data Protection

Want to Create Jobs? Certainly Don’t Rely on the USPTO (9/8/2010)
The Wall Street Journal

Chris Hoofnagle Reviews Books on Facebook Enigma (9/3/2010)
The Huffington Post

Pamela Samuelson Finds Patents a Low Priority for Software Entrepreneurs  (9/3/2010)
PR Wire

Assessing the DMCA Safe Harbors: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (8/31/2010)
The Media Institute

Germany’s love-hate relationship with Google Street View (8/12/2010)
The Christian Science Monitor

Public Knowledge Presents Seventh IP3 Awards to Samuelson, Crawford, Geist and Paley (8/3/2010)
Public Knowledge

Berkeley Declaration on Intellectual Property Enforcement and Access to Medicines (8/4/2010)

Why software startups decide to patent … or not (7/21/2010)
O’Reilly Radar

High Costs Keeping Software Startups from Filing Patents (7/21/2010)

Raymond L. Ocampo Jr., Silicon Valley Enterprise Software Veteran, Joins Actuate Board (7/21/2010)
Business Wire

Patenting by Entrepreneurs: The Berkeley Patent Survey (Part III of III) (7/21/2010)

Patenting by Entrepreneurs: The Berkeley Patent Survey (Part II of III) (7/20/2010)

Patenting by Entrepreneurs: The Berkeley Patent Survey (Part I of III) (7/19/2010)

Smartphone Patent Suits Challenge Big Makers (7/8/2010)
The New York Times

Internet can be a big benefit for democracy (7/4/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

Experts Debate Need for New Digital Copyright Law (7/2/2010)

Guest Post: Why Bilski Benefits Startup Companies (6/29/2010)

Study: Patents Not A Top Priority At Software and Internet Start-Ups (6/28/2010)

How Facebook has changed our idea of ‘too much information’ (6/28/2010)
San Jose Mercury News

EFF Attorney Fred von Lohmann to Take Position at Google (6/23/2010)
Digital Media Wire

Survey challenges popular beliefs about high-tech startup patents (6/23/2010)

Patents seen as low priority for software firms (6/23/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

Facebook under fire again (6/23/2010)

Mr. Bilski Goes to Washington: An Abridged Guide  (6/22/2010)

Do You Trust Your Social Network? (6/22/2010)

Berkeley Law Survey Challenges Popular Beliefs About Hi-tech Startup Patents  (6/22/2010)
PR Web

Facebook’s critics must curb their demands, says US privacy law expert (6/18/2010)

Money trumps security in smart meter rollouts, experts say (6/15/2010)

Parties Turning to ITC for Swiftness, Expertise in Patent Disputes (6/1/2010)
Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law Daily

Privacy fears mount as ad targeting grows (5/27/2010)
Brisbane Times

CORI Reform Expected To Pass, But Criminal Trails Could Remain (5/26/2010)

Facebook Privacy Woes Make Little Impact on Site’s Popularity (5/26/2010)

Patenting Smart Product User Interfaces: Round Two (5/26/2010)

Microsoft’s Ballmer Says China Piracy Is a Problem (5/24/2010)

Chris Jay Hoofnagle to Deliver Keynote at the AdMonsters US Network Ad Ops Forum II (5/18/2010)
PR Web

Google admits vacuuming up data from Wi-Fi networks, apologizes (5/14/2010)
San Jose Mercury News

Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline (5/8/2010)
New York Times

A conference on software patents and free software (4/30/2010)

Key Privacy Wonk Joins Senators, Blasting Facebook’s Latest Moves (4/27/2010)

Young Internet Users Ignorant of Privacy Laws, Study Finds (4/21/2010)
The Daily Californian

Berkeley says young people DO care about privacy (4/16/2010)

UC Berkeley Expert Questions Facebook’s Privacy Policies (4/16/2010)
The Daily Online Examiner

Study: Young people concerned about privacy (4/16/2010)
The San Francisco Chronicle

Study: Young adults do care about online privacy (4/15/2010)
The Boston Globe

Google Sued for Copyright Infringement by Photographers and Visual Artists  (4/15/2010)
Information Today, Inc.

Ranking of Patent Law Programs for 2011: Perhaps Six Junk-Science Ratings Are Better Than One (4/15/2010)

300th Anniversary of Copyright Law Reveals Need for Clarification (4/14/2010)
The Bureau of National Affairs

Identity Fraud Still An Issue, Despite Advances (4/9/2010)

Concerns Persist After Facebook Settlement (4/9/2010)
The Daily Californian

Creditors may skim over applications, leading to identity theft (4/8/2010)
Credit Loan

Photographers Group Sues Google  (4/8/2010)
The Wall Street Journal

How Lenders Overlook the Warning Signs of ID Theft (4/7/2010)
The New York Times

5 Ways The Google Book Settlement Will Change The Future of Reading (4/2/2010)

Judge Moves Antitrust Suit Against Google Forward (3/23/2010)
Main Justice

Facebook Privacy Blunder Is Boon for Berkeley Legal Scholar (3/19/2010)
The Chronicle of Higher Education

FTC Hears Debate About Whether Privacy Polices Can Work (3/17/2010)
The Daily Online Examiner

Federal judge approves Facebook ‘Beacon’ class-action settlement (3/17/2010)
Los Angeles Times

Supreme Court’s Muchnick Ruling Keeps Dream of a Fair Royalty System Alive  (3/3/2010)

New Report Analyzes Online Location Privacy (2/24/2010)
UC Berkeley School of Information

The Day After the Google Hearing: Rounding Up Coverage and Statements (2/19/2010)
Library Journal

Objectors Outnumber Supporters in First Half of Google Settlement Fairness Hearing (2/18/2010)
Library Journal

Copyright Reform Act tries fixing fair use with seven words (2/18/2010)
Ars Technica

Google Books Fosters Intellectual, Legal Crossroads (2/18/2010)

Watchdog Group Center For Democracy & Technology Shows Support For Facebook Beacon Settlement  (2/16/2010)
MediaPost Publications

Should Tax Bills Be Public Information?  (2/13/2010)
The New York Times

Critics Say Google Invades Privacy With New Service (2/12/2010)
The New York Times

Facebook Privacy Settlement Hits Bumps (2/12/2010)
The Recorder

Critics Say Google Invades Privacy With New Service (2/12/2010)
The New York Times

Google Argues for Approval of Book Search Settlement (2/12/2010)
Library Journal

10 Year Term of EFF Chairman Winds Down with EFF’s 20th Anniversary Tonight (2/10/2010)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Google Library Opposed by Justice Department (2/9/2010)
The Daily Californian

net.wars: Getting run down on the infobahn (2/7/2010)

Government files objection to Google book deal (2/5/2010)
The San Francisco Chronicle

The antitrust advocate (2/5/2010)
Palo Alto Online

Justice Department tells Google to try again on book deal (2/4/2010)
San Jose Mercury News

Deal or No Deal: Part II (2/1/2010)
Publishers Weekly

All eyes on online privacy (1/29/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

‘Orphan’ Tug of War  (1/29/2010)
Inside Higher Ed

Opponents line up on revised Google book deal (1/28/2010)
San Jose Business Journal

Professors file petition against Google Books settlement (1/28/2010)
eSchool News

New objections in Google Books case due (1/28/2010)

Amazon and Others Slam Revised Google Books Deal (1/27/2010)
The Wall Street Journal

TRUSTe Launches Behavioral Advertising Notice and Choice Program Pilot (1/26/2010)
Internet Ad Sales

Open Book Alliance points out that improving search helps Google’s bottom line (1/4/2010)
Library Journal

Calif. Judge Said to Be on Short List for Federal Circuit (1/4/2010)
The Recorder

Google’s Goal: Digitize Every Book Ever Printed (12/30/2009)

National Writers Union Puts Out Guide to Version 2 of the Google Books Settlement (12/28/2009)

Top 10 ed-tech stories of 2009: No. 7 (12/24/2009)
eSchool News

Feds on Your Friends List (12/15/2009)
The Huffington Post

Twitter Tapping (12/12/2009)
The New York Times

DIY Book Scanners Turn Your Books Into Bytes (12/11/2009)

The Conversation Continues: Key Voices 2009 (12/7/2009)
Publishers Weekly

Social Networking Offers Bounty of Evidence, But Raises Problems for Both Parties in Case (11/11/2009)
The Criminal Law Reporter

Lawmakers probe deeper into privacy (11/19/2009)
The Hill’s Hillicon Valley

Google Books Settlement 2.0: Evaluating Competition (11/19/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

House Panel Moves Closer to Privacy Bill (11/19/2009)

Lawmakers, Inching Toward A Privacy Bill, Question ‘Data-Mining Reapers’ (11/19/2009)
MediaPost Publications

Samuelson Says She Has Same Pricing, Privacy Concerns About Google Settlement (11/18/2009)
Library Journal

FTC Releases Agenda for First Privacy Roundtable and Announces Date of Second Roundtable (11/17/2009)
7thSpace Interactive

New Google Book Settlement Aims Only to Placate Governments (11/17/2009)
The Huffington Post

Google Rewrites Controversial Books Deal Amid Antitrust Concerns (11/17/2009)
The Recorder

Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. Receives ABA Spirit of Excellence Award for Advancing Diversity in the Legal Profession (11/17/2009)
American Bar Association

Berkeley’s Samuelson Still Not Satisfied with Google Books Settlement, Will Urge Judge Not to Approve (11/17/2009)

Antitrust concerns linger in Google Books deal (11/16/2009)

House Comm Subcommittee Schedules Universal Service, Online Privacy Hearings (11/12/2009)
Broadcasting & Cable

Justices Poke Fun at Patents for the Abstract (11/10/2009)
The New York Times

NBR Transcripts (11/9/2009)
Nightly Business Report

Business Method Patents: Technological Change, Not Judicial Activism (11/9/2009)
Patent Law Blog

Google Settlement Due in Court November 13; Open Book Alliance Issues “Requirements” (11/6/2009)
Library Journal

Google’s desire to scan old books has critics casting it as Goliath (11/2/2009)
San Jose Mercury News

New online law journal created by University of Miami law professor (11/2/2009)

The Google Book Settlement: Real Magic or a Trick (11/1/2009)
The Economists’ Voice, Vol. 6, Issue 10

The Global Antitrust Battle Over Google’s Library (10/31/2009)

In re Bilski – Let us get back to work (10/28/2009)
The H Open Source

Online Data Present A Privacy Minefield (10/26/2009)

Judge Urged To Not Restrict Comments on Google Settlement (10/26/2009)
Library Journal

EPO style oppositions would bring substantial benefits to the US, report claims (10/26/2009)
IAM Magazine

FTC, drugstores sue Solvay over delay in generic AndroGel (10/23/2009)
Atlanta Business Chronicle

Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement (10/22/2009)

Research Roundup (10/20/2009)
University of Pennsylvania Almanac

Balancing Innovation and Access: Patent Challenges Tip the Scales (10/16/2009)

CA Computer Scientists Charge U.S. EAC Misused Security Findings from Landmark E-Voting Study (10/15/2009)
The Brad Blog

Google Books Is Not a Library (10/13/2009)
The Huffington Post

Google to Revise a Book Pact by Nov. 9 (10/7/2009)
The New York Times

Editorial: The Google Wars (10/1/2009)
Library Journal

Ad Tracking Widely Opposed, Study Says (9/30/2009)

Claim Construction: A Structured Framework (9/29/2009)

Two-Thirds of Americans Object to Online Tracking (9/29/2009)
The New York Times

Google Book Settlement 1.0 Is History (9/24/2009)
The Huffington Post

Patent Auctions Offer Protections to Inventors (9/20/2009)
The New York Times

Google Books Settlement: Taking the Long View (9/16/2009)
The Media Institute

Feeling lucky? Enough to trust Google with UC’s library holdings? (9/10/2009)
The Berkeleyan

Academics, ProQuest, Networks Object to Google Settlement (9/10/2009)
Library Journal

The Case For Goliath (9/9/2009)
The Big Money

Google’s Book Search (9/8/2009)
KQED Radio

EU Officials Offer Tepid Praise for Google Books (9/8/2009)

National Coalition of Authors Urge Rejection of Google Book (9/8/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Will Privacy Concerns Kill Google Books Settlement? (9/8/2009)
Read Write Web

EFF, ACLU says Google Books will chill reading, speech (9/8/2009)
ZDNet Government

Google Book Privacy Policy: Good Start, Much More Needed (9/4/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

New Blog Alert: Cyberlaw Cases (9/4/2009)
The Am Law Litigation Daily

Management skills required (9/4/2009)
The Deal Magazine

Tech Influence Spending Unaffected By Recession (9/2/2009)

Google’s Book Scanning Has Authors On Edge (9/2/2009)

More questions than answers on Google Books (8/29/2009)

The Single Best Question Asked at the Google Books Settlement Conference (8/28/2009)

Privacy Missing From Google Books Settlement (8/28/2009)
PC World

Fashion blogger’s Google suit seen as weak (8/28/2009)
SF Gate

UC Berkeley Law Scholar Tells Google, ‘I Don’t Want The Money’ (8/25/2009)

RIAA Copyright Crime vs Child Abduction (8/23/2009)
p2pnet news

Is Google book deal a threat to privacy? (8/20/2009)
Washington Examiner

Google book project far from settled (8/19/2009)
SF Gate

Is $22,500 Per Song Unconstitutional? (8/19/2009)

Sites pulling sneaky Flash cookie-snoop (8/19/2009)
The Register

Flash Cookies Track Even Privacy-conscious Surfers, Study Finds (8/17/2009)
PC World

Many Sites Using Flash Cookies to Silently Track Users (8/17/2009)

LifeLock tries to fend off legal battles (8/17/2009)
The Arizona Republic

How were Social Security numbers given away? (8/15/2009)
Aiken Standard

More Seek Privacy from Google Book Search Settlement (8/14/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

National Writers Union Opposes Google Book Settlement (8/13/2009)

Another Quarter of Triple-Digit Growth for E-Books (8/12/2009)
BNET Media Blog

Flash Cookies Used to Track User Behavior (8/12/2009)

More Pushback Against the Google Book Search Settlement (8/11/2009)
Library Journal

Adobe Flash cookies pose privacy questions (8/11/2009)
PC Advisor

The Audacity of the Google Book Search Settlement (8/10/2009)
The Huffington Post

You Deleted Your Cookies? Think Again (8/10/2009)

Shooter’s online rants were like trees in forest (8/6/2009)
The Associated Press

Ads Follow Web Users, and Get More Personal (7/30/2009)
The New York Times

BT: Creepy Or Perception (7/30/2009)
MediaPost Publications

James Boyle On: Strategies For The Digital Age: Beyond Mocking the Clueless (7/29/2009)

Organizations Urge Google To Ensure Privacy Protection in Book Search (7/28/2009)
Library Journal

ACLU, EFF Urge Google Books to do Better Job Keeping Users’ Reading Private (7/27/2009)

Chilled Innovation v. Balanced Evolution: Reflecting on Indirect Copyright Liability in the Digital Age  (7/24/2009)
The Media Institute

Google Book Search Privacy Under Fire (7/24/2009)

Don’t Let Google Close the Book on Reader Privacy!  (7/23/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Ex-FTC economist Baker joins FCC (7/23/2009)

A Decade Later, Amazon Finds Itself on Other Side of ‘1-Click’ Patent Battle (7/17/2009)
The Recorder

Google Alert: Search Engine Links to Stolen Credit Cards from Russian Site (7/15/2009)
CBS News

San Jose Family Finds Credit Card Info Online  (7/15/2009)

Inequitable punishment  (7/14/2009)
Minnesota Daily

Briefs: Live Nation, Joel Tenenbaum, Spotify (7/8/2009)

Social Security Numbers Deduced From Public Data (7/6/2009)

Social Security Numbers Are Easy to Guess (7/6/2009)
ScienceNOW Daily News

Google Book Search Settlement Inquiry Announced (7/5/2009)

Mayor Hickenlooper wants database to help track kids’ trends (7/5/2009)
The Denver Post

DOJ Officially Opens Investigation Into Google Book Search (7/2/2009)
PC World

Michael Jackson, RIP, FAQ (6/26/2009)
Slate Magazine

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