BCLT in the News

International Business Times quotes Mark Cohen on vaccines and IP issues with China (7/3/21)

Orin S. Kerr quoted in American Bar Association Journal on the Supreme Court and computer crime law (6/24/21)

Jennifer M. Urban mentioned in Lexology article on CPPA Inaugural Meeting (6/16/21)

Bloomberg Law quotes Catherine Fisk on Grubhub driver’s appeal and Gig issues in California (6/9/21)

Paul Schwartz quoted in Monitor  on paying attention to privacy (6/4/21)

Pamela Samuelson quoted in The Hill on rejecting ALI’s ‘Restatement of Copyright’ (6/2/21)

Erik Stallman referenced in  Law360 article on 4th Circ. urging to reverse Sony’s piracy win (06/02/2021)

NPR podcast features Orin Kerr on police traffic stops (5/26/21)

WH relying on Tejas Narechania’s work, according to Axios (5/14/21)

Catherine Fisk quoted in The Intercept on opposing the PRO Act (5/6/21)

Catherine Fisk discusses Amazon’s controlling Delivery Service Provider in Bloomberg (5/5/21)

Tejas Narachenia quoted on Apple v. Epic Games in AFP

Mark Cohen quoted in Protocol on litigation in China (4/30/21)

Law.com covered BCLT’s Google v. Oracle webinar (4/23/21)

Peter Menell writes Daily Journal op-ed on why the Google v. Oracle SCOTUS decision is good for innovators, the software industry, and consumers (4/12/21)

Mark Cohen quoted in Washington Post on global trade, IP and vaccines (4/8/21)

Orin Kerr quoted in Los Angeles Times on search and seizure (4/8/21)

Peter Menell quoted in Time on Supreme Court decision in Google v. Oracle (4/6/21)

Wall Street Journal and Financial Times quote Pam Samuelson on Google v. Oracle decision (4/5/21)

NPR quotes Catherine Crump on email privacy (3/31/21)

NPR quotes Orin Kerr on Supreme Court police shooting/4th Amendment decision (3/25/21)

Pam Samueslon quoted in Fortune on regulation of big tech (3/25/21)

Wired quotes Catherine Fisk on unionization of tech workers (3/19/21)

Paul Schwartz quoted in New York Times on private investigators’ use of databases (3/18/21)

Law.com and Reuters report appointment of Jennifer Urban to head California privacy board (3/17/21)

Fortune quotes Jim Dempsey on Texas investigation of Twitter (3/11/21)

Tejas Narechania and Erik Stallman op-ed on net neutrality in Mercury News (3/9/21)

Sonia Katyal quoted in VentureBeat on whistleblower protections for tech workers (3/8/21)

Mark Cohen quoted in Bloomberg on new China trade secrets law (3/7/21)

Op-ed by Sonia Kaytal (with Angela Riley and Rachel Lim) in Washington Post (3/7/21)

IP Watchdog covers amicus of Peter Menell in SCOTUS patent case (3/4/21)

ABA Journal cites work of Jennifer Urban (3/1/21)

Andrea Roth quoted in Vice on DNA database (2/26/21)

Orin Kerr quoted by AP on legality of “vaccine bots” (2/25/21)

Orin Kerr named to Washington Post cybersecurity experts network (2/24/21)

East Bay Express quotes Catherine Fisk on worker rights (2/10/21)

Law.com in-depth coverage of BCLT Asia IP conference (1/26/21) 

IAM covers BCLT conference, quotes Mark Cohen (1/23/21)

NPR quotes Orin Kerr on legal liability of social media (1/17/2021)

NPR quotes Catherine Crump on racial disparities in impact of facial recognition technology (1/15/21) 

Gizmodo quotes Catherine Fisk on the Google unionization effort (1/5/21)

VentureBeat quotes Sonia Katyal on the need for protection of AI whistleblowers, as highlighted by the firing of Timnit Gebru at Google (12/16/20)

Law360 covers diversity panel at BCLT’s patent law conference (12/15/20)

Law360 covers litigation panel at BCLT’s patent law conference (12/11/20)

Berkeley Conversations features Deirdre Mulligan on misinformation and the pandemic (12/9/20)

Fortune quotes Sonia Katyal on trademarks based on racial stereotypes (12/8/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in Washington Post and Politico on SCOTUS hearing in CFAA case (12/1/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in SF Chronicle on Supreme Court hearings via telephone (11/25/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Vice on military purchase of consumers’ location data (11/17/20)

Rebecca Wexler interviewed about privacy as privilege on the Excited Utterances podcast (11/16/20)

Reuters quotes Orin Kerr on lawyers representing unpopular clients (11/12/20)

Mark Cohen co-authors piece on Law360 about China’s new patent law (11/10/20)

Politico quotes Mark Cohen on US-China relations post-election (11/5/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Bloomberg Government on California privacy law (11/2/20)

Catherine Fisk quoted in Market Watch on rights of gig workers (10/26/20)

Andrea Roth quoted by Cap Radio on DNA databanks (10/19/20)

​Catherine Fisk quoted in Politico on qualified immunity for policy officers ​​(10/26/20)

Pamela Samuelson quoted in Politico on Google v Oracle, argued in Supreme Court (10/7/20)

ED Jim Dempsey quoted by ABA News on election disinformation (10/5/20)

Financial Times quotes Pam Samuelson on Google v Oracle litigation (10/5/20)

USA Today quotes Orin Kerr on Supreme Court (10/4/20)

AP quotes Orin Kerr on Supreme Court term (10/3/2020)

Wall Street Journal quotes Pam Samuelson on Instagram copying TikTok (8/9/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in The Atlantic on Supreme Court term limits (9/22/20)

LLM Guide covers BCLT and Berkeley’s Law & Tech Certificate (9/18/20)

Jim Dempsey quoted in Mashable on data collection and COVID (9/7/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Financial Times on Palantir (9/4/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in LA Times on California ballot initiative on privacy (8/28/20)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Market Watch on Palantir (8/26/20)

Rebecca Wexler quoted by Bloomberg News on defendant’s subpoena for Facebook data (8/20/20)

ED Jim Dempsey discusses TikTok ban on Bloomberg podcast (8/28/20)

Deirdre Mulligan’s work on differential privacy discussed in Brookings’ TechStream (8/11/20)

Extensive summary in China Daily of BCLT webinar on China trade and IP (8/4/20)

Jennifer Urban quoted in Bloomberg Law on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (7/24/20)

Orin Kerr interviewed on WNYC about feds in Portland (7/22/20)

Pamela Samuelson quoted in Bloomberg Law on digital lending and fair use (7/22/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in Washington Post on federal arrest powers (7/17/20)

Rebecca Wexler quoted in Techwire on algorithms in the criminal justice system (7/17/20)

Rebecca Wexler quoted in Roll Call discussing issues with the current rules of evidence in criminal court (7/14/20)

Sonia Katyal quoted in Vox on racist corporate brand names (7/9/20)

Catherine Fisk quoted in Vox on police union reforms (6/24/20)

Catherine Crump op-ed in LA Times on prison privacy in the COVID-19 era (6/22/20)

Catherine Fisk quoted in Huffington Post on reforming police unions (06/20/20)

Sonia Katyal Op-Ed in New York Times  (6/19/20)

Rebecca Wexler’s work cited in Wired (6/19/20)C

Catherine Fisk op-ed in SF Chronicle on police reform (6/16/20)

Catherine Fisk quoted by Bloomberg News on worker safety (06/11/20)

Catherine Crump quoted in Salon on police surveillance (6/2/20)

Catherine Crump op-ed on monitoring prisoner email, in Washington Post (5/14/20)

Catherine Crump interviewed in California Magazine on doorbell cameras (5/4/20)

Erik Stallman quoted on Bloomberg on SCOTUS copyright case (4/27/20)

Andera Roth in SF Chronicle on video trials (4/7/2020)

Catherine Crump quoted in ABA Journal on privacy and tech (4/1/20)

Orin Kerr on NBC News, on coronavirus response (3/20/20)

Berkeley ranked #1 in intellectual property programs by US News (3/16/20)

Pam Samuelson testifies before Senate subcommittee (3/10/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in Washington Post on presidential power (1/30/20)

Orin Kerr quoted in Bloomberg Law on phone unlocking (10/7/19)

Pam Samuelson quoted in Fortune on Twitter and fair use (10/3/19)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Fortune on Facebook privacy settlement (10/1/19)

Orin Kerr quoted in Time on computer crime (9/9/19)

Deirdre Mulligan quoted in Bloomberg Government on tech expertise and policymaking (9/5/19)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Denver Post, on consumer privacy (8/31/19)

Chris Hoofnagle New York Times op-ed on consumer consent (1/29/19)

Mark Cohen on NPR re China IP theft and trade (1/29/19)

Sonia Katyal quoted in Fast Company on AI accountability and IP law (1/28/19)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in AP News on federal privacy bills (1/16/19)

Sonia Katyal quoted on AI and civil rights (12/10/18)

Berkeley among “Best schools for legal technology” PreLaw mag (Fall 2018, p.28)  

Mark Cohen quoted on China and IP rights on CNBC (10/4/18)

Deirdre Mulligan quoted in Fortune on unmasking AI’s bias problem (6/25/18)

Mulligan-Bamberger book cited by WSJ (June 18, 2018)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in New York Times on California privacy ballot measure  (5/14/18)

Mark Cohen quoted in Wall Street Journal on Chinese trademark applications (5/5/18)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in Facebook privacy issues in The Guardian (3/26/18)

USA Today quotes BCLT ED Jim Dempsey on encryption debate (2/15/18)

Ars Technica quotes Catherine Crump on privacy and autonomous cars (2/3/18)

Jim Dempsey quoted in US News on federal privacy board (7/26/17)

Ken Bamberger and Deirdre Mulligan piece in Time on teens and privacy (3/29/17)

Chris Hoofnagle quoted in IEEE Spectrum on online tracking (8/23/16)

Deirdre Mulligan and Kenneth Bamberger op-ed: Is your data really safer in Europe (6/6/16)

Sonia Katyal appointed to Commerce Department’s Digital Economy Board of Advisors (3/29/16)

Berkeley Law Professor Deirdre Mulligan and Professor Kenneth Bamberger’s op-ed on Apple v. FBI (3/23/16)

IP Law Program at Berkeley Law Ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report Again (3/18/16)

To improve justice, police should use body and dashboard cams, argues BCLT co-director Catherine Crump in Slate op-ed (3/18/16)

President Obama has nominated Jim Dempsey, Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, for a second term on the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (3/17/16)

Dempsey: Apple currently has ability to modify this phone (2/17/16)

BCLT co-director Paul Schwartz discusses privacy laws becoming more complex in Daily Journal (12/30/15)

Jim Dempsey testimony on privacy and the Internet of Things now online at (11/12/15) (starting at 2:23:15)

Professors Christopher Hoofnagle and Peter Menell elected to ALI

Jim Dempsey, BCLT Executive Director, testifies before Calif. State Assembly committee on privacy and IOT (10/28/15)

Professor Robert Merges Delivers Lecture at Seoul National University Law School (9/09/15)

BCLT 2015-2016 Annual Bulletin available for download (Summer 2015)

The UC Berkeley School of Law highlights the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) with new Executive Director, Jim Dempsey, in its latest alumni magazine, The Transcript.
 (Spring 2015)

New Pilot Program Connects Berkeley Law Students to Startups (6/18/15)
By Andrew Cohen, Berkeley Law

Got Your Number: Cyber-attacks Make Us Rethink the Idea of Social Security Numbers (5/28/15)
By Chelsea Leu, California Magazine

Silicon Valley Is Letting Go of Its Techie Island Fantasies (5/16/15)
By Kyle DeNuccio, Wired

Will the American Law Institute “Restate” or Try to Rewrite U.S. Copyright Law? (4/28/15)
By Glenn Lammi, Washington Legal Foundation Legal Pulse

Smart Devices Make Everything Easier – Like Spying On Users (4/27/15)
By Amisha Manek, American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California

Alumnus-founded Startup Releases New App Designed for UC Berkeley Community (3/18/15)
By Ishaan Srivastava, Daily Californian

BCLT ranked #1 Intellectual Property Law Program (3/10/15)
By the U.S. New & World Report

Privacy Conference Brings Berkeley Law Scholarship to Silicon Valley (3/9/15)
By Leslie Gordon, Berkeley Law

After 18 Years at CDT, Dempsey Moves to Berkeley (2/5/2015)
By Angelique Carson, The Privacy Advisor

Software Patents after CLS Bank: US – China Comparison (1/28/2015)
By Robert P. Merges, Professor, UC Berkeley and Renjun Bian, LLM Student, UC Berkeley

Coming this spring: Campanile turns 100, national parks and privacy in spotlight (1/27/2015)
By Andy Murdock, UC Berkeley News Center

The cyberattack on Sony Pictures made employees collateral damage (12/3/2014)
By Andrea Peterson, The Washington Post

91 Percent of Americans Say Consumers Have ‘Lost Control’ of Online Privacy (11/12/2014)
By Chandra Johnson, Deseret News

City of Seattle Launches Digital Privacy Initiative (11/3/2014)
Ballard News-Tribune

Consent, User Reliance, and Fair Use (10/2014)
By Kevin Hickey, Yale Journal of Law & Technology

Women Leaders in Tech Law: Mallun Yen, RPX Corp. (9/18/2014)
The Recorder

The Potemkinism of Privacy Pragmatism (9/2/2014)
By Chris Hoofnagle, Slate

Authors Alliance Welcomes Its New Executive Director, BCLT Fellow Michael Wolfe (9/1/2014)
The Authors Alliance Blog

Exit, Voice, and the Privacy Paradox (8/4/2014)
By Chris Hoofnagle, Berkeley Law

Differing Privacy Regimes: A Mini-Poll on Mutual EU – U.S. Distrust (7/22/2014)
By Paul Schwartz, Privacy Association

Symposium: Aereo, Disruptive Technology, and Statutory Interpretation (6/26/2014)
By Peter Menell and David Nimmer, SCOTUSblog

Symposium: Go Ask Alice — What Can You Patent After Alice v. CLS Bank? (6/20/2014)
By Robert Merges, SCOTUSblog

‘Korean Firms Should Pay More Attention to Privacy’ (6/12/2014)
By Yoon Sung-won, The Korea Times

Rethinking Privacy: Though Technology has Outpaced Policy, That’s No Reason to Give Up (6/2/2014)
By Colin Wood, Govtech.com

New Authors Alliance Wants to Ease Some Copyright Rules (5/31/2014)
By Meredith May, SFGate

Ruling on Google Search Highlights Privacy Rift (5/14/2014)
By Noel King, Marketplace

Europe Court Ruling Reboots Web Privacy Rules for Google, Others (5/13/2014)
By Chris O’Brien, LA Times

Much Ado About Copyright’s ‘Making Available’ Right (5/9/2014)
By Peter S. Menell, The Media Institute

Top 12 Entertainment Law Schools for Hollywood (5/6/2014)
By Brandon Kirby, The Hollywood Reporter

Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values (5/1/2014)
Executive Office of the President

An Essay on the Legacy of Chisum on Patents (4/9/2014)
By Robert Merges, BCLT

The Battle for Leadership in Education Privacy Law: Will California Seize the Throne? (3/27/2014)
By Daniel Solove and Paul Schwartz, SafeGov.org

My Dinner with Jan (3/18/2014)
By Christopher Wolf, Privacy Association

FCC Effectively Concedes Defeat on Net Neutrality (2/20/2014)
By James Tuthill

Are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Living Up to Their Promises in China? (1/8/2014)
By Verne Kopytoff, Time

Is Sacramento The World’s Capital of Internet Privacy Regulation? (1/6/2014)
By Eric Goldman, Forbes

From Petraeus Scandal, an Apostle for Privacy (1/5/2014)
By Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times

Privacy Expert Chris Hoofnagle Wins Prestigious Research Award (12/28/2013)
By Andrew Cohen

California Practitioners Review Progress Of State, Federal Privacy Legislation (12/5/2013)
By Joyce E. Cutler, BNA

Court Rules for Google Books, Cites Samuelson Clinic Brief (11/14/2013)

Cookies that track Internet users are dying out (10/29/2013)
By Brandon Bailey, San Jose Mercury News

To What End Are We Connecting the World? (10/21/2013)
By Chris Hoofnagle, Huffington Post

Professor Samuelson Highlights the Need for Higher Education’s Copyright Access (10/21/2013)
By Scott Jashik, Inside Higher Ed

Privacy Expert Hoofnagle Analyzes Implications of NSA Surveillance (7/5/2013)

Groups at Odds Over Possible Privacy Provisions in U.S.–EU Trade Agreement (5/27/2013)
By Katie W. Johnson, Bloomberg BNA

NSA Surveillance Reflects a Broader Interpretation of the Patriot Act 
By Tom Simonite & Rachel Metz, MIT Technology Review

Is Google reading your bMail? (5/20/2013)
By Chris Hoofnagle, The Berkeley Blog

Today’s Congressional Testimony on Copyright Reform Will Address Excessive Penalties for Consumers (5/16/2013)
By Mike Palmedo, infojustice.org

Advocates call for legal protections for copyright consumers (5/16/2013)
By Grant Gross, IDG News Service

Boston Attacks Inspire Use of Surveillance Cameras in Cities Nationwide (5/15/2013)
By Spencer Michels, PBS

IRS Has More Powers Than Ever Before, Monitors Facebook, EBay (5/13/2013)

White House Picks Berkeley Law Grad as First Chief Privacy Officer (5/7/2013)
By Declan McCullagh, CNET

What is the Price of Free Content? Chris Hoofnagle Studies the Consumer Implications (4/30/2013)
By TAP Staff Blogger, TAP

EU Privacy and the Cloud: Consent and Jurisdiction Under the Proposed Regulation (4/29/2013)
By Paul Schwartz, Bloomberg BNA

Industry List Of Potential US GIs Released Ahead Of WIPO Meeting (4/27/2013)
By Catherine Saez, Intellectual Property Watch

Professor Pamela Samuelson inducted into American Academy of Arts and Sciences (4/25/2013)
By Seif Abdelghaffar, The Daily Californian

Stern Words, and a Pea-Size Punishment, for Google (4/22/2013)
By Claire Miller, The New York Times

ALI to Commence Restatement Project (4/13/2013)
The Bureau of National Affairs

Whose MP3s Are They, Anyway? (4/11/2013)
By Caitlin Kenney, NPR

The modern privacy function: balancing strategy with the operational (4/8/2013)
By Deirdre Mulligan & Kenneth Bamberger, Privacy Perspectives

IRS High-Tech Tools Track Your Digital Footprints (4/5/2013)
By Richard Satran, U.S. News & World Report

Fear and Loathing with the Digital Wallet (4/3/2013)
By Chris Metinko, MainStreet

Report of the BCLT Privacy conference in Palo Alto (4/2/2013)

A Setback for Resellers of Digital Products (4/1/2013)
By Ben Sisario, The New York Times

Trade Agreements Offer Opportunity To Promote Privacy, Speakers Say (3/25/2013)
By Joyce E. Cutler, Privacy & Security Law Report

Health Privacy, Data Breaches in Sights Of California AG, Technology Assistant Says (3/25/2013)
By Joyce E. Cutler, Privacy & Security Law Report

Is It Legal To Sell Your Old MP3s? (3/20/2013)
By Caitlin Kenney, NPR

bMail: Berkeley’s B-minus idea (3/19/2013)
By Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Court To Sentence AT&T Hacker Andrew Auernheimer (3/18/2013)
By Martin Kaste, NPR

Mobile wallet technology raises privacy, security concerns (3/18/2013)
By Lindsay Wise, The Sacramento Bee

How the America Invents Act Will Change Patenting Forever (3/15/2013)
By Nathan Hurst, Wired.com

Cal’s Berkeley Law tops Stanford Law for most-wanted IP law grads (3/13/2013)
By Lemery Reyes, Silicon Valley Business Journal

BCLT Ranked #1 IP Law Program by U.S. News & World Report (3/13/2013)
U.S. News & World Report

Operationalizing privacy: how empowered is your privacy office? (2/27/2013)
By Deirdre Mulligan, Privacy Perspectives

Nuclear deterrence for patents: let’s create a network of defensive patents (2/21/2013)
By Jennifer Urban, Wired.com

Proponents of cellphone unlocking ask the White House for help (2/18/2013)
By Jon Healy, LA Times

ost Book Club: Justifying IP — Putting the Horse Before Descartes (1/30/2013)
By Rob Merges, PrawfsBlawg

Google Explains How It Handles Police Requests For Users’ Data (1/28/2013)
By Martin Kaste, NPR

Aaron Swartz: Opening Access to Knowledge (1/25/2013)
By Pamela Samuelson, SFGate

Instagram Says Users’ Photos Won’t Appear in Ads (12/18/2012)
By Barbara Ortutay, Associated Press

New Council for Identity Protection to Examine Online Identity Issues (12/14/2012)
Digital ID News

US Majority Says ‘Do Not Mail’ (12/14/2012)
By Susan Gluss, Futurity

How can I protect my privacy online? (12/13/2012)
By Jack Schofield, The Guardian

Why the Supreme Court Should Grant Certiorari in Retractable Technologies (12/5/2012)
By Peter Menell and Jonas Anderson, Patently-O

Hacker Locates John McAfee Through Smartphone Tracks (12/4/2012)
The Washington Post

That Junk Mail We Hate? The USPS Literally Can’t Get Enough (12/4/2012)
By Brian O’Connell, The Street

Your Online Attention, Bought in an Instant (11/17/2012)
By Natasha Singer, The New York Times

More Companies Are Tracking Online Data, Study Finds (11/12/2012)
By Natasha Singer, The New York Times

Microsoft, Motorola Set to Square Off in Court Over Patent Payments  (11/10/2012)
By Janet I. Tu, The Seattle Times

Report: Advertisers Undermining Do Not Track Plans (10/9/2012)
By Stewart Mitchell, PC Pro

The Patent, Used as a Sword (10/7/2012)
By Charles Duhigg and Steve Lohr, The New York Times

Study Finds Broad Wariness Over Online Tracking (10/8/2012)
By Somini Sengupta, The New York Times

Study: Americans Don’t Know What Ad Tracking Is, But They Sure Don’t Like It (10/8/2012)
By Jeff Bercovici, Forbes

Cell Phone Location Data Raises Protection/Privacy Issues (10/1/2012)
By Eve Troeh, Marketplace Tech

Facebook Can ID Faces, but Using Them Grows Tricky (9/21/2012)
By Somini Sengupta and Kevin O’Brien, The New York Times

Google’s Digital Library Plan Hits Another Snag (9/18/2012)
By Laura Sydell, NPR

Will Apple Attack Google Directly in Anti-Android Campaign? (9/4/2012)
By Lisa Shuchman, Corporate Counsel

Online Tracking and Consumer “Choice” (8/30/2012)
By Jay Stanley, Free Future

Consumers Likely to Feel Impact of Apple Defeat of Samsung (8/27/2012)
By Scott Martin, USA Today

Samsung Case Puts Apple Closer to Google Fight (8/27/2012)
By Claire Cain Miller, The New York Times

Apple-Samsung Verdict May Hurt Consumers (8/27/2012)
By James Temple, San Francisco Chronicle

Apple vs Samsung: How Verdict Can Alter the Dynamics of Smartphone Industry (8/27/2012)
By Brian X. Chen, The Times of India

Could a ‘Defensive Patent License’ Fix the U.S. Patent System? (8/27/2012)
By Meghin Delaney, Corporate Counsel

Apple Gets More than $1 Billion in Suit (8/24/2012)

A Verdict That Alters an Industry (8/24/2012)
By Brian X. Chen, The New York Times

Apple Beats Samsung: First Reactions (8/24/2012)
By Brian X. Chen, The New York Times

Jury Awards $1 Billion to Apple in Samsung Patent Case (8/24/2012)
By Nick Wingfield, New York Times

Behavioural Tracking: You’re Being Stalked Across the Web (8/7/2012)
By Chris Sorenson, Macleans

Surveillance Tools at Issue in Lawsuit (7/15/2012)
By Chad Bray, The Wall Street Journal

How Google Products Go from Creepy to Cool (7/13/2012)
By Elinor Mills, CNET News

Consumers Say No to Mobile Ad Tactics (7/13/2012)
By Stewart Mitchell

Mobile Phone Users Sorely Mistaken About How Much Privacy They Have (7/12/2012)
By Casey Johnston, Ars Technica

Study Shows Americans Expect Mobile Phone Data Privacy (7/12/2012)
By Dieter Bohn, The Verge

Reforming Copyright Is Possible (7/9/2012)
By Pamela Samuelson, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Researchers Find Web Tracking Up, Privacy Down (7/5/2012)
By Ed Bott, ZDNet

Berkeley Law’s First Web Privacy Census Is Out and It’s Troubling (6/27/2012)
By Violet Blue, cnet.com

Web Privacy Census Shows Tracking Pervasive (6/26/2012)
by James Temple, San Francisco Chronicle

UC Berkeley Web Census Shows That Internet Users Are Constantly Tracked (6/26/2012)
By Sohan Shah, The Daily Californian

Expert: More Transparency Needed To See True Scope of Identity Theft (6/23/2012)
By Lee Rood, The Des Moines Register

Should We Fear Children Accessing Facebook? (6/21/2012)
By Jason Schultz, DMLcentral

Berkeley Law Professors Propose ‘Tactical Disarmament’ Agreement for Patent Suits (6/13/2012)
The Verge

“Defensive Patent License” Created to Protect Innovators from Trolls (6/12/2012)
By Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

Patent Granted to Encourage Purchase of Digital Textbooks (6/11/2012)
By Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica

Few Privacy Regulations Inhibit Facebook (6/13/2012)
Technology Review

Facebook May Let Kids Under 13 Join With Parent’s Help (6/5/2012)
By Roger Yu, USA TODAY

Web Privacy Measurement: Genesis of a Community (6/4/2012)
33 Bits of Entropy

White House Summit on Botnet Combat Held (5/31/2012)

How Does Fair Use Fit Into The Critique Of Copyright? (5/18/2012)

Email, Companies and Social Norms (5/7/2012)

Dispatch investigation | Credit scars (5/6/2012)
The Columbus Dispatch

More CORI Reforms Go Into Effect In Mass (5/4/2012)

U.S. expert Samuelson: “ACTA should concern us all” (5/3/2012)

A Dirty Debut (5/3/2012)
By Emily Yoffe, Slate

Adapt laws to allay mobile payments privacy fears – Berkeley researchers (5/3/2012)

Revived Google Books case chugs onwards (5/3/2012)

Suits Against IP Firms Raise “Fair Use” Questions (4/30/2012)

The New Pay Phone and What It Knows About You (4/30/2012)
By Somini Sengupta, The New York Times

A Universal Digital Library is Within Reach  (5/1/2012)
By Pamela Samuelson, Los Angeles Times

‘Useful Overstatement’: Europe’s Privacy Chief, Welcoming Trans-Atlantic Policy Thaw, Runs Into U.S. Resistance to ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ (4/30/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Law School Symposium Seeks Path for Digitization of Orphan Works (4/27/2012)
By Carol Oberdorfer, Bloomberg BNA

What Do Authors Fear from “Orphan Works” Licensing Proposals? (4/26/2012)
By Edward Hasbrouck, The Practical Nomad

European Regulator Warns Silicon Valley About Privacy (4/26/2012)
The New York Times

Berkeley Research: Americans’ Hostility to Data Gathering in Mobile Payments Said to Call for Ban on Personal-Information Requests (4/26/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Why You Should Care About and Defend Your Privacy (4/25/2012)
By Alan Henry, Lifehacker

International Battle: Copyright Libertarians Apply ACTA Lessons Toward Tying Up USTR’s Efforts for Trans-Pacific Partnership  (4/24/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Balancing Act: Cyber-Spying Becomes a Business Tool (4/24/2012)
By Cindy Krischer Goodman, The Kansas City Star

Keeping It Simple, or How to Solve the Berne Problem, Part 2 (4/20/2012)
By Kevin Smith, Scholarly Communications @ Duke

How to Solve the Berne Problem, Part 1 (4/18/2012)
By Kevin Smith, Scholarly Communications @ Duke

Twitter Pledges to Limit Use of Patents in Lawsuits (4/17/2012)
Los Angeles Times

…And the Food Was Good (4/17/2012)
By Carrie Russell, District Dispatch

CEOs of Oracle, Google square off in court over Java (4/17/2012)
Los Angeles Times

Legal Hackathon Challenges Lawyers To Think Like Hackers (4/17/2012)
Huffington Post

Going Big: Copyright Office Chief Promises to Have Orphan, Library Proposals Ready for New Congress  (4/16/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Copyright Office Chief Promises to Have Orphan, Library Proposals Ready for New Congress (4/16/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Serving a Public that Knows How to Copy: Orphan Works and Mass Digitization (4/14/2012)
By Peter Brantley, Publishers Weekly

Using Unlicensed Works: Libraries Wary, Content Owners Supportive of New Run at Orphan-Works Legislation  (4/13/2012)
By Louis Trager, Washington Internet Daily

Perils of pay for play (3/30/2012)
The Deal Pipeline

The Sound of Silence: An End to Cyber Freedom (3/14/2012)
Berkeley Political Review

Le troppe tutele agevolano i furbi negli Usa s’indaga sulla ricchezza (3/14/2012)

ISRAEL21c and UC-Berkeley explore Israeli high-tech  (3/4/2012)

Privacy Firsts at Berkeley Law (2/26/2012)
San Francisco Chronicle

Google’s tracking sets off another privacy debate (2/18/2012)
San Francisco Chronicle

Report: Google, others circumvent Safari privacy settings (2/17/2012)
Seattle Pi

Google-Motorola deal likely but scrutiny to last (2/9/2012)

Article with headshot 12859 (2/9/2012)
Google-Motorola Deal Likely but Scrutiny to Last

CSU, UC crack down on class note sharing (2/3/2012)

California universities make new moves in fight on notes (2/2/2012)
Sacramento Bee

The pre-teen Facebook dilemma (1/30/2012)
Tribune Review

Privacy policies that don’t work – and some that might (1/30/2012)
The Age

Why privacy policies don’t work – and what might (1/29/2012)
San Francisco Chronicle

Online privacy battle brings gains, setbacks (1/27/2012)
San Francisco Chronicle

Silicon Wadi: Israeli high-tech explored at Berkeley conference (1/26/2012)

Commentary: Deeper lines drawn on data privacy (1/26/2012)
Houston Chronicle

USPTO Issues Report on Prior User Rights (1/17/2012)
Patent Docs

PII 2.0 (1/16/2012)

Google Ngram and “Information Privacy” (1/9/2012)

California group creates complaint center for online privacy issues  (1/8/2012)
San Jose Mercury News

Even Without Legislation, Privacy Will Be a Hot Issue in 2012 (1/5/2012)
National Journal

Jumping the Grooveshark  (12/21/2011)
The Media Institute

Authors Guild Files for Class Certification in Google Case  (12/13/2011)
Publisher’s Weekly

Book Review: Merges’s Justifying Intellectual Property (12/9/2011)
Concurring Opinions Blog

Rushdie Runs Afoul of Web’s Real-Name Police (11/14/2011)
The New York Times

Boalt Alum Evan Wallach Confirmed by Senate to Fill 11th Judge Slot on Federal Circuit (11/9/2011)
The Bureau of National Affairs

Copyright Office Report Outlines Issues Surrounding Mass Digitization of Books (11/2/2011)
The Bureau of Affairs

Book Review: Justifying Intellectual Property  (10/14/2011)

Trolls, geeks and lots of lawyers (10/14/2011)
The Deal Magazine

The Privacy Trade-offs: Report from the 2011 Cybercrime Conference (10/13/2011)
Technology Academics Policy (TAP)

IAM heads to the USA (10/12/2011)
Intellectual Asset Management Magazine

ACTA to Be Signed – But Can it Enter into Force? (9/29/2011)
International IP and the Public Interest

Professor Peter Menell Receives Robert L. Bridges Faculty Chair (9/28/2011)
Berkeley Law

How one music downloader’s battle could change copyright law (9/28/2011)
Thomson Reuters News & Insight

Balancing needs for online advertising and privacy (9/20/2011)
ZDNet Asia

Does the New Patent Reform Law Shut Out Small Business? (9/19/2011)

Still A Long Way To Go For Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement  (9/8/2011)
Intellectual Property Watch

Profs Say Patents Kill Innovation; Strategists Say They Frame It (9/6/2011)
IP Closeup

Future of Privacy Forum Releases 2011 Edition of “Privacy Papers for Policy Makers” (9/7/2011)
Market Watch

Focus on Behavioral Advertising, Part 2 (9/2/2011)
Data Privacy Monitor

Old Mug Shots Fuel Art, and a Debate on Privacy (8/27/2011)
The New York Times

Founder of Priceline Spoiling for a Fight Over Tech Patents (8/22/2011)
Wall Street Journal

Davis Polk Firm Hires Former Federal Trade Commission Economist Shelanski (8/18/2011)

Google wants Motorola’s patent portfolio (8/16/2011)
Chicago Tribune

Google to buy Motorola Mobility (8/16/2011)
Chicago Tribune

Gibberbot Wins Inaugural Develop for Privacy Challenge (8/12/2011)

Scholarship Roundup: Crouch and Merges, Operating Efficiently Post-Bilski by Ordering Patent Doctrine Decision-Making (8/4/2011)

Cashing Out: Week Of July 31st – August 6th 2011 In Online Marketing News (8/7/2011)

Guest Post: What We Said (and Didn’t Say) in the Berkeley Patent Study (8/5/2011)

The Science of Cyber Security (8/4/2011)
US News & World Report

New Tracking Methods Evade User Control (8/2/2011)

Popular sites use compulsory tracking (8/1/2011)

Researchers Expose Cunning Online Tracking Service That Can’t Be Dodged (7/29/2011)
Wired News

Google says FTC has opened inquiry into practices (6/25/2011)
San Francisco Chronicle

Google likely to face antitrust subpoenas from FTC (6/24/2011)
San Francisco Chronicle

Aaron Edlin Comments on FTC Antitrust Review of Google  (6/24/2011)

Christopher Hoofnagle Thinks FTC Lacks Jurisdiction Over Law Schools  (6/20/2011)
California Watch

Professor shares top 10 tips for protecting online personal info (6/7/2011)
Arizona State University

Demise of Google Newspaper Archive Shows Need for National Digital Library Policy  (5/25/2011)
Beyond Chron

A New Balance of Power: After the Google Book Settlement  (5/16/2011)
Publishers Weekly

New Boutiques Flourishing With Help From Patent Trolls (5/11/2011)
The American Lawyer

Opinion: A report from Fordham on Google Books and the rule of law (5/6/2011)
The Wire Report

Skott Klebe Joins PW and DBW Google Book Settlement Webcast  (5/5/2011)
Publishers Weekly

WikiLeaks to the Pentagon Papers? Ellsberg connects the dots (5/3/2011)
UC Berkeley News Center

Growing opportunities, threats highlight importance of China IP strategy (4/27/2011)

Google Bids $900 Million for Nortel Patent Assets (4/4/2011)
The New York Times

Ruling Spurs Effort to Form Digital Public Library (4/4/2011)
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

When University Start-ups Begin to Patent Like Corporations (4/2/2011)
Blogging Innovation

Facebook Prepares to Add Friends in Washington (3/28/2011)
The New York Times

Judge rejects settlement in Google plan to digitize books  (3/23/2011)
San Jose Mercury News

Judge Rejects Google’s Deal to Digitize Books (3/22/2011)
New York Times

Silicon Valley: Patent reform passed by Senate (3/9/2011)
San Francisco Chronicle

Privacy Professionals of the World, Unite! (3/4/2011)
Stanford Center for Internet and Society

Software Patent Proponents Win Debate (2/18/2011)

Software Patent Proponents Win Debate  (2/18/2011)

The Javelin Conundrum: Making Sense Of The Latest Identity Theft Numbers (2/10/2011)
The Business Insider

Mobile Privacy App Challenge  (2/8/2011)
Washington Internet Daily

Groups, Firms Weigh In On Privacy Report (1/28/2011)
National Journal

Getting Online Privacy Policy Right (1/28/2011)
Center For American Progress

Privacy Advocates: Commerce Department’s Call For Self-Regulation Falls Flat  (1/27/2011)
MediaPost Publications

The Facebook Obsession (1/6/2011)

Privacy on the Books and on the Ground (1/4/2011)
Stanford Law Review

New Online-Date Detectives Can Unmask Mr. or Ms. Wrong (12/18/2010)
The New York Times

A New Type of Tracking: Akamai’s ‘Pixel-Free’ Technology (Digits Blog) (11/30/2010)
Wall Street Journal Online (*requires registration)

SAP ordered to pay Oracle $1.3 billion (11/24/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

SAP Ordered to Pay Oracle $1.3 Billion (11/23/2010)
The New York Times

Pamela Samuelson Encourages WIPO to Reform A/V Copyright Law  (11/23/2010)
Communications Daily (*registration required)

Do Not Track Registry Would Boost Internet Privacy (11/18/2010)

Professors Shore Up Wikipedia Entries on Public Policy (11/3/2010)
The Chronicle of Higher Education

What an unregulated Internet looks like (11/2/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

Copyright Principles Project: Increasing the US Copyright Office’s Role (11/1/2010)

Robert Merges Discusses Stanford’s IP Case Against Roche (11/1/2010)

HTML5 Update: W3C Says Not Yet Viable, Privacy Concerns Raised (10/21/2010)
CMS Wire

Facebook Vows to Fix a Flaw in Data Privacy (10/18/2010)
The New York Times

Gene-synthesis rules favour convenience (10/18/2010)
Nature News

Telecom Community Gathers for Public Knowledge Awards (10/14/2010)
National Journal

Facebook/Bing: The Social Web Suddenly Becomes More Real (10/13/2010)
PC World

Former FTC Employee Files Complaint Over Google Privacy (10/7/2010)
The Wall Street Journal

Who’s watching? (10/1/2010)

Report Proposes ‘Meaningful Reforms’ to Copyright System (10/1/2010)
BNA’s Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal

‘Cookies’ Cause Bitter Backlash (9/19/2010)
Wall Street Journal

Ken Bamberger and Deirdre Mulligan Write Influential Privacy Paper (9/15/2010)
Chronicle of Data Protection

Want to Create Jobs? Certainly Don’t Rely on the USPTO (9/8/2010)
The Wall Street Journal

Chris Hoofnagle Reviews Books on Facebook Enigma (9/3/2010)
The Huffington Post

Pamela Samuelson Finds Patents a Low Priority for Software Entrepreneurs  (9/3/2010)
PR Wire

Assessing the DMCA Safe Harbors: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (8/31/2010)
The Media Institute

Germany’s love-hate relationship with Google Street View (8/12/2010)
The Christian Science Monitor

Public Knowledge Presents Seventh IP3 Awards to Samuelson, Crawford, Geist and Paley (8/3/2010)
Public Knowledge

Berkeley Declaration on Intellectual Property Enforcement and Access to Medicines (8/4/2010)

Why software startups decide to patent … or not (7/21/2010)
O’Reilly Radar

High Costs Keeping Software Startups from Filing Patents (7/21/2010)

Raymond L. Ocampo Jr., Silicon Valley Enterprise Software Veteran, Joins Actuate Board (7/21/2010)
Business Wire

Patenting by Entrepreneurs: The Berkeley Patent Survey (Part III of III) (7/21/2010)

Patenting by Entrepreneurs: The Berkeley Patent Survey (Part II of III) (7/20/2010)

Patenting by Entrepreneurs: The Berkeley Patent Survey (Part I of III) (7/19/2010)

Smartphone Patent Suits Challenge Big Makers (7/8/2010)
The New York Times

Internet can be a big benefit for democracy (7/4/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

Experts Debate Need for New Digital Copyright Law (7/2/2010)

Guest Post: Why Bilski Benefits Startup Companies (6/29/2010)

Study: Patents Not A Top Priority At Software and Internet Start-Ups (6/28/2010)

How Facebook has changed our idea of ‘too much information’ (6/28/2010)
San Jose Mercury News

EFF Attorney Fred von Lohmann to Take Position at Google (6/23/2010)
Digital Media Wire

Survey challenges popular beliefs about high-tech startup patents (6/23/2010)

Patents seen as low priority for software firms (6/23/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

Facebook under fire again (6/23/2010)

Mr. Bilski Goes to Washington: An Abridged Guide  (6/22/2010)

Do You Trust Your Social Network? (6/22/2010)

Berkeley Law Survey Challenges Popular Beliefs About Hi-tech Startup Patents  (6/22/2010)
PR Web

Facebook’s critics must curb their demands, says US privacy law expert (6/18/2010)

Money trumps security in smart meter rollouts, experts say (6/15/2010)

Parties Turning to ITC for Swiftness, Expertise in Patent Disputes (6/1/2010)
Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law Daily

Privacy fears mount as ad targeting grows (5/27/2010)
Brisbane Times

CORI Reform Expected To Pass, But Criminal Trails Could Remain (5/26/2010)

Facebook Privacy Woes Make Little Impact on Site’s Popularity (5/26/2010)

Patenting Smart Product User Interfaces: Round Two (5/26/2010)

Microsoft’s Ballmer Says China Piracy Is a Problem (5/24/2010)

Chris Jay Hoofnagle to Deliver Keynote at the AdMonsters US Network Ad Ops Forum II (5/18/2010)
PR Web

Google admits vacuuming up data from Wi-Fi networks, apologizes (5/14/2010)
San Jose Mercury News

Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline (5/8/2010)
New York Times

A conference on software patents and free software (4/30/2010)

Key Privacy Wonk Joins Senators, Blasting Facebook’s Latest Moves (4/27/2010)

Young Internet Users Ignorant of Privacy Laws, Study Finds (4/21/2010)
The Daily Californian

Berkeley says young people DO care about privacy (4/16/2010)

UC Berkeley Expert Questions Facebook’s Privacy Policies (4/16/2010)
The Daily Online Examiner

Study: Young people concerned about privacy (4/16/2010)
The San Francisco Chronicle

Study: Young adults do care about online privacy (4/15/2010)
The Boston Globe

Google Sued for Copyright Infringement by Photographers and Visual Artists  (4/15/2010)
Information Today, Inc.

Ranking of Patent Law Programs for 2011: Perhaps Six Junk-Science Ratings Are Better Than One (4/15/2010)

300th Anniversary of Copyright Law Reveals Need for Clarification (4/14/2010)
The Bureau of National Affairs

Identity Fraud Still An Issue, Despite Advances (4/9/2010)

Concerns Persist After Facebook Settlement (4/9/2010)
The Daily Californian

Creditors may skim over applications, leading to identity theft (4/8/2010)
Credit Loan

Photographers Group Sues Google  (4/8/2010)
The Wall Street Journal

How Lenders Overlook the Warning Signs of ID Theft (4/7/2010)
The New York Times

5 Ways The Google Book Settlement Will Change The Future of Reading (4/2/2010)

Judge Moves Antitrust Suit Against Google Forward (3/23/2010)
Main Justice

Facebook Privacy Blunder Is Boon for Berkeley Legal Scholar (3/19/2010)
The Chronicle of Higher Education

FTC Hears Debate About Whether Privacy Polices Can Work (3/17/2010)
The Daily Online Examiner

Federal judge approves Facebook ‘Beacon’ class-action settlement (3/17/2010)
Los Angeles Times

Supreme Court’s Muchnick Ruling Keeps Dream of a Fair Royalty System Alive  (3/3/2010)

New Report Analyzes Online Location Privacy (2/24/2010)
UC Berkeley School of Information

The Day After the Google Hearing: Rounding Up Coverage and Statements (2/19/2010)
Library Journal

Objectors Outnumber Supporters in First Half of Google Settlement Fairness Hearing (2/18/2010)
Library Journal

Copyright Reform Act tries fixing fair use with seven words (2/18/2010)
Ars Technica

Google Books Fosters Intellectual, Legal Crossroads (2/18/2010)

Watchdog Group Center For Democracy & Technology Shows Support For Facebook Beacon Settlement  (2/16/2010)
MediaPost Publications

Should Tax Bills Be Public Information?  (2/13/2010)
The New York Times

Critics Say Google Invades Privacy With New Service (2/12/2010)
The New York Times

Facebook Privacy Settlement Hits Bumps (2/12/2010)
The Recorder

Critics Say Google Invades Privacy With New Service (2/12/2010)
The New York Times

Google Argues for Approval of Book Search Settlement (2/12/2010)
Library Journal

10 Year Term of EFF Chairman Winds Down with EFF’s 20th Anniversary Tonight (2/10/2010)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Google Library Opposed by Justice Department (2/9/2010)
The Daily Californian

net.wars: Getting run down on the infobahn (2/7/2010)

Government files objection to Google book deal (2/5/2010)
The San Francisco Chronicle

The antitrust advocate (2/5/2010)
Palo Alto Online

Justice Department tells Google to try again on book deal (2/4/2010)
San Jose Mercury News

Deal or No Deal: Part II (2/1/2010)
Publishers Weekly

All eyes on online privacy (1/29/2010)
San Francisco Chronicle

‘Orphan’ Tug of War  (1/29/2010)
Inside Higher Ed

Opponents line up on revised Google book deal (1/28/2010)
San Jose Business Journal

Professors file petition against Google Books settlement (1/28/2010)
eSchool News

New objections in Google Books case due (1/28/2010)

Amazon and Others Slam Revised Google Books Deal (1/27/2010)
The Wall Street Journal

TRUSTe Launches Behavioral Advertising Notice and Choice Program Pilot (1/26/2010)
Internet Ad Sales

Open Book Alliance points out that improving search helps Google’s bottom line (1/4/2010)
Library Journal

Calif. Judge Said to Be on Short List for Federal Circuit (1/4/2010)
The Recorder

Google’s Goal: Digitize Every Book Ever Printed (12/30/2009)

National Writers Union Puts Out Guide to Version 2 of the Google Books Settlement (12/28/2009)

Top 10 ed-tech stories of 2009: No. 7 (12/24/2009)
eSchool News

Feds on Your Friends List (12/15/2009)
The Huffington Post

Twitter Tapping (12/12/2009)
The New York Times

DIY Book Scanners Turn Your Books Into Bytes (12/11/2009)

The Conversation Continues: Key Voices 2009 (12/7/2009)
Publishers Weekly

Social Networking Offers Bounty of Evidence, But Raises Problems for Both Parties in Case (11/11/2009)
The Criminal Law Reporter

Lawmakers probe deeper into privacy (11/19/2009)
The Hill’s Hillicon Valley

Google Books Settlement 2.0: Evaluating Competition (11/19/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

House Panel Moves Closer to Privacy Bill (11/19/2009)

Lawmakers, Inching Toward A Privacy Bill, Question ‘Data-Mining Reapers’ (11/19/2009)
MediaPost Publications

Samuelson Says She Has Same Pricing, Privacy Concerns About Google Settlement (11/18/2009)
Library Journal

FTC Releases Agenda for First Privacy Roundtable and Announces Date of Second Roundtable (11/17/2009)
7thSpace Interactive

New Google Book Settlement Aims Only to Placate Governments (11/17/2009)
The Huffington Post

Google Rewrites Controversial Books Deal Amid Antitrust Concerns (11/17/2009)
The Recorder

Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. Receives ABA Spirit of Excellence Award for Advancing Diversity in the Legal Profession (11/17/2009)
American Bar Association

Berkeley’s Samuelson Still Not Satisfied with Google Books Settlement, Will Urge Judge Not to Approve (11/17/2009)

Antitrust concerns linger in Google Books deal (11/16/2009)

House Comm Subcommittee Schedules Universal Service, Online Privacy Hearings (11/12/2009)
Broadcasting & Cable

Justices Poke Fun at Patents for the Abstract (11/10/2009)
The New York Times

NBR Transcripts (11/9/2009)
Nightly Business Report

Business Method Patents: Technological Change, Not Judicial Activism (11/9/2009)
Patent Law Blog

Google Settlement Due in Court November 13; Open Book Alliance Issues “Requirements” (11/6/2009)
Library Journal

Google’s desire to scan old books has critics casting it as Goliath (11/2/2009)
San Jose Mercury News

New online law journal created by University of Miami law professor (11/2/2009)

The Google Book Settlement: Real Magic or a Trick (11/1/2009)
The Economists’ Voice, Vol. 6, Issue 10

The Global Antitrust Battle Over Google’s Library (10/31/2009)

In re Bilski – Let us get back to work (10/28/2009)
The H Open Source

Online Data Present A Privacy Minefield (10/26/2009)

Judge Urged To Not Restrict Comments on Google Settlement (10/26/2009)
Library Journal

EPO style oppositions would bring substantial benefits to the US, report claims (10/26/2009)
IAM Magazine

FTC, drugstores sue Solvay over delay in generic AndroGel (10/23/2009)
Atlanta Business Chronicle

Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement (10/22/2009)

Research Roundup (10/20/2009)
University of Pennsylvania Almanac

Balancing Innovation and Access: Patent Challenges Tip the Scales (10/16/2009)

CA Computer Scientists Charge U.S. EAC Misused Security Findings from Landmark E-Voting Study (10/15/2009)
The Brad Blog

Google Books Is Not a Library (10/13/2009)
The Huffington Post

Google to Revise a Book Pact by Nov. 9 (10/7/2009)
The New York Times

Editorial: The Google Wars (10/1/2009)
Library Journal

Ad Tracking Widely Opposed, Study Says (9/30/2009)

Claim Construction: A Structured Framework (9/29/2009)

Two-Thirds of Americans Object to Online Tracking (9/29/2009)
The New York Times

Google Book Settlement 1.0 Is History (9/24/2009)
The Huffington Post

Patent Auctions Offer Protections to Inventors (9/20/2009)
The New York Times

Google Books Settlement: Taking the Long View (9/16/2009)
The Media Institute

Feeling lucky? Enough to trust Google with UC’s library holdings? (9/10/2009)
The Berkeleyan

Academics, ProQuest, Networks Object to Google Settlement (9/10/2009)
Library Journal

The Case For Goliath (9/9/2009)
The Big Money

Google’s Book Search (9/8/2009)
KQED Radio

EU Officials Offer Tepid Praise for Google Books (9/8/2009)

National Coalition of Authors Urge Rejection of Google Book (9/8/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Will Privacy Concerns Kill Google Books Settlement? (9/8/2009)
Read Write Web

EFF, ACLU says Google Books will chill reading, speech (9/8/2009)
ZDNet Government

Google Book Privacy Policy: Good Start, Much More Needed (9/4/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

New Blog Alert: Cyberlaw Cases (9/4/2009)
The Am Law Litigation Daily

Management skills required (9/4/2009)
The Deal Magazine

Tech Influence Spending Unaffected By Recession (9/2/2009)

Google’s Book Scanning Has Authors On Edge (9/2/2009)

More questions than answers on Google Books (8/29/2009)

The Single Best Question Asked at the Google Books Settlement Conference (8/28/2009)

Privacy Missing From Google Books Settlement (8/28/2009)
PC World

Fashion blogger’s Google suit seen as weak (8/28/2009)
SF Gate

UC Berkeley Law Scholar Tells Google, ‘I Don’t Want The Money’ (8/25/2009)

RIAA Copyright Crime vs Child Abduction (8/23/2009)
p2pnet news

Is Google book deal a threat to privacy? (8/20/2009)
Washington Examiner

Google book project far from settled (8/19/2009)
SF Gate

Is $22,500 Per Song Unconstitutional? (8/19/2009)

Sites pulling sneaky Flash cookie-snoop (8/19/2009)
The Register

Flash Cookies Track Even Privacy-conscious Surfers, Study Finds (8/17/2009)
PC World

Many Sites Using Flash Cookies to Silently Track Users (8/17/2009)

LifeLock tries to fend off legal battles (8/17/2009)
The Arizona Republic

How were Social Security numbers given away? (8/15/2009)
Aiken Standard

More Seek Privacy from Google Book Search Settlement (8/14/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

National Writers Union Opposes Google Book Settlement (8/13/2009)

Another Quarter of Triple-Digit Growth for E-Books (8/12/2009)
BNET Media Blog

Flash Cookies Used to Track User Behavior (8/12/2009)

More Pushback Against the Google Book Search Settlement (8/11/2009)
Library Journal

Adobe Flash cookies pose privacy questions (8/11/2009)
PC Advisor

The Audacity of the Google Book Search Settlement (8/10/2009)
The Huffington Post

You Deleted Your Cookies? Think Again (8/10/2009)

Shooter’s online rants were like trees in forest (8/6/2009)
The Associated Press

Ads Follow Web Users, and Get More Personal (7/30/2009)
The New York Times

BT: Creepy Or Perception (7/30/2009)
MediaPost Publications

James Boyle On: Strategies For The Digital Age: Beyond Mocking the Clueless (7/29/2009)

Organizations Urge Google To Ensure Privacy Protection in Book Search (7/28/2009)
Library Journal

ACLU, EFF Urge Google Books to do Better Job Keeping Users’ Reading Private (7/27/2009)

Chilled Innovation v. Balanced Evolution: Reflecting on Indirect Copyright Liability in the Digital Age  (7/24/2009)
The Media Institute

Google Book Search Privacy Under Fire (7/24/2009)

Don’t Let Google Close the Book on Reader Privacy!  (7/23/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Ex-FTC economist Baker joins FCC (7/23/2009)

A Decade Later, Amazon Finds Itself on Other Side of ‘1-Click’ Patent Battle (7/17/2009)
The Recorder

Google Alert: Search Engine Links to Stolen Credit Cards from Russian Site (7/15/2009)
CBS News

San Jose Family Finds Credit Card Info Online  (7/15/2009)

Inequitable punishment  (7/14/2009)
Minnesota Daily

Briefs: Live Nation, Joel Tenenbaum, Spotify (7/8/2009)

Social Security Numbers Deduced From Public Data (7/6/2009)

Social Security Numbers Are Easy to Guess (7/6/2009)
ScienceNOW Daily News

Google Book Search Settlement Inquiry Announced (7/5/2009)

Mayor Hickenlooper wants database to help track kids’ trends (7/5/2009)
The Denver Post

DOJ Officially Opens Investigation Into Google Book Search (7/2/2009)
PC World

Michael Jackson, RIP, FAQ (6/26/2009)
Slate Magazine

Will File-Sharing Case Spawn a Copyright Reform Movement? (6/22/2009)

What’s next for Jammie Thomas-Rasset? (6/21/2009)
Ars Technica

American to lead U.N. agency’s patent division (6/18/2009)
The China Post

Record Labels’ $1.9 Million Win in Thomas Retrial Constitutional?  (6/18/2009)
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Google urged to beef up Gmail security  (6/16/2009)
SF Gate

How Facebook and Twitter Are Changing Data Privacy Rules  (6/11/2009)
Network World

Mommy blogger family photo swiped, used for Czech grocery store ad  (6/11/2009)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Reports: DOJ turns up the heat on Google’s book deal  (6/10/2009)
PC World

Judge Tosses Warrantless Wiretap Cases  (6/4/2009)

Google Is Top Tracker of Surfers in Study (6/2/2009)
Bits Blog

FTC Chairman Appoints Willard Tom as General Counsel and Announces Four Other Senior Appointments  (5/21/2009)
Federal Trade Commission

Consumers Left in the Dark on Net Privacy  (5/15/2009)

Google’s book scanning faces scrutiny  (5/11/2009)
eSchool News

Google in dispute over book project  (5/1/2009)
Mercury News

Manufacturing Outrage  (4/30/2009)
San Francisco Chronicle

Urging Global Access for Medical Breakthroughs  (4/30/2009)
BU Today

Judge delays Google books hearing  (4/29/2009)
Mercury News

Google Books Rival Objects to Settlement  (4/20/2009)
The Recorder

Opposition to Google Books Settlement Jells  (4/17/2009)
Bits Blog – The New York Times

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